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Netflix also raises prices in Europe

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 06 Oct 2017 3:06 User comments (5)

Netflix also raises prices in Europe While we reported yesterday that Netflix is raising its prices in United States, the company didn't say anything about prices in Europe.
However, now it seems that prices have been raised in several European markets, too.

Reports from Finland and Ireland show that the pricing has gone up for both Standard and Premium plans.

The cheapest option, Basic plan, remains at 7.99 in both countries, but the Standard plan has increased from 9.99 to 10.99. The Premium plan that allows four streams to be watched simultaneously and supports UltraHD, has increased from 11.99 to 13.99.

Netflix price Europe 2017
Netflix prices in Ireland for new customers - 6th of October, 2017

Netflix hasn't contacted its existing customers yet about the price hike and it is unclear when the prices will change for those customers. Previously Netflix has kept the old prices for existing customers for quite a long time, but yesterday's announcement made no such concessions to the U.S. customers.

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5 user comments

16.10.2017 04:38

At the moment I have netflix and amazon prime but if prices go up much then I will probably ditch one of them. Amazon gives me prime delivery as well so will likely be the winner

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26.10.2017 19:10

While I have never thought of Netflix as a viable option...I do understand they have some good original content. (so does Prime) But the kicker for me is all the other stuff included.Free two-day/next-day/same-day shipping likely has saved me over $100 by itself. Prime special discounts are always fresh to examine and entice you to buy at limited discount. and those discounts that aren't exclusive to Prime customers are available early to Prime by an hour or so so non-subscribers might find an item sold out before the are allowed to buy. Add a free twitch sub (monthly renewable/or/switch-streamers by new click) for one of my favorite streamers. a close association with CBS video (watching Salvation for free, hate CBS streaming lag) that doesn't even include the free gaming "pimping" extras you get with many popular online (mostly PvP) games.

Frankly, i don't see the dilemma. Everyone should subscribe to Prime then contemplate if Netflix is worth buying in addition. In my book Netflix is competing with HBO and it's ilk not Prime. I'd get Prime for the savings in shipping (videos tv and gaming just free extras) then sub to streaming services if you want access to their original and exclusive stuff.

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38.10.2017 00:48

I'd guess that at 20/month here in the U.S., that's when Netflix might start its downward spiral.

411.10.2017 15:57

Who cares ? I use Kodi !

512.10.2017 17:21

I think with the price increase I'll moved to a more erratic schedule of being enrolled in the service. I signup for hulu 8 months out of the year and keep netflix for the whole year. Where I might cutback netflix to just the four months out of the year to fill in the gaps between tv seasons. Plus there is the growing number of streaming services to try. Many of them becoming cheaper options with content I haven't seen before.

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