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IFPI shuts down Bulgarian warez sites

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2010 14:54 User comments (2)

IFPI shuts down Bulgarian warez sites The IFPI has claimed the largest ever piracy raid in Bulgaria this week, shutting down four sites that illegally distribute music, movies, video games and software.
The Bulgarian Police's Cyber Crime Unit, in conjunction with the IFPI, have shut down,, and

Bulgarian Association of Music Producers (BAMP) claimed the sites were run by organized crime members and filed the original complaints against each of the sites.

Nanoset was a P2P service but the other three were file-hosting and storing sites, each of which also offered streaming capabilities of unauthorized movies, many of which were still in theaters or had yet to hit theaters in the nation.

Police added that they believe users paid 2.5 million to access the content, and the sites also raised money through advertising.

Site operators were arrested and computer systems were seized, noted the authorities. Bulgarian ISPs hosting the websites were also discovered to have 120 terabytes of unauthorized content.

Bulgaria is known to have one of the highest piracy rates in the world, at about 99.5 percent, with three of the country's top five most visited domestic sites being warez sites.

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2 user comments

18.8.2010 16:44

the largest ever piracy raid in Bulgaria
like claiming the largest piracy raid in Wycombe, it means nowt

210.8.2010 15:06

It's always the biggest.
Like the state hirelings always attach a ridiculous 'street value' on the .00000001% of restricted substance that the distributors let them bust.

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