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LG, Warner, Sony bundling 3D Blu-rays with TVs, players

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Jul 2010 13:14 User comments (7)

LG, Warner, Sony bundling 3D Blu-rays with TVs, players Warner Home Video has said this week that it has partnered up with LG and Sony to offer 3D Blu-rays bundled with select Blu-ray 3D players, 3D HDTVs and 3D projectors.
A few of the new 3D Blu-rays being bundled are Imax Under the Sea 3D, Imax Space Station 3D and Imax Deep Sea 3D.

The move marks the first time Warner has bundled 3D titles with third-party products.

Consumers in both the U.S. and Canada who purchase the LG BX580 or BX585 3D network Blu-ray players by the end of the year are eligible for Under the Sea 3D.

Buyers in Europe, Asia, South America and Central America who purchase any LG Blu-ray 3D player, Blu-ray 3D home theater, 3D projector or 3D HDTV will get Space Station 3D.

"Imax is simply the best in 3D, and these visually stunning titles are perfect for consumers who want to take full advantage of and show off their new Blu-ray 3D home theater systems," adds WHV VP Dorinda Marticorena.

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7 user comments

129.7.2010 14:30

I still think the 3D isn't nearly as good as they're investing into it. I hope it doesn't eventually become a standard, so you're paying more for something you don't need. Higher resolutions are nice, but not something that HURTS YOUR DAMN EYES.

229.7.2010 14:51

I wish they'd just concentrate on getting HD TV implemented properly and fully before even thinking about diluting the effort, bandwidth and resources on this 3D gimmick.

3D is totally unnecessary to good story-telling and in many instances can be a serious distraction.
Nor do I have any interest in creating pseudo-3D on my usual broadcast TV channels.
My soaps in 3D?

There are so many poor HD broadcasts it's hard to imagine 3D being much better - besides all the limitations the most common home HD sets (40" - 50") undoubtedly will have.

The CE corps are currently expecting a premium for a 3D set.
Dream on.
When I go to buy my next HD TV later this year I'll be opting for a larger 2D set and I will not spending the same amount of money on a smaller set making claims about 3D (which are pretty ridiculous given the almost total lack of content).....or the extra sets of glasses family & friends would need.

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329.7.2010 16:00

Woot great chance to get in on the bloody stump of technology..This standard is going to crash hard.

429.7.2010 20:46

if it didn't require glasses and 4 Alieve and a box of goody's id buy one.

52.8.2010 10:02

So why people paying top bucks to see 3D movies in the theater? You can't even rewind, pause and need to pay again to watch again? The price of 3D technology will eventually be more affordable as plasmas and LCDs were first introduced. $2500 for the 3D bundle is actually more or less the same price as the first wave of HD DLPs.

Oh yeah, 3D TVs are not just for 3Ds, you don't have to watch everything in 3D, duh! While going to a 3D movie, you have to watch it with the glasses, duh!

Game in 3D? Bring it on!
CSI in 3D? Bring it on!
Animal and nature channels in 3D? Bring it on!
Commercials in 3D? Sure, why not!
Soap in 3D? Eh, I don't know...
Porn in 3D? Oyi...

62.8.2010 13:59

I can't believe they are making this mistake again, and again now. 3D is just a rebaked marketing gimmick that is doomed to fail again. I personally would not waste my money on this until they perfect producing 3D on a screen so that epileptics’ don't go into seizures, you don't have to wear glasses or be in the sweet spot for viewing, and you don't get a headache after watching a full length movie. This is a rebaked 50s' technology that still doesn't work.

Quote by Interestx,
"3D is totally unnecessary to good story-telling and in many instances can be a serious distraction."

Nor is color or for that matter video either. If 3D worked well it would be great and a very nice enhancement but that isn't the real world.

723.8.2010 22:36

My daughter had recently bought one Sony BD player. I could not believe it cannot play files using divX/xvid codecs regardless of the container. Their networking capability is even worse. I can't browse the connected PCs to locate and play the files I want. It can play mkv but won't recognize NTFS partition. FAT32 partition - which is recognized - will not allow full most HD MKV file to be written to the media - too large. What is your recourse? NONE!

I then went down to Costco to check out the other offerings. Except for Samsung none - Toshiba, LG, Panasonic - of the BD players could handle divX. Surprising the Canadian models of the same product DO include divX compatibility!

I on the other hand purchased a Chinese make media player for just 100 bucks. It can play absolutely anything under the sky and that too at full full 1080p video resolution and 5.1 AAC/AC3 audio. All I need to watch a BD disk or any other media file is to simply rip/copy the contents on to a USB drive, connect this drive to my media player and I am ready to go. Otherwise plugin a compatible USB-wifi adapter / ethernet cable and watch any shared media on the network.

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