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WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.8.3

Win2k / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
WinMPG Video Convert is a complete solution for video file conversion. It supports conversion between following formats: AVI to Mpeg1, AVI to Mpeg2, AVI to DVD, AVI to VCD, AVI to SVCD, all media file to DivX, and all to AVI.


WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.2

avi to mpeg avi to vcd avi to dvd mov converter avi to divx convert avi mpeg avi converter

License type Adware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 18 May 2013
Downloads 24,803
File size 12.14 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Win2k / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

18 May 2013WinMPG Video Convert v9.3.5(Latest stable version)
30 Mar 2013WinMPG Video Convert v9.3.4
03 Dec 2012WinMPG Video Convert v9.3.3
17 Sep 2012WinMPG Video Convert v9.3.2
02 Jan 2012WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.9
24 Nov 2011WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.7
18 Oct 2011WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.6
15 Sep 2011WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.5
30 May 2011WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.4
07 Apr 2011WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.3
23 Feb 2011WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.2
27 Jan 2011WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.1
30 Dec 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.2.0
30 Nov 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.9
16 Nov 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.8
09 Oct 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.7
05 Sep 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.6
12 Jul 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.5
09 Jun 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.4
20 May 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.3
04 Apr 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.2
07 Feb 2010WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.1
25 Dec 2009WinMPG Video Convert v9.0
24 Nov 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.8.3
27 Oct 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.8.2
18 Sep 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.8
27 Aug 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.7
21 Jul 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.6
02 Jul 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.5
12 Jun 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.4
21 May 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.3
08 May 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.2
14 Apr 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.1
24 Mar 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.9
25 Feb 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.8
17 Jan 2009WinMPG Video Convert v8.7
23 Dec 2008WinMPG Video Convert v8.6
09 Dec 2008WinMPG Video Convert v8.5
27 Nov 2008WinMPG Video Convert v8.4
06 Nov 2008WinMPG Video Convert v8.3
29 Oct 2008WinMPG Video Convert v8.1
28 Sep 2008WinMPG Video Convert v8.0
11 Aug 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.8.0
16 Jul 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.7.0
19 Jun 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.6.0
29 May 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.5.0
07 May 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.4.0
18 Apr 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.3.0
10 Apr 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.2.0
24 Mar 2008WinMPG Video Convert v7.1.0
23 Jan 2008WinMPG Video Convert v6.9.1
28 Nov 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.9
14 Nov 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.8.0.4
09 Oct 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.8.0.3
29 Aug 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.8
23 May 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.7
22 Apr 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.6.4
13 Feb 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.6.3
11 Jan 2007WinMPG Video Convert v6.6.2
03 Nov 2006WinMPG Video Convert v6.6.1
28 Oct 2006WinMPG Video Convert v6.6.0
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Unverified new user
WinMPG Video Convert v9.1.5

This is all I know, in similar software, the fastest video conversion software. And there was such good quality conversion, the use is also very simple!

28 Jul 2010
WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.8

ihan turha softa koska keskelle ruutua jää typerä vesileima eikä tällä editoituja videoita kato erkkikään,ei näin

WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.8

It appears that you have to select each file on a DVD individually to convert. I didn't find an option to convert the entire DVD. To test I selected one file of the DVD. The software stopped working. I closed the program and started over. The software stopped working. I went to the online help and followed their directions. The software stopped working. I uninstalled the software. I will continue using Im TOO DVD software with all its imperfections. They have good tech support. But I'm still open to suggestions for a better conversion from DVD to divX software.

WinMPG Video Convert v8.9.5

Perfect video convert, I have used it two years. Thanks!

WinMPG Video Convert v7.6.0

Results with the faster CPU AMD Athlon 64 x2 6400+ (3.2 GHz), motherboard GA-M61P-S3 BIOS F6, Windows XP, see 13-July-08 tests. All other things similar (not same). This mb and RAM runs dual core at full speed. Conversion time was 3:40 minutes for 105.7 MB MPEG-2 file to DivX ca. 30 MB, "normal" quality. <br/> <br/>It is relative to physical clock speeds 3.2 GHz for 6400+ and 1.8 GHz for Sempron 3200+. It run mainly on one core, the other core did something small, but did not shorten processing time, so no benefit of dual-core. WinMPG speed is CPU bound even when using normal 7200 rpm hard disks and it could covert faster if using both cores. Anyway, good software and now converting faster than playing (3:40 minutes vs. 6:56 minutes).