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NIN fans complete free Blu-ray

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Jul 2010 17:47 User comments (8)

NIN fans complete free Blu-ray In March 2009, Nine Inch Nails went around the U.S. for the Lights In The Sky Tour and because they somehow could not get a professional capture team for a commercial release, they released 405GB of free raw HD footage from the tours to their fans, allowing them to do what they please with it.
In January, the fan group This One Is On Us released their creation, in literally every format you could ever need, for free, with the exception of full Blu-ray.

Today, the group has released the BD of "The Gift," for free, with the torrent available here: The Gift Blu-ray torrent.

The group says the BD is about 19.3GB, and will have 1080p resolution and 5.1 surround sound.

Furthermore, the BD combines footage from all three shows and includes DVD menus, bonus footage, a PDF booklet, and more.

Adds the group on the availability of a physical BD release: "The physical side of the BD release is still ongoing, and updates on that will get posted soon. Once that's done, there's one or two more little things to do before we're done (I'll announce them when finalized)."

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8 user comments

15.7.2010 4:25

Surprised to see that I'm the first to post regarding this. This is what fans have been waitting for. NIN and other bands may finally actually be listening. Good job NIN and others

25.7.2010 7:11

cool, but unfortunately this is the kind of media that the MPAA and other media industries (Sony, Disney, News Corp (Sky, Fox), General Electric, Warner, Disney & others but these are the main scum we should boycott) wish to block, free is not allowed and once they get the ACTA passed the as we know it free internet will start to be locked down so they can turn everything into a pay per view or subscription model.

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35.7.2010 19:37

The group says the BD is about 19.8GB
Woah, i don't know about you but even with the decent connection I get, it would take me at least half the day to complete the download. Other people with a limited connection are not so fortunate. It would literally take the whole damn day just to download. Just down expect this to be the norm, as many artists would want payment of some kind.

46.7.2010 0:06

Only 19.8GB? A single layer bluray is over 23GB; I expected a NIN community project to use every last KB of the disk (actually, I honestly thought they would make a series of bluray disks, with every last second of video used)

I'll have to DL it...Viva la revolution, Viva NIN! Death to RIAA, MPAA, NAZI, and all those other fascists!

56.7.2010 6:59

Only 19.8GB? A single layer bluray is over 23GB
That's just the max disc capacity (25gb), many Blu-ray films are less than 23gb or 25gb.
It's not that unusual.

Credit to NIN for this, got mine d/l'ing right now.
Nice one.

66.7.2010 6:59

oops double post, sorry

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76.7.2010 17:28


86.7.2010 21:57

Of course credit to NIN on this one (well, Trent most likely; he is the one who is always leaking stuff to torrent sites).

I know a typical bluray might not fill the disk, but we are talking about NIN fans here...these people are INSANE. They collect bootlegs of anything, in any quality, and they will even collect multiple bootlegs from the same show, including the ones that are of a lower quality than the ones they already have. To limit themselves to one single-layer bdr is a shock by itself...not filling it to capacity is jawdropping.

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