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Barnes & Noble Nook sold out until 2010

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Nov 2009 20:24 User comments (5)

Barnes & Noble Nook sold out until 2010 Barnes & Noble has said today that the Nook e-reader is sold out for 2009, and all orders placed past today will not ship until January 4th.
Those who wanted the e-reader for Christmas will be out of luck, but will receive a certificate "that promises a Nook reader when it ships."

B&N has said the delays are due to high demand, but it is equally as likely that the company is having production-related shortages.

The Nook is based on the Android platform and has removable storage, Wi-Fi, and a color touchscreen, all advantages over the market leader Amazon Kindle.

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5 user comments

121.11.2009 22:37

That's how America works these days. Supply and demand. When the people of America want more of something, they give less and less to home in their profits, and company these days are willing to take money from our pockets so that they can line in their own. Rob the poor to feed the rich. . . - BLUEBOY

221.11.2009 23:01

I saw this happen with the Wii. I think more than the company make out as people went ahead to EBay and made money off there.

322.11.2009 21:04

Only a matter of time................
RIAA, MPAA, whos the authurs gonna havin bitchen and whing for their profit losses??

516.12.2009 0:11

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