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CCleaner (portable) v5.59.7230

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
CCleaner (portable) is a freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system, allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

Currently CCleaner can clean up atleast the following software: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Windows registry and a long list of 3rd party applications.

This is the portable version of CCleaner, meaning that it can be installed on memory stick or even to a shared cloud folder and used as-it-is on any PC.


CCleaner (portable) v5.00.5050 CCleaner (portable) v3.04.1389

cleaner internet explorer privacy remove trace traces optimize

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 13 Aug 2020
Downloads 31,085
File size 18.58 MB (< 3min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

13 Aug 2020CCleaner (portable) v5.70.7909(Latest stable version)
22 Jul 2020CCleaner (portable) v5.69.7865
24 Jun 2020CCleaner (portable) v5.68.7820
21 May 2020CCleaner (portable) v5.66.7716
30 Apr 2020CCleaner (portable) v5.66.7705
27 Mar 2020CCleaner (portable) v5.65.7632
18 Feb 2020CCleaner (portable) v5.63.7540
03 Oct 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.62.7538
20 Aug 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.61.7392
16 Jul 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.60.7307
27 Jun 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.59.7230
08 Jun 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.58.7209
14 May 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.57.7182
15 Apr 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.56.7144
12 Mar 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.55.7108
06 Mar 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.54.7088
22 Feb 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.53.7034
17 Jan 2019CCleaner (portable) v5.52.6967
14 Dec 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.51.6939
29 Nov 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.50.6911
13 Nov 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.49.6856
09 Nov 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.48.6834
20 Sep 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.47.6716
31 Aug 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.46.6652
27 Jul 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.45.6611
27 Jun 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.44.6575
31 May 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.43
25 Apr 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.42
15 Mar 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.41.6446
17 Feb 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.40.6411
19 Jan 2018CCleaner (portable) v5.39.6399
19 Dec 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.38.6357
16 Nov 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.37.6309
01 Nov 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.36.6278
21 Sep 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.35.6210
13 Sep 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.34.6207
12 Jul 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.32.6129
13 Jun 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.31.6105
23 May 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.30.6065
16 May 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.30.6063
19 Apr 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.29.6033
17 Mar 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.28.6005
15 Feb 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.27.5976
20 Jan 2017CCleaner (portable) v5.26.5937
21 Dec 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.25.5902
26 Nov 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.24.5841
26 Oct 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.23.5808
13 Sep 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.22.5724
16 Aug 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.21.5700
28 Jul 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.20.5668
23 Jun 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.19.5633
05 Jun 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.18.5607
26 Apr 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.17.5590
25 Mar 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.16.5551
23 Feb 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.15.5513
29 Jan 2016CCleaner (portable) v5.14.5493
21 Dec 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.13.5460
25 Nov 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.12.5431
27 Oct 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.11.5408
24 Sep 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.10.5373
26 Aug 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.09.5343
01 Aug 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.08.5308
27 Jun 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.07.5261
27 May 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.06.5219
27 Apr 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.05.5176
25 Mar 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.04.5151
26 Feb 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.03.5128
27 Jan 2015CCleaner (portable) v5.02.5101
20 Dec 2014CCleaner (portable) v5.01.5075
25 Nov 2014CCleaner (portable) v5.00.5050
26 Oct 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.19.4867
29 Sep 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.18.4844
27 Aug 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.17.4808
26 Jul 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.16.4763
03 Jul 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.15.4725
26 May 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.14.4707
24 Apr 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.13.4693
29 Mar 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.12.4657
25 Feb 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.11.4619
23 Jan 2014CCleaner (portable) v4.10.4570
19 Dec 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.09.4471
25 Nov 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.08.4428
24 Oct 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.07.4369
26 Aug 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.05.4250
25 Jul 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.04.4197
25 Jun 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.03.4151
27 May 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.02.4115
28 Apr 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.01.4093
27 Mar 2013CCleaner (portable) v4.00.4064
25 Feb 2013CCleaner (portable) v3.28.1913
24 Jan 2013CCleaner (portable) v3.27.1900
27 Dec 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.26.1888
26 Nov 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.25.1872
26 Oct 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.24.1850
25 Sep 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.23.1823
24 Aug 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.22.1800
29 Jul 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.21.1767
10 Jul 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.20.1750
01 Jun 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.19.1721
27 Apr 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.18.1707
04 Apr 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.17.1689
23 Feb 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.16.1666
25 Jan 2012CCleaner (portable) v3.15.1643
22 Dec 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.14.1616
05 Dec 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.13.1600
24 Oct 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.12.1572
05 Oct 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.11.1550
27 Sep 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.11.1541
27 Aug 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.10.1525
27 Jul 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.09.1493
28 Jun 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.08.1475
27 May 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.07.1457
26 Apr 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.06.1433
06 Apr 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.05.1409
26 Mar 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.05.1408
26 Feb 2011CCleaner (portable) v3.04.1389
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CCleaner (portable) v5.04.5151

I had a d/l problem from Filehippo.
The exe file had an underscore instead of a period. Windows refused to see it as a valid file extension. I had to d/l to remove underscore and add the period.

The app is excellent.

26 Mar 2015 All reviews by user dp70