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TorrentReactor purchases, renames town

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Aug 2010 14:28 User comments (8)

TorrentReactor purchases, renames town TorrentReactor, one of the most popular torrent trackers on the Web, has purchased a small town in Russia and renamed it "TorrentReactor."
The site purchased the small town of Gar for $148,000 USD (4.5 million rubles).

TorrentReactor founder Alex confirmed the purchase to TF.

Gar was founded in 1958 by Russian Orthodox Church zealots and currently only has 215 inhabitants. Most are farmers.

Thanks to the purchase by the torrent site, the people of Gar will now get Internet, although there are only three computers in the whole town, with one connected to the Internet via dial-up.

"Most of it will be split among villagers and the rest will be used to re-equip the local school, repair roads, purchase agricultural equipment and machinery. Also company decided to pay for broadband Internet connection in the settlement which will result in about 900,000 rubles ($30,000) because there are no networks nearby," says Alex of TorrentReactor.

The move may seem like a marketing campaign for the site, but Alex says the TR team is trying to be humanitarians: "We realize its just a drop in the ocean comparing to the amount of money needed to help thousands of other villages. But we at least do something to support complete strangers. We are proud that we are able to do so and hope we will be proud of this in the future."

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8 user comments

18.8.2010 15:50

Good jobs guys.You don't see those tools at RIAA or MPAA buying so much as a lollipop for a starving kid. I'm glad I use torrent reactor at least i know I helped contribute to this by enduring their annoying ads

28.8.2010 16:03

This will shed a great light upon torrent communities everywhere, and leave the so-called "anti-piracy" scumbags (like RIAA and MPAA^^)scavaging for some more attention in the dark.

Fantastic :)

38.8.2010 16:47

and what does Bono do? he claps when a child in Africa dies

48.8.2010 19:53

How great, more Russian internet users.

Great move on their part, makes me want to begin using their site. In fact I think I will.

510.8.2010 4:29

Hmmm...first google, now TR...I wonder what search engine will have a city named after them next...

610.8.2010 7:51

yahoo!? I can see it now, the Sports cheers... The Mascot Uniform... The Jokes made by the neighboring towns....

710.8.2010 10:25

1) Buy small Russian town.
2) Set up infrastructure, including communications lines.
3) Install new servers.
4) ??????

814.8.2010 6:06

Originally posted by Trav357:
1) Buy small Russian town.
2) Set up infrastructure, including communications lines.
3) Install new servers.
4) ??????

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