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Steam app headed to iOS, Android

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Jan 2012 12:08 User comments (5)

Steam app headed to iOS, Android

Valve has announced this week that a Steam app is headed to Android and iOS devices.
The application will support screenshots, chat, groups and be able to purchase games on the run.

Gabe Newell, Valve boss, says: "Seeing which of your friends are online and playing a game, sending quick messages, looking at screenshots for an upcoming game, or catching a sale.. these are all features customers have requested. Mobile is changing way people interact, play games and consume media, and the Steam app is part of our commitment to meet customer demands and expand the service functionality of Steam to make it richer and more accessible for everyone."

For now, the app is available in closed beta, with Valve sending out invites "as the service ramps up."

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5 user comments

128.1.2012 13:28


228.1.2012 21:42

Just got invite. I like it so far however I find it odd that chat pops up a window on all logged in sessions. So when sitting at my computer everything I typed on my phone also popped up on my computer. little odd is all.

329.1.2012 19:36

Wish they would stream games to watch and play like they do with OnLive, oh well, you can't win them all.

Chance prepares the favored mind. Look up once in a while and you might learn something. - BLUEBOY

430.1.2012 14:43


Can't believe you all are excited about this completely useless LAME app. Good all need girlfriends.

"Screenshots".....WHO CARES (Nerds do I bet!)

"Chat"............WHO CARES (Nerds do I bet!)

"Groups"..........WHO CARES (Nerds do I bet!)

and "purchasing on the run"..........only good for the RARE occasion where someone wants to take advantage of a weekend deal and can't find a computer. Imagine that..........not being able to find a computer.

54.2.2012 14:44

So hearme0, will you be downloading the app?

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