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Rapper Drake is okay with piracy

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 10 Nov 2011 14:03 User comments (10)

Rapper Drake is okay with piracy Massively popular Canadian rapper Drake has posted on Twitter that he is okay with his latest album being leaked early.
The CD, "Take Care," is set for an official release next week but most of the tracks have already been leaked online.

Says the rapper's tweet:

Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it...and take care until next time.

Drake joins a number of artists who understand that if the music is good, the piracy will do nothing but help album sales and boost their live shows.

Read the full interview (worth it) where Drake talks about piracy and album leaks at Billboard.

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10 user comments

110.11.2011 14:38


210.11.2011 16:28

This cat has an understanding shared by very few.

Artists should consider themselves lucky that people are willing to listen their efforts in the first place.

It is not wrong with folks listening to the music before purchasing first.

True music people will eventually purchase the material like the way it is done in the open source and shareware communities contributes to their efforts if it suits their needs.

I always try the software first. If it's garbage, delete, delete, delete.

Of course their will always be kiddies that download every damn thing that is available on Torrents. You really have to compensate for such activities. Overall there are hefty sums to be had especially if artists show the RIAA and MPAA their middle finger. Such a waste of time and money on lawyers, guns and money when the artists deserve the fees that these money grubbing organizations pay horny for money lawyers. Such a scam.....


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310.11.2011 17:51

RIAA have openly admitted those that download illegally buy more than those who do not illegally download,if this is so then stopping piracy would result in a net loss

410.11.2011 19:47

Does any one else feel this may have been taken out of context?

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511.11.2011 1:45

Can't wait I'll just blow the money though and hope its as good as the last one

611.11.2011 6:17

Originally posted by scorpNZ:
RIAA have openly admitted those that download illegally buy more than those who do not illegally download,if this is so then stopping piracy would result in a net loss
A net loss to artists, but not to RIAA...and RIAA only cares about RIAA.

711.11.2011 7:20

Too bad the album is a major step backward from his first effort. Sounds like he went for R&B album of the year rather than Hip-Hop album of the year. That's why it's better to be able to hear it before buying.

811.11.2011 9:47

Wise of him.

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912.11.2011 10:40

Here Here RIAA, you see they're are other artists who DO NOT share your viewpoint. Way to go Drake! At least he understands the system they used is flawed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this mentality. RIAA lawyers beware: we have our crosshairs aimed at you, and will NOT hesitate to fire at you!! Arggghhh!!!

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1012.11.2011 11:41

Up & coming musicians have always handed out demos out of the trunk of their hoopties in the parking lots of bars & music clubs and then handed out their demos to local DJ's (no, not these guys that slop albums back & forth on turntables trying to make something music worthy, I mean putting the tone arm onto the album & letting the song play out at a radio station) & hope for something that sounds like airplay for eons trying to get word of mouth to sell their wares in hopes for an almighty contract... which we all know now to be the bane of any & all existence.

If the RIAA is saying that pirates are the biggest source of revenue, then it has been the last 3 weeks this news has arose because they certainly aren't letting up the good fight with faction like the MPAA, ASCAP or BMI. As a matter of fact, the MPAA would still have you believe that idiots downloading screenings make more money than drug dealing. If that were the case how come I can't seem to find a DVD house anywhere in my neighborhood, but I can damn sure fall out my front door & find a meth freak?

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