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Q-Dir v8.18

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Q-Dir is a freeware file management tool.

It can be used as an alternative to the Windows Explorer file manager that we are all familiar with. Q-Dir will add some extra features and advanced functionality to your work with files and folders on your hard drives.

It features a relatively simple quad-pane user interface, making it easy to work with multiple files and to carry out simple operations such as file copying. It still retains the context menus that are available in Explorer.

Folders can be opened in tabs, just like with Web Browsers.

Q-Dir will work on any version of Windows up to Windows 8.

This is the 32-bit version of Q-Dir. If you need a 64-bit version, then check here.


Q-Dir v5.11 Q-Dir v5.11 Q-Dir v5.11

q-dir file managers windows explorer

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 11 Aug 2020
Downloads 11,547
File size 27.88 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

11 Aug 2020Q-Dir v8.69(Latest stable version)
29 Jul 2020Q-Dir v8.66
10 Jul 2020Q-Dir v8.55
20 May 2020Q-Dir v8.25
12 May 2020Q-Dir v8.18
25 Apr 2020Q-Dir v8.11
27 Jan 2020Q-Dir v8.01
20 Dec 2019Q-Dir v7.99
10 Dec 2019Q-Dir v7.98
27 Nov 2019Q-Dir v7.96
08 Nov 2019Q-Dir v7.94
05 Nov 2019Q-Dir v7.93
21 Oct 2019Q-Dir v7.89
01 Oct 2019Q-Dir v7.85
26 Sep 2019Q-Dir v7.84
21 Sep 2019Q-Dir v7.83
14 Sep 2019Q-Dir v7.82
02 Sep 2019Q-Dir v7.77
27 Aug 2019Q-Dir v7.76
21 Aug 2019Q-Dir v7.75
16 Aug 2019Q-Dir v7.74
05 Aug 2019Q-Dir v7.73
21 Jul 2019Q-Dir v7.68
02 Jul 2019Q-Dir v7.65
27 Jun 2019Q-Dir v7.64
14 Jun 2019Q-Dir v7.58
11 May 2019Q-Dir v7.52
27 Apr 2019Q-Dir v7.51
12 Mar 2019Q-Dir v7.47
06 Mar 2019Q-Dir v7.46
18 Feb 2019Q-Dir v7.44
05 Feb 2019Q-Dir v7.43
13 Jan 2019Q-Dir v7.36
28 Dec 2018Q-Dir v7.35
24 Dec 2018Q-Dir v7.34
18 Dec 2018Q-Dir v7.33
13 Dec 2018Q-Dir v7.31
03 Dec 2018Q-Dir v7.29
10 Oct 2018Q-Dir v7.22
25 Sep 2018Q-Dir v7.21
16 Sep 2018Q-Dir v7.17
03 Sep 2018Q-Dir v7.13
28 Jun 2018Q-Dir v7.08
24 Jun 2018Q-Dir v7.07
16 May 2018Q-Dir v7.03
10 May 2018Q-Dir v7.02
29 Apr 2018Q-Dir v7.01
16 Apr 2018Q-Dir v6.99
29 Mar 2018Q-Dir v6.98.1
28 Mar 2018Q-Dir v6.98
15 Mar 2018Q-Dir v6.96
02 Mar 2018Q-Dir v6.91
28 Feb 2018Q-Dir v6.89
24 Dec 2017Q-Dir v6.82
14 Dec 2017Q-Dir v6.79
03 Dec 2017Q-Dir v6.78
26 Nov 2017Q-Dir v6.77
14 Nov 2017Q-Dir v6.74
31 Oct 2017Q-Dir v6.73
30 Sep 2017Q-Dir v6.71
14 Sep 2017Q-Dir v6.69.1
02 Sep 2017Q-Dir v6.67.1
19 Aug 2017Q-Dir v6.67
07 Aug 2017Q-Dir v6.66
24 Jul 2017Q-Dir v6.62
21 Jul 2017Q-Dir v6.61
30 Jun 2017Q-Dir v6.58
27 May 2017Q-Dir v6.57
17 May 2017Q-Dir v6.56
16 Apr 2017Q-Dir v6.51
16 Feb 2017Q-Dir v6.49.5
27 Jan 2017Q-Dir v6.49.1
21 Jan 2017Q-Dir v6.48.4
08 Jan 2017Q-Dir v6.48
03 Dec 2016Q-Dir v6.46
06 Nov 2016Q-Dir v6.42
29 Sep 2016Q-Dir v6.39
10 Sep 2016Q-Dir v6.38
10 Jul 2016Q-Dir v6.37
24 Jun 2016Q-Dir v6.36
07 May 2016Q-Dir v6.35
22 Apr 2016Q-Dir v6.34
30 Mar 2016Q-Dir v6.32
07 Mar 2016Q-Dir v6.28
02 Mar 2016Q-Dir v6.27
29 Feb 2016Q-Dir v6.26
19 Feb 2016Q-Dir v6.24
07 Jan 2016Q-Dir v6.23
04 Dec 2015Q-Dir v6.22
27 Oct 2015Q-Dir v6.19
22 Oct 2015Q-Dir v6.18
17 Oct 2015Q-Dir v6.17
16 Sep 2015Q-Dir v6.16
31 Aug 2015Q-Dir v6.15
31 Jul 2015Q-Dir v6.14
21 Jun 2015Q-Dir v6.12
08 May 2015Q-Dir v6.11
24 Mar 2015Q-Dir v6.10
17 Feb 2015Q-Dir v6.09
02 Feb 2015Q-Dir v6.08
27 Jan 2015Q-Dir v6.07
24 Jan 2015Q-Dir v6.06
31 Dec 2014Q-Dir v6.05
25 Dec 2014Q-Dir v6.04
23 Dec 2014Q-Dir v6.03
15 Nov 2014Q-Dir v6.02
06 Nov 2014Q-Dir v6.01
18 Oct 2014Q-Dir v6.00
09 Oct 2014Q-Dir v5.99.9
14 Sep 2014Q-Dir v5.99.7
15 Aug 2014Q-Dir v5.99.6
05 Aug 2014Q-Dir v5.99.5
27 Jul 2014Q-Dir v5.99.4
23 Jul 2014Q-Dir v5.99.3
11 Jul 2014Q-Dir v5.99.2
04 Jul 2014Q-Dir v5.99.1
23 Jun 2014Q-Dir v5.98.9
20 Jun 2014Q-Dir v5.98.8
12 Jun 2014Q-Dir v5.98.7
07 Jun 2014Q-Dir v5.98.5
27 May 2014Q-Dir v5.98.4
14 May 2014Q-Dir v5.98.2
07 May 2014Q-Dir v5.98.1
07 May 2014Q-Dir v5.98
29 Apr 2014Q-Dir v5.97.9
21 Apr 2014Q-Dir v5.97.6
20 Jan 2014Q-Dir v5.91
11 Jan 2014Q-Dir v5.89
30 Dec 2013Q-Dir v5.88
25 Dec 2013Q-Dir v5.87
17 Dec 2013Q-Dir v5.86
13 Dec 2013Q-Dir v5.85
09 Dec 2013Q-Dir v5.84
05 Dec 2013Q-Dir v5.83
02 Dec 2013Q-Dir v5.82
27 Nov 2013Q-Dir v5.81
20 Nov 2013Q-Dir v5.79
13 Nov 2013Q-Dir v5.78
09 Nov 2013Q-Dir v5.77
27 Oct 2013Q-Dir v5.76
22 Oct 2013Q-Dir v5.75
16 Oct 2013Q-Dir v5.74
05 Oct 2013Q-Dir v5.73
22 Sep 2013Q-Dir v5.72
15 Sep 2013Q-Dir v5.71
06 Sep 2013Q-Dir v5.70
02 Sep 2013Q-Dir v5.69
28 Aug 2013Q-Dir v5.68
24 Aug 2013Q-Dir v5.67
16 Aug 2013Q-Dir v5.66
12 Aug 2013Q-Dir v5.65
03 Aug 2013Q-Dir v5.64
22 Jul 2013Q-Dir v5.63
22 Jul 2013Q-Dir v5.62
19 Jun 2013Q-Dir v5.60
05 Jun 2013Q-Dir v5.58
09 May 2013Q-Dir v5.57
03 May 2013Q-Dir v5.56
29 Apr 2013Q-Dir v5.55
20 Apr 2013Q-Dir v5.53
30 Mar 2013Q-Dir v5.52
24 Mar 2013Q-Dir v5.51
07 Mar 2013Q-Dir v5.50
07 Feb 2013Q-Dir v5.49
03 Feb 2013Q-Dir v5.48
21 Jan 2013Q-Dir v5.47
12 Jan 2013Q-Dir v5.46
16 Dec 2012Q-Dir v5.45
06 Dec 2012Q-Dir v5.44
19 Nov 2012Q-Dir v5.42
05 Nov 2012Q-Dir v5.41
13 Oct 2012Q-Dir v5.39
06 Oct 2012Q-Dir v5.38
29 Sep 2012Q-Dir v5.37
16 Sep 2012Q-Dir v5.36
13 Sep 2012Q-Dir v5.35
04 Sep 2012Q-Dir v5.34
25 Aug 2012Q-Dir v5.33
20 Aug 2012Q-Dir v5.31
17 Aug 2012Q-Dir v5.30
23 May 2012Q-Dir v5.11
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