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Samsung, EA team up for new '100% indie' app revenue split program

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 10 Feb 2013 10:04 User comments (1)

Samsung, EA team up for new '100% indie' app revenue split program

Samsung and EA have teamed up in an effort to bring new developers to Samsung's apps store, which has lagged behind that of rivals.
The company will offer financial incentives never before seen, in an effort to expand its library of games. Independent developers will keep 100 percent revenue for the first six months, compared to the 70 percent they normally keep when writing for platforms like iOS, Android or Windows 8. After the 6 months, Samsung will take 10 percent for the next six months. In year two, Samsung will take 20 percent. In the third year, the company will take the 30 percent share seen by rival app stores.

Launching on March 4th, the program will be aimed at smaller indie devs.

"Samsung is selling more phones than ever and content and hardware, they always go hand in hand," adds EA, which will be spearheading the deal. The new program is also non-exclusive, so companies can feel free to publish games to all available platforms. They can also bring existing titles to Samsung Apps.

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1 user comment

112.2.2013 01:40

If it was any other company, I could get excited. But, in my eyes, EA is just the worst company to partner with.

Good luck with this endeavor Samsung. And don't worry, I'll still purchase your products. Just don't expect me to support EA in the process.

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