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Android now at 900,000 daily activations

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Jun 2012 11:32 User comments (1)

Android now at 900,000 daily activations Android boss Andy Rubin has noted that daily Android activations are now at 900,000.
The activations include tablets and smartphones.

It had been rumored for weeks that Rubin was planning to leave Google but the exec but those to rumors to rest stating bluntly he has "no plans" to leave.

A recent study showed that developers still much prefer iOS, due to much less fragmentation. 69 percent of devs said they preferred iOS to Android, although that number has been falling in the past years. Additionally, it appears iOS devs make more money with Android devs earning just 24 cents for every dollar they'd otherwise be making on Apple devices.

Android has severe fragmentation, making it harder for developers to make apps that work across all versions of the operating system.

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1 user comment

113.6.2012 3:40

Good on Rubin. Yes, one complaint about Android from me would be, because of the fragmentation I assume, the fact that the Play Store cannot even approach the iOS in terms of sheer application numbers. But that's mostly remedied with Aptoide.

I would think that since Google doesn't enforce the same policy as Apple when it comes to apps (like the "If it's still active after the app closes, i.e. a settings changes, then it won't be hosted in the App Store) that it would encourage development.

The biggest problem with Android OS is that it still keeps you in a box. Much bigger than Apple's cage, but a box nonetheless. When they release an OS that I won't have to Jailbreak/Root to have full control over, I will have no complaints. But I guess the biggest obstacle there is the service providers.

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