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Toshiba introduces first Cell-powered HDTV

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Oct 2009 18:24 User comments (16)

Toshiba introduces first Cell-powered HDTV Toshiba has unveiled their first HDTV to use the extremely powerful PS3 Cell processor today during the CEATEC event in Japan, and the TV packs a serious punch.
Besides the processor, the 55-inch REGZA 55X1 includes LED-backlighting, 240Hz refresh rate, and dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. The Cell processor also allows for improved image quality, stronger colors, enhanced brightness balance and a "luminance of 1250cd/m."

The TV also has a 7-speaker sound bar, and has DLNA support as well as a built in HD web browser created by Opera.

More notably, the HDTV has a 3TB HDD allowing users to record up to 26 hours of 1080p content from 8 channels, at the same time. As pictured below, the Regza can also display 8 channels at the same time, with no delay when switching between stations.

Toshiba also dropped word that they plan to use the Cell processor in an upcoming TV that will upconvert 1080p films to 3840 x 2160.

The TV will leave a dent in your wallet however, and is retailing for 1 million yen in Japan (about $11,000 USD) and Toshiba says it anticipates 1000 sales before release in North America next year.

Pictures, specs via Gizmodo:

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16 user comments

15.10.2009 18:50

wow..thats an AMAZING piece of technology..too bad its only gunna be affordable in a couple of years =[

25.10.2009 19:02

Originally posted by Josipher:
wow..thats an AMAZING piece of technology..too bad its only gunna be affordable in a couple of years =[
Couple? I'll be ready to get mine in 10 maybe 15 years.

35.10.2009 19:43

I would think more like 5 years for it to get to the $3,000 U.S. price, while we can all agree not this year or next, definitely a few.

45.10.2009 20:04


55.10.2009 20:32

That thing is a beast

65.10.2009 21:04

It's a shame that by the time I can afford this it will be old tech and I will no longer be interested.

75.10.2009 21:20

Can i have one for free?

85.10.2009 22:12

I think us in America see this for $2000 or under by holidays of 2011.

96.10.2009 1:01

Just think if it got a bad pixel...$11,000 down the drain!

106.10.2009 5:27

" tears " lost of words

116.10.2009 9:09

No, by the time the price drops even remotely to the area where 'normal' people could get excited about shelling out the cash for this, this TV will only be available on sketchy 3rd party websites, where you won't even be able to tell if it is a refurbished item or new, and for that very reason, because truly new, unopened boxes will be very hard to find, you will pay close to normal price, even in 3 - 4 years of this becoming available, for the privilege of owning a new one. Same thing happened with the 60GB PS3, and the Pioneer KURO line of TVs, like the PRO-151FD...I encourage anyone to try and do a search for a factory sealed, new item of any one of these. If anyone is thinking of getting this and has the means to do so, I would not wait until support starts to die down, or until it's only available from less than reputable e-tailers. If the price hasn't dropped enticingly enough within 1 year, maximum 2, then forget it.

126.10.2009 10:49

I must remember to put this on my list after I win the lottery.Lol
Amazing piece of kit but to expensive for me. But doesn't stop me drooling or dreaming I suppose.

136.10.2009 11:59

Originally posted by DVDBack23:
I think us in America see this for $2000 or under by holidays of 2011.
I agree. I don't think it will be old tech either. This TV isn't incorporating new tech. A new chip was not developed for this TV. It's utilizing existing tech and enhancing features that have already tried to penetrate the market. I don't consider upconverting new tech either, even if it's a "newer" resolution. Any early adopters would be taking an expensive risk on future support. But even if this exact TV is not available NIB in 2 years, I will bet money on very similar TV's being mainstream (affordable) and available from reliable retailers. Just my 2 cents.
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146.10.2009 12:00

I does look like a monster set (3840 x 2160, wow!).

I just wish all the TV manufacturers would stop bothering with forcing customers to pay for audio kit we don't want or need.

Surely it's obvious that the sort of consumer buying this sort of TV is highly likely to have a dedicated surround system?
In which case anything beyond the most basic stereo set-up is going to be money wasted.

156.10.2009 17:39

It's about time! Before the PS3's came out they were going on and on about how the cell technology was gonna be used in many different things. And how it was gonna revolutionize everything and bla bla blah. certainly looks good:) can't wait to see it applied to more things.

*links yet again removed by moderator - you've been warned enough times now*

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166.10.2009 23:12

It might be cool if Sony built one of these...they could have an integrated fat style (Linux support) PS3 and a PSP dock...maybe even an emotion engine for PS2 titles.

As for the built-in 7 speakers: They should be switchable to an external input, so you can use them all together as your center-front channel. That way, customers are more tempted to buy your audio system that is designed around that center channel! Just don't use a proprietary connection for it...this will alienate people wanting a particular brand of amplifier.

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