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Paint.NET v3.30 Beta 2

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Paint.NET is the new way to easily create and edit photos for a variety of purposes. Maintaining some of the best features of the original MS-Paint application, Paint.NET also includes new, powerful tools. Such new tools include a history storage for undos and redos, and powerful multi-layering which is often seen only in high-quality, expensive photo-applications. This product was engineered with the latest in graphics and coding technology such as the new C# language from Microsoft, and the GDI+ graphics libraries. These programming frameworks allowed for the creation of a speedy, responsive application with an amazing array of graphic capabilities. While the details of the code is not important for the end-user, you will surely be amazed at the usability and power of Paint.NET.


Paint.NET v3.10 Beta

paint ms-paint picture edit photo layer

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 06 Aug 2020
Downloads 91,464
File size 1.52 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

06 Aug 2020Paint.NET v4.2.13(Latest stable version)
17 Jun 2020Paint.NET v4.2.12
21 May 2020Paint.NET v4.2.11
15 Feb 2020Paint.NET v4.2.10
02 Feb 2020Paint.NET v4.2.9
04 Dec 2019Paint.NET v4.2.8
27 Nov 2019Paint.NET v4.2.7
24 Nov 2019Paint.NET v4.2.6
02 Oct 2019Paint.NET v4.2.5
21 Sep 2019Paint.NET v4.2.4
19 Sep 2019Paint.NET v4.2.2
08 Aug 2019Paint.NET v4.2.1
17 Jul 2019Paint.NET v4.2
19 Mar 2019Paint.NET v4.1.6
16 Mar 2019Paint.NET v4.1.6 beta (build 7012)
12 Mar 2019Paint.NET v4.1.6 beta (build 7010)
06 Dec 2018Paint.NET v4.1.5
01 Dec 2018Paint.NET v4.1.5 beta (build 6908)
15 Nov 2018Paint.NET v4.1.4
20 Sep 2018Paint.NET v4.1.1
07 Sep 2018Paint.NET v4.1
29 Aug 2018Paint.NET v4.1 Beta (Build 6808)
19 Jan 2018Paint.NET v4.0.21
12 Jan 2018Paint.NET v4.0.20
28 Dec 2017Paint.NET v4.20.6568 Beta
10 Oct 2017Paint.NET v4.0.19
30 Sep 2017Paint.NET v4.0.18
22 Jul 2017Paint.NET v4.0.17
16 Jul 2017Paint.NET v4.0.17 (6404) Beta
17 Apr 2017Paint.NET v4.0.16
11 Apr 2017Paint.NET v4.0.15
13 Dec 2016Paint.NET v4.0.13
13 Sep 2016Paint.NET v4.0.12
11 Sep 2016Paint.NET v4.0.11
09 Jul 2016Paint.NET v4.0.10
06 Jan 2016Paint.NET v4.0.9
01 Jan 2016Paint.NET v4.0.8
04 Aug 2015Paint.NET v4.0.6
08 Dec 2014Paint.NET v4.0.5
30 Nov 2014Paint.NET v4.0.4
26 Nov 2014Paint.NET v4.0.4 (build 5442) Beta
23 Jul 2014Paint.NET v4.0.3
15 Jul 2014Paint.NET v4.0.2
13 Jul 2014Paint.NET v4.0.1
12 Jul 2014Paint.NET v4.0.1 beta build 5305
25 Jun 2014Paint.NET v4.0
21 Jun 2014Paint.NET v4.0 RC Build 5284
15 Jun 2014Paint.NET v4.0 beta build 5278
07 Jun 2014Paint.NET v4.0 beta build 5268
04 May 2014Paint.NET v4.0 beta build 5226
24 Feb 2014Paint.NET v4.0 beta build 5168
09 Feb 2014Paint.NET v4.0 beta build 5152
31 Jan 2014Paint.NET v4.0 alpha build 5143
24 Dec 2013Paint.NET v4.0 Alpha Build 5105
18 Aug 2013Paint.NET v3.5.11
16 Aug 2013Paint.NET v3.5.11 Beta
09 Oct 2011Paint.NET v3.5.10
02 Oct 2011Paint.NET v3.5.9
20 Sep 2011Paint.NET v3.5.9 Beta
06 Mar 2011Paint.NET v3.5.8
21 Feb 2011Paint.NET v3.5.7
15 Feb 2011Paint.NET v3.5.7 Beta
19 Nov 2010Paint.NET v3.5.6
15 Nov 2010Paint.NET v3.5.6 Beta
26 Apr 2010Paint.NET v3.5.5
14 Apr 2010Paint.NET v3.5.5.3755 Beta
26 Feb 2010Paint.NET v3.5.4
08 Feb 2010Paint.NET v3.5.3
04 Jan 2010Paint.NET v3.5.2
20 Nov 2009Paint.NET v3.5.1
07 Nov 2009Paint.NET v3.5
13 Oct 2009Paint.NET v3.5.3572 Beta 3
03 Oct 2009Paint.NET v3.5.3561 Beta 2
22 Sep 2009Paint.NET v3.5.3550 Beta 1
31 Aug 2008Paint.NET v3.36
08 Jul 2008Paint.NET v3.35
24 Jun 2008Paint.NET v3.35.3096 Beta 2
09 Jun 2008Paint.NET v3.35 Beta
04 May 2008Paint.NET v3.31
11 Apr 2008Paint.NET v3.30
08 Apr 2008Paint.NET v3.30.3019 RC1
14 Mar 2008Paint.NET v3.30 Beta 2
29 Feb 2008Paint.NET v3.30 Beta 1
26 Jan 2008Paint.NET v3.22
05 Jan 2008Paint.NET v3.22.2925 Beta 2
28 Dec 2007Paint.NET v3.22 Beta
13 Dec 2007Paint.NET v3.20
10 Dec 2007Paint.NET v3.20 RC 1
04 Dec 2007Paint.NET v3.20 Beta 2
19 Nov 2007Paint.NET v3.20 Beta 1
24 Aug 2007Paint.NET v3.10
12 Aug 2007Paint.NET v3.10 Beta 2
28 Jul 2007Paint.NET v3.10 Beta
01 Jun 2007Paint.NET v3.08
08 May 2007Paint.NET v3.07
26 Apr 2007Paint.NET v3.07 Beta
29 Mar 2007Paint.NET v3.05
26 Mar 2007Paint.NET v3.05 Beta
28 Feb 2007Paint.NET v3.01
28 Jan 2007Paint.NET v3.0
21 Jan 2007Paint.NET v3.0 RC 1
24 Dec 2006Paint.NET v3.0 Beta 3
12 Dec 2006Paint.NET v3.0 Beta 2
01 Dec 2006Paint.NET v3.0 Beta 1
07 Nov 2006Paint.NET v3.0 Alpha 3
05 Nov 2006Paint.NET v3.0 Alpha 2
14 Oct 2006Paint.NET v3.0 Alpha 1
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Paint.NET v4.1.5

Used this software instead of MS Paint on another laptop for almost a year. Now installing on this computer because it provides more options than Paint.

Paint.NET v3.5.4

Forget the responses posted below . . . I have been using Paint.Net for well over 2 years now and I can report that this is an excellent image and photo manipulation program (think PhotoShop)with absolutely no hidden spyware, spamware or adware whatsoever.

Paint.NET v3.5.1

<b>WARNING</b> There is a <u><b>TROJAN DOWNLOADER</u></b>here!! <br/>It is either in the program itself or in the site it connects to for the Net.Framework3.5 profile client.

Paint.NET v3.36

Helppo oppia käyttämään ja melko kevyt. Löytyy kaikki mitä olen tähän mennessä tarvinut. Kuvien croppaaminen ja muu härveltäminen onnistuu helposti.

Paint.NET v3.36

V.3.36 pelittää hienosti ja suomen kielitukikin löytyy. Ohjeet sivun alalaidassa.