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HyperSnap v8.05.01

Vista / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
HyperSnap is a software that can take screen captures from Windows screen, and text capture from places where normal text copy is not possible. HyperSnap is versatile and easy-to-use, with customizable menus and toolbars it should serve most of your needs. You can also assign your own keyboard shortcuts, create instant toolbars, and even control HyperSnap with voice commands. It's even able to capture screens from DirectX, Direct3D, 3Dfx Voodoo, and Glide mode games.


HyperSnap v7.0 Beta 3

Other editions:

hypersnap directx direct3d 3dfx voodoo glide screen capture

License type Shareware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 10 Apr 2015
Downloads 12118
File size 11.40 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

10 Apr 2015HyperSnap v8.05.01(Latest stable version)
21 Mar 2015HyperSnap v8.05.00
14 Mar 2015HyperSnap v8.04.08
06 Mar 2015HyperSnap v8.04.07
07 Feb 2015HyperSnap v8.04.06
03 Feb 2015HyperSnap v8.04.05
01 Feb 2015HyperSnap v8.04.04
18 Jan 2015HyperSnap v8.04.03
15 Jan 2015HyperSnap v8.04.02
29 Oct 2014HyperSnap v8.03.00
18 Oct 2014HyperSnap v8.02.04
12 Oct 2014HyperSnap v8.02.02
09 Oct 2014HyperSnap v8.02.01
08 Oct 2014HyperSnap v8.02.00
27 Sep 2014HyperSnap v8.01.01
23 Sep 2014HyperSnap v8.01.00
29 Aug 2014HyperSnap v7.29.03
13 Jul 2014HyperSnap v7.29.02
01 Jul 2014HyperSnap v7.29.01
28 May 2014HyperSnap v7.29.00
28 Apr 2014HyperSnap v7.28.05
07 Apr 2014HyperSnap v7.28.04
20 Mar 2014HyperSnap v7.28.03
15 Feb 2014HyperSnap v7.28.02
12 Feb 2014HyperSnap v7.28.01
10 Feb 2014HyperSnap v7.28
14 Jan 2014HyperSnap v7.27.02
15 Dec 2013HyperSnap v7.27.01
22 Nov 2013HyperSnap v7.27.00
21 Oct 2013HyperSnap v7.26.02
24 Sep 2013HyperSnap v7.26.01
13 Aug 2013HyperSnap v7.25.04
10 Aug 2013HyperSnap v7.25.03
01 Aug 2013HyperSnap v7.25.02
28 Jun 2013HyperSnap v7.24.01
09 Jun 2013HyperSnap v7.24.00
23 Apr 2013HyperSnap v7.23.03
06 Feb 2013HyperSnap v7.23.02
30 Jan 2013HyperSnap v7.23.01
16 Jan 2013HyperSnap v7.23.00
04 Jan 2013HyperSnap v7.22.00
30 Nov 2012HyperSnap v7.21.00
07 Nov 2012HyperSnap v7.20.04
25 Oct 2012HyperSnap v7.20.03
22 Oct 2012HyperSnap v7.20.02
24 Sep 2012HyperSnap v7.19.01
20 Sep 2012HyperSnap v7.19.00
07 Sep 2012HyperSnap v7.18.00
18 Jul 2012HyperSnap v7.17.00
29 Jun 2012HyperSnap v7.16.03
08 Jun 2012HyperSnap v7.16.02
21 May 2012HyperSnap v7.16.01
16 May 2012HyperSnap v7.16.00
09 May 2012HyperSnap v7.15.01
06 May 2012HyperSnap v7.15.00
21 Apr 2012HyperSnap v7.14.02
19 Apr 2012HyperSnap v7.14.01
19 Apr 2012HyperSnap v7.14.00
10 Apr 2012HyperSnap v7.13.05
02 Mar 2012HyperSnap v7.13.04
28 Feb 2012HyperSnap v7.13.03
23 Feb 2012HyperSnap v7.13.02
17 Feb 2012HyperSnap v7.13.01
16 Feb 2012HyperSnap v7.13.00
29 Jan 2012HyperSnap v7.12.01
27 Jan 2012HyperSnap v7.12.00
22 Jan 2012HyperSnap v7.11.04
13 Jan 2012HyperSnap v7.11.03
04 Jan 2012HyperSnap v7.11.02
11 Dec 2011HyperSnap v7.11.01
05 Dec 2011HyperSnap v7.11.00
02 Dec 2011HyperSnap v7.10.00
12 Nov 2011HyperSnap v7.09.0
09 Nov 2011HyperSnap v7.08.01
04 Nov 2011HyperSnap v7.08.00
19 Oct 2011HyperSnap v7.07.06
13 Oct 2011HyperSnap v7.07.05
03 Oct 2011HyperSnap v7.07.04
20 Sep 2011HyperSnap v7.07.03
16 Sep 2011HyperSnap v7.07.02
13 Sep 2011HyperSnap v7.07.01
06 Sep 2011HyperSnap v7.07
22 Aug 2011HyperSnap v7.06.01
12 Aug 2011HyperSnap v7.05.02
11 Aug 2011HyperSnap v7.05.01
07 Aug 2011HyperSnap v7.05
29 Jul 2011HyperSnap v7.03
24 Jul 2011HyperSnap v7.02
22 Jul 2011HyperSnap v7.01
08 Jun 2011HyperSnap v7.0 RC 1
23 May 2011HyperSnap v7.0 Beta 8
05 May 2011HyperSnap v7.0 Beta 5
04 Apr 2011HyperSnap v7.0 Beta 3
02 Jul 2011HyperSnap v6.91.02
24 May 2011HyperSnap v6.91.01
04 Mar 2011HyperSnap v6.90.04
28 Jan 2011HyperSnap v6.90.03
26 Jan 2011HyperSnap v6.90.02
19 Jan 2011HyperSnap v6.90.01
08 Dec 2010HyperSnap v6.83.02
03 Nov 2010HyperSnap v6.83.01
24 Sep 2010HyperSnap v6.82.01
04 Aug 2010HyperSnap v6.81.05
09 Jun 2010HyperSnap v6.81.04
19 May 2010HyperSnap v6.81.03
06 May 2010HyperSnap v6.81.02
30 Apr 2010HyperSnap v6.81.01
07 Apr 2010HyperSnap v6.80.03
18 Mar 2010HyperSnap v6.70.03
04 Mar 2010HyperSnap v6.70.02
09 Nov 2009HyperSnap v6.70.01
21 Oct 2009HyperSnap v6.62.02
16 Oct 2009HyperSnap v6.62.01
30 Sep 2009HyperSnap v6.61.06
18 Aug 2009HyperSnap v6.61.05
07 Aug 2009HyperSnap v6.61.04
29 Jul 2009HyperSnap v6.61.03
26 Jun 2009HyperSnap v6.61.02
21 Jun 2009HyperSnap v6.61.01
14 Jun 2009HyperSnap v6.60.01
14 May 2009HyperSnap v6.50.03
29 Apr 2009HyperSnap v6.50.02
25 Apr 2009HyperSnap v6.50.01
25 Feb 2009HyperSnap v6.40.06
24 Jan 2009HyperSnap v6.40.05
23 Jan 2009HyperSnap v6.40.04
21 Jan 2009HyperSnap v6.40.03
14 Jan 2009HyperSnap v6.40.01
01 Jun 2008HyperSnap v6.31.01
25 Apr 2008HyperSnap v6.30.02
19 Mar 2008HyperSnap v6.30.01
09 Jan 2008HyperSnap v6.21.04
14 Nov 2007HyperSnap v6.21.03
16 Aug 2007HyperSnap v6.21.02
18 Jul 2007HyperSnap v6.21.01
28 Jun 2007HyperSnap v6.20.01
09 Feb 2007HyperSnap v6.13.02
05 Feb 2007HyperSnap v6.13.01
20 Dec 2006HyperSnap v6.12.02
13 Dec 2006HyperSnap v6.12.01
09 Oct 2006HyperSnap v6.11.02
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Unverified new user
HyperSnap v7.29.02

Great program. Only problem is that its overcomplicated, making simple operations very time consuming (eg: taking a screenshot ingame with a hotkey, while forcing hypersnap to not window the game). Its possible to configure the program to your needs, but you will need time to browse through all the menus. Taking pics of your desktop is indeed very easy. For games its somewhat more tricky.

14 Jul 2014