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2.6 million iPhone owners using Opera Mini now

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 May 2010 11:48 User comments (4)

2.6 million iPhone owners using Opera Mini now On April 13th, the Opera Mini 5 application was accepted by Apple into the App Store, and the free browser saw 1 million downloads on its first day.
As of April, says Opera, there are now over 58 million Opera Mini users globally.

Opera Mini uses Opera's servers to render and compress pages, thus increasing speed for the end user, and that tactic was what allowed the browser to be accepted to the App Store.

The iPhone is now the most popular Opera device used in the U.S., beating out the entire RIM BlackBerry line. Despite a much smaller market share, it is also now the 5th most popular device running the browser in the UK, as well.

While many of the millions that have downloaded the browser may done so just to test it, U.S. downloaders were the most likely to keep using it.

Concludes Opera: "As predicted in last month’s report, the Apple iPhone is the #3 device used by Opera Mini users worldwide in the month of April 2010."

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4 user comments

129.5.2010 18:06

Heh, and they think that Safari is the most browsed? That'll shut up Job's mouth momentarily, until be bitches that Opera is doing something illegal and pull the app out, like he's done to many apps way before this one was launched. Nothing changes and is to be predicted in Job's empire!

230.5.2010 1:01

Blackberry users know better and used Bolt browser faster than Opera mini.

331.5.2010 17:32

Watch your behind OPERA. Jobs communist party will send you to the gulags.

43.6.2010 15:36

Originally posted by GzaPR:
Blackberry users know better and used Bolt browser faster than Opera mini.
Well, I've had my BB for a year now and it's the first time I've heard about Bolt.

Anyways, it's no wonder that iPhone has the highest use of Opera Mini. Absolutely none of the other smartphones out there have ever gotten any media coverage about alternative browsers to the default browser that comes with those phones.

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