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Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.176 Beta

Win2k / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
Spyware Doctor is PC Magazine Editor's Choice Winner in 2005 and 2006. Spyware Doctor is a Spyware remover and provides real-time Anti-Spyware protection against Spyware, adware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, Spyware cookies, adbots, spybots, browser hijackers, phishing attacks and other Malware threats. Additionally it actively protects web browsing using Internet Explorer with a built-in popup blocker and malicious site guard. Spyware Doctor is easy to use and low on PC resources and its super fast scanning speed is delivered by multiple specialized scanners that include Windows registry, file system, processes and tasks, browser, network configuration (including LSP), cookie and an intelligent script scanner. Each scanner specializes in identification of specific traits of infections for more effective detection and removal. Almost any function of Spyware Doctor can be updated through the Live Update process and it is constantly being improved and extended to counteract the nastiest of Spyware threats. The OnGuard feature is designed to provide real time protection and deploys several tools that actively monitor and protect the PC from Spyware attacks. These include immunization, site protection, popup blocking, browser monitor and others.

The trial version allows customers to block Spyware in Real-Time, perform scans and Live Update Spyware signatures and functionally.


Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.169 Beta Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.624

adware spyware trojans keyloggers cookies trackware spybot

License type Shareware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 07 Nov 2012
Downloads 22,660
File size 16.21 MB (2min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Win2k / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

07 Nov 2012Spyware Doctor v9.1(Latest stable version)
02 Nov 2011Spyware Doctor v9.0.0.888
28 Sep 2011Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.662
30 May 2011Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.654
20 May 2011Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.653
19 May 2011Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.652
14 Apr 2011Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.651
31 Mar 2011Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.627
04 Feb 2011Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.624
07 Dec 2010Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.623
27 Oct 2010Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.608
28 Sep 2010Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.606
01 Sep 2010Spyware Doctor v8.0.0.602
04 May 2010Spyware Doctor v7.0.0.545
19 Mar 2010Spyware Doctor v7.0.0.543
16 Feb 2010Spyware Doctor v7.0.0.538
21 Dec 2009Spyware Doctor v7.0.0.514
01 Dec 2009Spyware Doctor v7.0.0.513
15 Oct 2009Spyware Doctor v7.0.0.508
23 Sep 2009Spyware Doctor v6.1.0.448
30 Jul 2009Spyware Doctor v6.1.0.447
17 Jun 2009Spyware Doctor v6.0.1.445
12 Jun 2009Spyware Doctor v6.0.1.444
20 Apr 2009Spyware Doctor v6.0.1.441
24 Feb 2009Spyware Doctor v6.0.1.440
02 Nov 2008Spyware Doctor v6.0.0.427 Beta
14 Oct 2008Spyware Doctor v6.0.0.386
26 Sep 2008Spyware Doctor v6.0.0.385
18 Sep 2008Spyware Doctor v6.0.0.384
01 Sep 2008Spyware Doctor v6.0.0.383
24 Jul 2008Spyware Doctor v6.0.0.362
24 Jun 2008Spyware Doctor v6.0.0.354
21 May 2008Spyware Doctor v5.5.1.336 Beta
08 May 2008Spyware Doctor v5.5.1.322
04 May 2008Spyware Doctor v5.5.1.321
12 Mar 2008Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.212
02 Mar 2008Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.204
06 Jan 2008Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.178
02 Jan 2008Spyware Doctor v5.5 RC 2
11 Dec 2007Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.176 Beta
01 Dec 2007Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.115 Beta
21 Nov 2007Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.111 Beta
14 Nov 2007Spyware Doctor v5.5 Beta
12 Nov 2007Spyware Doctor v5.1.0.273
04 Oct 2007Spyware Doctor v5.1.0.272
02 Oct 2007Spyware Doctor v5.1.0.271
26 Sep 2007Spyware Doctor v5.1.0.268
15 Aug 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.5.259
03 Jul 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.1.205
22 Jun 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.1.201a
07 Jun 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.1.200
22 May 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.186
18 May 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.185
03 May 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.184
26 Apr 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.182
12 Apr 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.179
05 Apr 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.177
31 Mar 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.176
27 Mar 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.174
09 Mar 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.169 Beta
22 Feb 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.161
20 Feb 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.157 Beta
06 Feb 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.147 Beta
04 Feb 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.145 Beta
29 Jan 2007Spyware Doctor v5.0 Beta
03 Jan 2007Spyware Doctor v4.0.0.2621
09 Jul 2006Spyware Doctor v4.0
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Spyware Doctor v5.5.0.178

I have found 20% discount for this software here: <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>

Spyware Doctor v5.5 RC 2

I must concur with the rest on this. I use the free version that Google offers on (the only difference is no anti-virus and one limited process guard.) This program has been excellent, especially when I need to clean up computers at the school I work for.

Spyware Doctor v5.5 RC 2

been using this for a year+ and found it fantastic it cleans up where others fail although i find it a little slow since changing to vista. but otherwise 10/10

Spyware Doctor v5.0.0.165 Beta

I used the older version until my "subscription" ran out, now I have some Aussie group actively trying to sell me their new version for $49.00Aud, theft I say, the old version worked very well indeed so I hope this version does as well.
Terry M, Adelaide Australia

Spyware Doctor v4.0

Ive had a lot of good reviews about Spyware Doctor from visitors to my site.
Im thinking about giving it a try myself.