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Microsoft prices KIN phones

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 May 2010 17:08 User comments (4)

Microsoft prices KIN phones Microsoft has finally priced their KIN smartphones today, as well as confirmed that they will be released on May 13th, with tomorrow as the first day to pre-order the device from carrier Verizon.
The KIN One will sell for $50 with contract, and the KIN Two will sell for $100 with contract, entry-level prices for smartphones, but a bit more expensive than most expected.

For both phones, you will need to send in a $100 rebate.

The Verizon plans for the phones start at $40 for the voice and an extra $30 for the unlimited data plans.

Kin One:

- Has a compact full QWERTY keypad
- Multitouch screen
- 5MP camera with LED flash
- 4GB memory
- "Media player powered by Zune."

Kin Two:

- Full QWERTY keypad
- Multitouch screen
- 8MP camera with LED flash, HD video recording
- 8GB memory
- "Media player powered by Zune."

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4 user comments

15.5.2010 19:15

Wow only $70 a month sounds good to me :)


25.5.2010 20:34

Wow, T-Mobile has an HTC HD2 for $100 and I think the data plan is less...
Let's see... an underpowered, limited round weird thing or a fully functional, high powered, full screen Power phone... same price?

Tough choice.

36.5.2010 5:00

T-Mobile sucks. Their prices are great, but their service is terrible, and their coverage is even worse. They charge $80 a month for unlimited everything...that would cost you over $120 from verizon...yet verizon still gets more customers because their network actually works.

As for the $70 a month, that is the standard rate for verizon smart phones. That does not include it would not be appropriate for a phone that does little else (like the pink, er a "Kin").

Also, if you are willing to tolerate t-mobile's terrible network, then you can get the same service from various other companies for less, as T-Mobile rents their network to various other companies such as WOW mobile (don't use WOW, it is a combination of outright scam and pyramid scheme).

46.5.2010 9:23

the phones themselves suck compared to what you can get now..end of story

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