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Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.238

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Hitman Pro is a freeware tool that combines a number of powerful anti-spyware programs in one integrated solution. In nearly all anti-spyware reviews, the conclusion is that none of the anti-spyware programs removes all spyware. A combination of two programs is recommended.

This is exactly what Hitman Pro does: it combines Ad-Aware SE, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Spy Sweeper, Spyware Doctor, CWShredder, Spyware Blaster, NOD32, Sysclean package. Most of the included programs are freeware. Some of these programs are limited trial editions of commercial programs, and the user can decide to switch these off after the trial period.


Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.6.0.156 Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.6.0.156 Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.6.0.156 Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.6.0.156

Other editions:

hitman pro hitman spyware malware remove protect d-aware se

License type Shareware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 05 Dec 2019
Downloads 32,792
File size 10.49 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Dutch
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

05 Dec 2019Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.8.16.310(Latest stable version)
16 Aug 2019Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.8.15.306
05 Jul 2018Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.8.0.295
29 Jun 2018Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.8.0.294
19 Jan 2018Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.8.0.292
17 May 2017Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.20.286
23 Nov 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.15.281
16 Oct 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.15.281 Beta
28 Sep 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.14.280
10 Sep 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.14.276
05 May 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.14.263
25 Feb 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.13.257
10 Feb 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.13.257 Beta
24 Jan 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.12.256 Beta
24 Jan 2016Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.10.253
28 Dec 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.12.253 Beta
05 Nov 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.10.251
05 Oct 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.248 Beta
25 Sep 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.246
31 Aug 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.245
13 Jun 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.242
08 May 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.241
30 Mar 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.240
17 Feb 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.238
10 Feb 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.237 Beta
08 Feb 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.236 Beta
10 Jan 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.234
09 Jan 2015Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.233
30 Oct 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.232
29 Oct 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.231
28 Oct 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.230 Beta
05 Oct 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.228 Beta
05 Sep 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.225
27 Aug 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.224 Beta
23 Aug 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.223 Beta
16 Jul 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.221
30 Jun 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.220
23 Jun 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.219
29 Mar 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.216
25 Mar 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.214 Beta
14 Mar 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.213 Beta
03 Feb 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.212
27 Jan 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.212 Beta
25 Jan 2014Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.9.211
31 Oct 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.8.208
14 Oct 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.8.207
28 Aug 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.7.205
05 Aug 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.7.203
02 Aug 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.7.202
03 Jun 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.6.201
24 May 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.5.199
23 May 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.5.197
15 Apr 2013Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.3.194
10 Aug 2012Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.6.1.164
27 May 2012Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.6.0.156
21 Jun 2011Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5.9.124
11 Oct 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5.6.115
04 Aug 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5.6.109
25 Apr 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 97
07 Mar 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 92
16 Feb 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 89
12 Feb 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 88
04 Feb 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 87
20 Jan 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 86
17 Jan 2010Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 85
23 Dec 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 84
22 Dec 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 82
20 Dec 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 81
02 Dec 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 80
01 Dec 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 79
03 Nov 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 78
15 Oct 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 76
25 Sep 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 75
21 Sep 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 73
19 Sep 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 72
02 Sep 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 70
16 Aug 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 69
27 Jul 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 68
21 Jul 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 67
12 Jul 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5 build 66
07 Jul 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5.1.65
09 Jun 2009Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.5.0.59
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Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.10.251

Beware! Fake AV! it has a malware code!

Unverified new user
Hitman Pro (64-bit) v3.7.8.208

thats good

28 Dec 2013