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Redbox to sell concert, event tickets via their kiosks

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 04 Oct 2012 22:52 User comments (3)

Redbox to sell concert, event tickets via their kiosks Redbox will begin selling tickets to concerts and other events via their rental kiosks.
VP for new business and strategy Mark Archler says the company's strong reputation as an "impulse buy" company will help it sell tickets that wouldn't ordinarily sell, such as "nosebleed" seats for concerts.

There will be a $1 surcharge on each ticket purchase, much cheaper than other event purchasing services like TicketMaster or StubHub.

It is unclear if the tickets will be discounted, and "impulse buys" are less attractive at $100 (for example) than a $2 Blu-ray.

If you do end up purchasing, the kiosk will not print the tickets, as you have to do that at home or pick them up at the event.

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3 user comments

15.10.2012 9:09

I actually like this.

27.10.2012 17:26

Might be convenient in they were to print the tickets right then and there, but they couldn't collect their sales taxes and whatnot on those Kiosks, so that's blown out of the water for sure....that's why Ticketmaster's online inflated prices extravaganza is for: to rip off the consumer as much money as they can...

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310.10.2012 11:52

If tickets is not too expensive you can try

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