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SUMo Lite v4.3.13.316

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
SUMo (Software Update Monitor) can detect if any of the used applications have updates available.

With SUMo you'll be able to keep your PC up-to-date with the most recent vesion of your favorite software. Once a update is available SUMo will inform you, normally even before you even open the software itself.


SUMo Lite v5.5.7.388

sumo lite software update monitor detect upgrade

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 12 Aug 2020
Downloads 11,663
File size 1.51 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

12 Aug 2020SUMo Lite v5.11.2.461(Latest stable version)
15 Jun 2020SUMo Lite v5.11.1.460
24 May 2020SUMo Lite v5.10.18.457
10 May 2020SUMo Lite v5.10.17.456
25 Apr 2020SUMo Lite v5.10.15.453
20 Mar 2020SUMo Lite v5.10.11.447
24 Feb 2020SUMo Lite v5.10.9.445
30 Dec 2019SUMo Lite v5.10.6.441
21 Dec 2019SUMo Lite v5.10.5.440
20 Dec 2019SUMo Lite v5.10.4.439
09 Nov 2019SUMo Lite v5.10.2.437
08 Nov 2019SUMo Lite v5.10.1.436
22 Sep 2019SUMo Lite v5.9.9.432
14 Sep 2019SUMo Lite v5.9.8.431
16 Aug 2019SUMo Lite v5.9.6.426
03 Aug 2019SUMo Lite v5.9.5.425
06 May 2019SUMo Lite v5.9.0.420
06 Feb 2019SUMo Lite v5.8.12.415
09 Jan 2019SUMo Lite v5.8.10.412
10 Oct 2018SUMo Lite v5.8.2.404
30 Sep 2018SUMo Lite v5.8.1.403
11 Sep 2018SUMo Lite v5.8.0.402
30 Aug 2018SUMo Lite v5.7.4.401
19 Aug 2018SUMo Lite v5.7.3.400
16 Aug 2018SUMo Lite v5.7.2.399
07 Aug 2018SUMo Lite v5.7.1.398
26 Jun 2018SUMo Lite v5.7.0.397
26 May 2018SUMo Lite v5.6.6.395
11 May 2018SUMo Lite v5.6.5.394
29 Apr 2018SUMo Lite v5.6.4.393
05 Apr 2018SUMo Lite v5.6.1.390
31 Mar 2018SUMo Lite v5.6.0.389
17 Mar 2018SUMo Lite v5.5.7.388
18 Feb 2018SUMo Lite v5.5.4.385
07 Feb 2018SUMo Lite v5.5.3.384
20 Jan 2018SUMo Lite v5.5.1.382
07 Jan 2018SUMo Lite v5.5.0.381
17 Dec 2017SUMo Lite v5.4.3.379
25 Nov 2017SUMo Lite v5.4.1.377
03 Nov 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.9.373
15 Oct 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.8.371
01 Oct 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.7.370
25 Sep 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.6.369
14 Sep 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.5.368
02 Sep 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.4.367
06 Aug 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.2.365
28 Jul 2017SUMo Lite v5.3.1.364
09 Jul 2017SUMo Lite v5.2.6.362
11 Jun 2017SUMo Lite v5.2.5.361
04 Jun 2017SUMo Lite v5.2.4.360
30 Apr 2017SUMo Lite v5.2.1.357
24 Apr 2017SUMo Lite v5.2.0.356
18 Mar 2017SUMo Lite v5.1.4.354
17 Feb 2017SUMo Lite v5.1.2.352
27 Jan 2017SUMo Lite v5.1.1.351
21 Jan 2017SUMo Lite v5.1.0.349
08 Jan 2017SUMo Lite v5.0.12.348
17 Dec 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.10.343
27 Nov 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.9.342
07 Nov 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.7.339
05 Nov 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.6.338
26 Oct 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.5.337
20 Oct 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.4.336
15 Oct 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.3.335
04 Oct 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.2.334
28 Sep 2016SUMo Lite v5.0.1.333
23 Aug 2016SUMo Lite v4.5.0.325
03 Aug 2016SUMo Lite v4.4.4.323
28 Jul 2016SUMo Lite v4.4.3.322
10 Jul 2016SUMo Lite v4.4.2.321
19 Jun 2016SUMo Lite v4.4.1.319
13 Jun 2016SUMo Lite v4.4.0.318
12 May 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.13.316
05 May 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.11.313
24 Apr 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.10.312
02 Apr 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.6.308
29 Feb 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.4.306
08 Feb 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.3.305
01 Feb 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.2.304
24 Jan 2016SUMo Lite v4.3.1.303
07 Jan 2016SUMo Lite v4.2.7.300
02 Jan 2016SUMo Lite v4.2.6.299
13 Dec 2015SUMo Lite v4.2.3.296
19 Oct 2015SUMo Lite v4.1.6.287
01 Oct 2015SUMo Lite v4.1.4.284
30 Sep 2015SUMo Lite v4.1.3.283
19 Sep 2015SUMo Lite v4.1.2.281
13 Sep 2015SUMo Lite v4.1.1.280
31 Aug 2015SUMo Lite v4.1.0.279
19 Aug 2015SUMo Lite v4.0.7.278
17 Aug 2015SUMo Lite v4.0.6.277
09 Aug 2015SUMo Lite v4.0.5.273
01 Aug 2015SUMo Lite v4.0.4.272
21 Jun 2015SUMo Lite v3.14.0.266
24 May 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.9.264
16 May 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.8.262
27 Apr 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.7.261
02 Apr 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.6.260
21 Mar 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.5.259
15 Mar 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.4.258
11 Mar 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.3.257
02 Mar 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.2.256
26 Jan 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.1.255
03 Jan 2015SUMo Lite v3.13.0.254
29 Dec 2014SUMo Lite v3.12.1.253
23 Dec 2014SUMo Lite v3.12.0.252
07 Dec 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.8.251
16 Nov 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.7.250
09 Nov 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.6.249
01 Nov 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.5.248
19 Oct 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.4.247
09 Oct 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.3.246
29 Sep 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.2.245
09 Sep 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.1.244
29 Aug 2014SUMo Lite v3.11.0.243
19 Aug 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.14.242
11 Aug 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.13.241
12 Jul 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.12.240
29 Jun 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.11.238
23 Jun 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.10.237
09 Jun 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.9.236
02 May 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.8.235
23 Mar 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.7.234
23 Feb 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.5.231
10 Feb 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.4.229
26 Jan 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.3.228
04 Jan 2014SUMo Lite v3.10.2.227
31 Dec 2013SUMo Lite v3.10.1.226
28 Dec 2013SUMo Lite v3.10.0.222
20 Dec 2013SUMo Lite v3.9.4.221
06 Dec 2013SUMo Lite v3.9.3.220
24 Nov 2013SUMo Lite v3.9.2.219
15 Nov 2013SUMo Lite v3.9.1.218
09 Nov 2013SUMo Lite v3.9.0.217
04 Nov 2013SUMo Lite v3.8.6.216
27 Oct 2013SUMo Lite v3.8.5.215
11 Oct 2013SUMo Lite v3.8.4.214
28 Sep 2013SUMo Lite v3.8.3.213
21 Sep 2013SUMo Lite v3.8.2.212
14 Sep 2013SUMo Lite v3.8.1.211
10 Sep 2013SUMo Lite v3.8.0.210
25 Aug 2013SUMo Lite v3.7.6.209
11 Aug 2013SUMo Lite v3.7.5.208
07 Aug 2013SUMo Lite v3.7.4.207
27 Jul 2013SUMo Lite v3.7.3.206
13 Jul 2013SUMo Lite v3.7.2.205
08 Jul 2013SUMo Lite v3.7.1.204
09 Jun 2013SUMo Lite v3.7.0.203
27 May 2013SUMo Lite v3.6.1.202
14 May 2013SUMo Lite v3.6.0.200
04 Mar 2013SUMo Lite v3.5.3.196
18 Feb 2013SUMo Lite v3.5.2.195
22 Jan 2013SUMo Lite v3.5.1.194
13 Jan 2013SUMo Lite v3.5.0.193
05 Jan 2013SUMo Lite v3.4.17.192
31 Dec 2012SUMo Lite v3.4.16.191
25 Nov 2012SUMo Lite v3.4.12.187
27 Oct 2012SUMo Lite v3.4.9.184
09 Sep 2012SUMo Lite v3.4.7.180
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