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Review: Film Fresh DivX download store

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Sep 2009 19:05 User comments (5)

Today we will review the newly launched Film Fresh DivX download store. Using the site you can purchase decent quality DivX digital copies of Hollywood, independent and worldwide releases or purchase them on DVD. The films can then be played back on your PC, Mac or TV, through the PS3 or other DivX-certified devices. We will explore the options on the site and the actual playback quality and opportunities including how to watch the videos and how to transfer them to the PlayStation 3.

Read: Review: Film Fresh DivX download store

Read: Review: Film Fresh DivX download store

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5 user comments

130.9.2009 21:07

Price of DivX version are to high.

DivX vs DVD

17 Again $15.99 vs $19.99
300 $9.99 vs $12.99
Hancock $15.99 vs $19.99
Superbad $9.99 vs $13.99

230.9.2009 22:24

Gee, spend money on THIS..or spend 10 bucks on a Usenet account (unlimited). Let me think..

34.10.2009 14:26

Originally posted by skeil909:
Price of DivX version are to high.

i agree. people need to realize that in this digital age, the value of
things drops significantly when supply is near limitless. i am not asking for freebies, but c'mon. a downloadable movie should be be like $0.99. i'm sorry that you won't make as much, but this is economics 101. false scarcity is rubbish. what are they gonna do in the future when nearly anything will be able to be replicated with the push of a button?
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49.10.2009 9:21

agreed. prices are extreeeemely high! are they paying high street rents? absolutely not. it's a bank of servers on an edge of town industrial estate.
I was expecting a quarter of the price at the most and was going to check out the website after a quick read of this but not even going to bother now.

511.10.2009 19:15

Agree with all the folks who have commented: the fee for movie downloads is entirely too high. I am not prepared to pay more for what I'd pay with a Netflix or Blockbuster rental subscription on a per movie basis, i.e., $2 or $3 max. DivX has been a huge disappointment, first by shutting down its popular online video streaming website, and now this unseemly gouging. I'd sooner go to Bestbuy or Costco and buy the DVD outright and own it permanently.

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