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LG, Google in talks for new Google 'Nexus' TV

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 15 Jan 2012 4:23

LG, Google in talks for new Google 'Nexus' TV According to Bloomberg, LG and Google are in talks for a new Google TV, one that would be released by the end of the year.
The current negotiations are to see if Google will give LG access (like it has to Android manufacturers) to its future Google TV software so it can create a "Nexus" model. In the Android world, phones like the Nexus One and Galaxy Nexus received the next software update before anyone else, and release the phones with a "Vanilla" offering, meaning no carrier or manufacturer bloatware or special user interfaces.

Google TV has seen a revival in the last two months, as the company finally updated the software for current devices and multiple big manufacturers announced plans for Google TVs or set-top boxes.

For now, LG and Google are still in discussions, and LG says no decision has been made. LG is the third largest TV maker in the world.

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