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Pirate Bay smashes through new milestone

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 18 Nov 2008 1:42 User comments (7)

Pirate Bay smashes through new milestone The infamous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay has smashed through another new milestone, reaching 25 million unique peers. It has been estimated that the site tracks over 50 percent of all BitTorrent users that are on at any point.
In 2006 the site tracked 3 million peers which moved up to 6 million peers by November 2007. In April of this year, TPB admin and founder Brokep noted that they had hit 12 million peers. The growth has been exponential and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Admin Peter Sunde added that there was previously limits on how many peers the site could track but those have been lifted thanks to new changes. I wish we had lots and lots of money so we could just buy like 10 servers and another gigabit, he jokingly added.

Just earlier this month the site hit 20 million peers and has been exploding ever since.

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7 user comments

118.11.2008 11:46

Long live the bay

218.11.2008 12:09


318.11.2008 15:05

What could happen to BT if the bay was smashed by the RIAA/MPAA?

419.11.2008 11:59

Originally posted by Leningrad:
What could happen to BT if the bay was smashed by the RIAA/MPAA?
People would open their eyes and realise that private trackers are more safer than public.

519.11.2008 12:22

But there is a lot of open public content available on TPB that people wouldn't bother uploading to a private tracker BECAUSE it's public domain stuff.
The bay provide an information service.. nobody is forced to upload or download copyrighted content so the bay will remain in the clear. They host no actual content. I'm very sure the owners and staff know better than to participate in anything but the legal content through the tracker.. You can bet they belong to the best and most secret warez and media sources there are.. if that sort of thing interests them at all.

This year there has been close to nothing that's on the radar that has interested me in the slightest.. I have been doing 30 year old long deleted vinyl rips... is it "stealing" if the owners and manufacturers consider it non viable and you can't buy it? Technically maybe.. but they would have a very hard time proving any material "loss" when bootlegging or nth owner is the only source.

619.11.2008 13:04

i dont really download a lot of stuff from pirate bay, but it's always funny to hear how they are dominating the RIAA and the MPAA making their efforts truly futile hahaha

724.11.2008 7:44

varnull, sensibility has never been the strong suit of the cyber police. They are much like a tiny watch dog. They viciously attack until someone fights back. Then the run backwards snapping and growing all the way. In the US, they have yet been able to prove P2P is not persons gathering tunes and video for their own personal use.

Because of altruistic persons like you, torrents are the best place to find rare music. I find it laughable that the media mafiaa cant find profitability to sell what is given away for free in torrents. You have to be pretty screwed up not to see the humor in that.

Keep up the great work!

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