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Warez Bust Database goes live

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Dec 2008 17:36 User comments (10)

Warez Bust Database goes live The website PiracyIsACrime has announced the launch of their Warez Bust Database which provides an easy to search database if you are looking for any arrests attributed to piracy crimes.
The post, from the site reads:

"I get a lot of questions regarding people in the present and past that were involved with the warez community in one way or another. I have put this database together to answer those questions. The goal of the database is to be able to search by Real Name, Group Name, or Nickname, and to be able to find out what happened to that person, his sentencing, and to read court documents if available.

I have spoken too many of the people on the database and they all agree with me: getting involved with warez is just not worth it. That is the entire point of this website. Companies get paid millions of dollars to lobby the government to go after the warez community. This is very real and its not going away any time soon. Its just not worth it.

You will notice some very interesting cases in the database. Foe example, a supplier for a warez group might get a lesser of a sentence then a person who just downloaded for personal use. Or a trader gets jail time but the leader of a very large music group gets off with probation.

If you are in this database and wish to be removed, please email

Bugs in the database:

1) no way of starting a new search, for a new search keep pressing your BACK button or just go back to

2) Missing a lot of people, I have some 170 people added but am still missing a lot more. This gets very expensive to find a document (and download) court documents. Give me some time, will be here soon =)

3) Speed. (slower then I would like)

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10 user comments

18.12.2008 19:31

I wonder about such sites, it seems too easy... maybe a suspicious mind might think that if you input a name then that gives the site operator a reason to search for that person or group that they may yet not know and the one who inputs the name is only helping them, and of course their ID is logged too... I dunno I could be far off on this one... but helping the net police is not helping anyone...

28.12.2008 21:30

Damn you caught us out with your first post! damn you Afterdawn!
back to the drawingboard 8o>

38.12.2008 23:51

Bad Grammar. Wrong "to/too/two". too-> to.

48.12.2008 23:59

depends how you help them... G W Bush and G Brown are a couple to be going on with.. hahaha.. cybercriminals if ever I saw one :)

59.12.2008 0:55

This IS Good And Bad

69.12.2008 5:19

what a lovely idea for a website - why don't we tar and feather those in the database at the same time and make them walk through the streets with a sign tied around their neck " busted and humiliated by warezbusters" then we can strap them into the stocks and throw rotten eggs at them and hiss and boo at them
which nosey do gooder sicko came up with this idea ?

79.12.2008 11:23


Foe example, a supplier for a warez group might get a lesser of a sentence then a person who just downloaded for personal use.

Can someone confirm for me that no one has ever been prosecuted for just downloading something for personal use, only ever for uploading.

89.12.2008 15:20


never saw something like this either, but i agree.

911.12.2008 1:01

This is why user's hide there ip addresses and even there real names so have fun.

and you say piracy is a crime.

Did you know there are legal forms of piracy.

Let me explain.

1990-1996 the u.s adopted the burne convention used in the u.k and other country's under this convention any software created between 1990 and 1996 fall's under the burne convention the burne convention states that if a company goes bankrupt out of bussiness or the hardware and software to run the game is no longer produced basicly abandonware can be legally downloaded and modified and installed without consent from the company or copyright holders.

1997-current the u.s had recently adopted the millinium copy right act.
which protects current copyrights.

102.1.2009 6:28

suspicions may be justified

just went to site and it redirected me to another site with no sign of the supposed database

scratch that....

this DOT org site is being spoofed with a DOT com address that is redirected to hxxp://

is this a MPAA/RIAA entity?

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