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Version history for webcamXP

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Changes for v5.5.1.2 - v5.5.1.3

  • New IP Cameras templates
  • Added Czech + Turkish languages

Changes for v5.5.0.8 - v5.5.1.2

  • New IP Cameras templates
  • Resizable motion detector windows
  • Windows 7 taskbar integration
  • Improved motion detector events handling

Changes for v5.5.0.6 - v5.5.0.7

  • Fixed start minimized
  • Fixed recording alerts from motion detector may not be properly saved
  • Optimized folders cleanup for queues / dvr / alerts

Changes for v5.5.0.4 - v5.5.0.6

  • Improved smoothness of stream from IP Cameras

Changes for v5.5.0.4 - v5.5.0.4

  • Fixed/Updated romanian installer translation

Changes for v5.5.0.2 - v5.5.0.3

  • Fixed problems with scheduled captures in webcam XP Service
  • Fixed email notifications from motion detector without pictures

Changes for v5.3.4.348 - v5.5.0.0

  • Latest IP camera templates
  • All latest changes and improvements from webcam 7
  • Added Hungarian language (Credits to Richárd Szögedi)
  • Added dedicated page for iPhone / Smartphone in internal server
  • Clearing buffers on motion detector starts (to avoid 1 false trigger on restart)
  • Modified html generator for flash to avoid security warning
  • Performances improvements if overlays are not used
  • Performances improvements with JPEG/MJPEG IP Cameras and DS Filter
  • Fixed authentication issue in Firefox 3.6
  • Modified motion detector sensivity to allow more precise adjustment
  • Integration of "real" motion detection mask

Changes for v5.3.4.342 - v5.3.4.348

  • Security Center dual monitors support (up to 32 cameras)
  • Pan & Tilt by clicking on picture supportin in Security Center
  • Small UI changes to improve aspect in Security Center
  • Improvements in motion detector performances
  • After wrong login to remote administration access is denied for 3 minutes even on unprotected pages
  • New templates to use iPhone / Windows Mobile devices as network camera

Changes for v5.3.4.190 - v5.3.4.205

  • Fixed when recording in Windows Media mode the default profile is always used
  • Fixed some WM profiles causing instability
  • Lowered buffer size of Windows Media to 1 second

Changes for v5.3.4.175 - v5.3.4.190

  • Added MJPEG Recording available in Normal / Windows media modes
  • Added MJPEG Recording options available in UI
  • Added Date/Time overlay options available in UI
  • Fixed Date/Time overlay is always displayed

Changes for v5.3.4.164 - v5.3.4.175

  • Added MJPEG Recording capability in IP Camera Optimized mode
  • Intelligent recording in IP Camera Optimized mode : Time Shit + automatic duration adjustment when using motion detector
  • Fixed tiny memory leak in DVR / MJPEG Recording
  • Fixed Motion Detector interval not always properly saved

Changes for v5.3.4.157 - v5.3.4.164

  • Fixed IP Camera resolution reset after disconnect / reconect (Scheduler)
  • Fixed Aviosys IP Cameras support
  • Added possibility to add date / time overlay over recorded videos using the advanced settings editor

Changes for v3.92.799 Beta - v3.93.335 Beta

  • in this version, all the input sources are directshow devices including IP cameras, screen capture and stream from file. it's now possible to broadcast in ASF and record locally using any installed codec and with all kind of sources.
  • it also introduces the support for mpeg4 cameras which still has to be tested and improved.

Changes for v3.72 - v3.92 Beta

  • new version 100% directshow including IP cameras, Screen Capture, Stream from file which allows each type of source to be broadcasted in ASF and recorded using any installed codec.

Changes for 2007 v3.07 - 2007 v3.60

  • Supports ASF streaming as input and output source
  • Supports loading external WM9 Profiles (.prx)
  • Directshow filter for adding time/date stamp (even if ASF/recording mode)

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