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Report: Apple iPad 3 will not have quad-core processor

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Feb 2012 12:08 User comments (6)

Report: Apple iPad 3 will not have quad-core processor If a new report is accurate, Apple fans may not be so happy when the iPad 3 is launched next month.
The device will use a more powerful dual-core processor, an "A5X," instead of the expected quad-core A6, as Apple has not had time to perfect the A6.

BlueFin Research Partners analyst Steve Mullane cites the supply chain, notably Samsung, in the report, which claims the manufacturer was not properly equipped to produce the 28nm A6.

Reads the note: "[Samsung's] Austin logic fab - supports the mass production of the 45-nanometer AAPL A5 processor, and is ramping on a 32-nanometer process. Since the A6 processor is based on a 28-nanometer process, we believe the 32-nanometer ramp validates the recent rumors that the iPad 3 will likely use a higher speed, die-shrink version of the A5 dual-core processor, named the A5X processor, as opposed to the next-generation A6 quad-core processor."

If accurate, the A5X will certainly be powerful (perhaps even with a clock speed of 1.8GHz or higher) but with Android devices already out with quad-core chips, and more coming, Apple may need to step up its other features.

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6 user comments

128.2.2012 00:13

Something tells me Mountain Lion is going to run on the iPads. Who needs a more powerful iOS device?

228.2.2012 00:48

Originally posted by core2kid:
Who needs a more powerful iOS device?


328.2.2012 01:24

Just another brand new, average piece of hardware produced by Apple, most likely to come with a top-of-the-line price tag. What else is new?

428.2.2012 05:52

they do like to hold back for the next version not a fan of there style.

528.2.2012 07:48

I like Apple,but there greed is really starting to show!!

628.2.2012 11:59

Maximize the minimum, dazzle them with brilliance & make a pretty box. The ink on it is what costs the least & we can charge the most... "But we have unsurpassed customer service!", they will cry... To what ends? Those 'techs' are under paid, over worked & 'really' don't know the complete workings of the product as you would have them believe you do. Just more than you.

Any neighborhood has a linux/Windows (obviously, not one & the same, but have been known to cohabitate nicely) geek in it & will probably fix your machine for a six pack; while delivering a complimentary nut busting as you wait.

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