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iPhone 4 pre-order deliveries pushed back to July 14th

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Jun 2010 12:41 User comments (5)

iPhone 4 pre-order deliveries pushed back to July 14th For consumers hoping to get their Apple iPhone 4 early, watch out, you may be in for a multiple week wait.
Apple's official store is now showing that iPhone 4 pre-orders will ship by July 14th, a big-time delay from the expected July 2nd ship date.

Yesterday the company said they sold 600,000 of the device on June 15th, the first day of pre-orders, with the demand so high that the AT&T web site had to take down the pre-order form and call in specialists.

Apple apologized for the lack of supply yesterday: "Many customers were turned away or abandoned the process in frustration. We apologize to everyone who encountered difficulties, and hope that they will try again or visit an Apple or carrier store once the iPhone 4 is in stock."

If you want your device closer to launch date on June 24th, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy should have a limited number of devices in-store.

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5 user comments

117.6.2010 13:12

Apple can apologize all they want but this crap seems to happen every year. There's no good excuse I can think of for Apple not recognizing the massive popularity of this phone, and therefore have a more adequite supply ready when new models launch. I guess it really hasn't semed to matter much though. Long-time Iphone owners complain but still come back for more, and first time owners will deal with the frustration just because they so badly want to get their hands on one. So whatever blak eye this puts on Apple and AT&T, it will all fade come this fall and none of this will have meant a thing. I would caution though that as Android becomes more and more popular, this kind of inexcusable behavior could eventually begin to cause a drop in the number of US customers, who will finally have a viable alternative to the Iphone and won't have to deal with this nonsense. Yes, I know Sprint is having this problem with the EVO4g but seeing as this is the first year for that phone, I'll cut them some slack.

217.6.2010 13:19

there is so much one can make though. i dont know if they anticipated an astouding 600k for pre orders.

317.6.2010 14:14

Well for the sake of apple fans next year, hopefuly Appke will know better and have more than a mere 60 thousand for launch. When consdering the numbers of potential buyers in this country, 60 thousand is just way too darn small of a supply. Take a nother week or two if you have to, but don't release a product until you have a more reaonsable number of them to sell. Then you won't have as many knucklheads camping out in front of stores and standing in lines half a mile long and fighting one another to be first to get their hands on it.

417.6.2010 17:04

Originally posted by shaffaaf:
there is so much one can make though. i dont know if they anticipated an astouding 600k for pre orders.
600k on the FIRST day. theres a difference

518.6.2010 4:15

Give them a break...they were sure that no one would be dumb enough to buy this POS, and they did not want a huge stockpile of worthless phones no one wanted. The only kink in their plan is the army of mindless zombies who will gladly pre-order ANYTHING that apple sells at whatever price they decide to charge. I swear...if Steve Jobs pissed in a bottle, some Apple fan would pay $10,000 for the emptied bottle.

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