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Version history for Xleaner

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Changes for v4.27.1354 - v4.28.1368

  • + Added support for Firefox 19
  • + Added support for Google Chrome 25
  • # Optimized support for Opera 12.14
  • # Optimized function for downloading Add-ons for Xleaner
  • + Added our new App "DDownloads" (Windows App Store) to the Xleaner Add-ons Section
  • # Optimized cleaning for "uTorrent"
  • # Updated Copyright Infos
  • # Numerous Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.25.1306 - v4.27.1354

  • Optimized Storage of User/Configuration files. Both the Setup variant as well as the Portable Version leaves no traces in the System and Registry (only one Startup Key if Autostart is enabled).
  • Changed Default Theme to "Windows"
  • Fixed critical bug in the command line parameters (Cleanup Routine was not always triggered)
  • Fixed critical bug when adding Custom File Masks by "Enter"
  • Optimized UI and Language Output of Numerous dialogs
  • Added cleaning for Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft.NET Cache, SUMo
  • Optimized cleaning for Google Update
  • Removed Support for "xl_ban.dat"
  • Optimized Revision control
  • Optimized UI of Widget
  • Optimized Plug-in Info Feature
  • Optimized Backup/Export of Configuration files
  • Optimized Xleaner Logo in the "About" window
  • Numerous internal Code Optimizations
  • Updated License Agreement
  • Optimized Setup
  • Optimized umes.exe
  • Homepage link in the UI refer to
  • Numerous Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.25.1306 - v4.27.1353

  • Update Priority: HIGH
  • Optimized Feature | + New feature | - Removed Feature
  • Optimized Storage of User/Configuration files. Both the Setup variant as well as the Portable Version leaves no traces in the System and Registry (only one Startup Key if Autost...

Changes for v4.25.1300 - v4.25.1306

  • # Drive Info optimized and embedded in the log window of the main form (appears after each pass of Xleaner)
  • + Function to perform in-depth scan and new riders to add custom commands (commands of the Windows command prompt can now automate)
  • # Cleanup the Opera browser optimized caches
  • # Critical bug in defining Custom folder / files fixed (file names with certain characters were not accepted and could not be deleted)
  • - "Show Shared memory in seperate window" option removed (Embedded display after each cleanup)
  • # Storage of custom places in the different configuration files (xl_folders.dat, xl_fkeys.dat, xl_ftypes.dat) optimized
  • + Added cleaning for Windows MUI cache
  • # Optimized cleanup of Windows Defender, SnagIt 10/11, MS Access 2007
  • # Automatic search of useless files (tab "deep scan"), some new "junk" definitions fed
  • # Small bug in the Windows Recycle Bin emptying resolved
  • # Source code by about 30 KB "lean" optimized
  • # Numerous minor UI improvements made
  • # Minor bugs fixed

Changes for v4.24.1260 - v4.25.1300

  • - Optimized Disk Size Info and embedded into the Main form/UI of Xleaner
  • - Added function and new tab do Define Custom Commands with Command Prompt (Windows command-line interpreter)
  • - Optimized cleaning of the Opera Browser Cache
  • - Fixed critical bug in the Definition of Custom Folders/Files (file names with certain characters were not accepted and could not be deleted)
  • - Removed Option "Show Recovered Space in separate Window"
  • - Optimized storage of the Custom places in the different configuration files (xl_folders.dat, xl_fkeys.dat, xl_ftypes.dat)

Changes for v4.24.1254 - v4.24.1260

  • Updated Resources server (Added Resource: Extensions Download). Extensions may now be outsourced to another server. The "UMES.exe - Update my Extensions Signature" was removed from the Standard Portable. You'll find it still in the Extensions

Changes for v4.23.1230 - v4.24.1254

Changes for v4.23.1213 - v4.23.1230

Changes for v4.22.1190 - v4.23.1213

  • Added support for Internet Explorer 10 (Pre-Release)
  • Added support for Google Chrome 23
  • Fixed critical Resize bug which could cause a crash of Xleaner (Resizing the UI will now be prevented if the minimum size is reached)
  • Fixed critical Resize bug in the Option "Start program without Log window)
  • Optimized Font Type in the Tabs and Frames of the Cleaning Jobs Management. (Standard now is "Verdana")
  • Optimized Language file output
  • Optimized display of the Disk Size Info window (centered display)
  • Minor Icon improvements
  • Numerous internal optimizations
  • Minor UI optimizations
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.22.1185 - v4.22.1190

  • With Build 1190 now you can directly view the Cleaning Protocol after each pass of Xleaner in the Disk Size Info window.

Changes for v4.22.1182 - v4.22.1185

  • Build 1185 fixes a small Disk Size Info bug (Data Unit/Volume was not always displayed) and brings some UI Improvements

Changes for v4.17.1027 - v4.22.1182

  • Optimized support for Opera 12.10
  • Added new Autostart Option (to create a startup key you can choose between HKLM or HKCU)
  • Added new "Background" Button in the Disk Size Info function
  • Improved UI of Disk Size Info window (added Resize function and storing of the window size- and position)
  • Added support for Macromedia Shockwave
  • Optimized Explorerbar menu effects (disabled Hover property)
  • Numerous internal optimizations
  • Minor UI optimizations
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.16.1006 - v4.17.1027

  • Revised "Cleaning Job Management" menu completely (Added new Explorebar menu, Moved tab Orientation form the bottom to the top area, Optimized Size and Position of the Controls)
  • Improved Custom tab in the "Cleaning Job Management" menu
  • Added new Option "Auto search and add useless Junk Folders" to the Custom tab > Folde
  • rs (Currently finds more Crap folders of Firefox, Opera and Chrome)
  • Added new Option "Auto search and add useless Junk Files" to the Custom tab > Files (Currently finds more Crap files of Firefox)
  • Added cleaning for Mozilla Firefox Maintenance Service Logs
  • Improved support for Google Update
  • Added Keyboard Shortcut to for the Configuration of Browser Profiles (IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
  • Revised "Exit" function
  • Updated German & English language file
  • Several UI optimizations
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.16.1002 - v4.16.1006

  • Build 1006 optimizes again the Exit function, the aut. Update Download function and the Setup file

Changes for v4.16.1000 - v4.16.1002

  • fixes critical bug when Terminating Xleaner (If Windows has been shut down and/or Rebooted the Xleaner instance was indeed shut down properly, the last active form size and position of Xleaner however was NOT recovered and was reduced to the minimal)

Changes for v4.15.965 - v4.16.1000

  • Optimized Main form (Stores last active tab)
  • Optimized Resize feature in Main form > Task Window (Stores also the Position of the Columnheader "Task" and "Status")
  • Optimized Extension Manager (Stores also the last active category)
  • Fixed critical UI bug (When minimizing and restoring Xleaner into/out of the Systray the Explorerbar menu pop out in width and hides the Scrollbar)
  • Added "Explorer" menu to UI
  • Added cleaning for Font Cache, Microsoft Silverlight, NetworkService History, NetworkService Cookies, NetworkService Temporary Internet Files, NetworkService Temps, Windows Mail, Windows Compatibility Assistant, Windows Live Messenger Logs
  • # Improved support for Ahead Nero Burning Rom 10, Adobe Acrobat Reader 10, Sun Java, Windows Live Messenger
  • Improved UI of the Community form
  • Revised "Exit" function
  • Added new menu "Open Recycle Bin" (under Tools)
  • Added Keyboard Shortcut to "Show Explorerbar menu"
  • Added Keyboard Shortcut to "Open and edit this Plug-in"
  • Added Keyboard Shortcut to "Create and add new Plug-in"
  • Updated Safety Control modules
  • Updated German & English language file
  • Several UI optimizations
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.14.944 - v4.15.965

  • Improved Mozilla Firefox Cache cleaning (Cleans also startupcache.4.little)
  • Improved Google Chrome Cache cleaning (Cleans also the Media Cache and Journal files)
  • Optimized Resize feature of the "Cleaning Job Management" (especially the Controls of the Custom tab)
  • Optimized Resize feature of the "
  • Starter" form (Saves also the Window Position and Size)
  • Added cleaning for Mozilla Firefox Recovered File Fragments, Google Update, LocalService Cookies, LocalService History, LocalService Temporary Files, IETldCache, Windows System Profile
  • Improved support for Internet Explorer More
  • Removed Facebook Share Button from Info form
  • Updated German & English language file
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.13.916 - v4.14.944

  • Added full support for Windows 8
  • Added support for Firefox 16 Beta
  • Added support for Opera 12.02 latest Final and 12.50 Alpha
  • Added support for Google Chrome 22 Beta
  • Optimized UI of Starter (News, Community, Translator, License, Tips, Change Configuration) form (Added Resize feature etc.)
  • Optimized UI of Plug-in and Add-on form (Added Resize feature etc.)
  • Improved English and German language file
  • Resources Server updated
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.13.910 - v4.13.916

  • Build 916 updates the Resources Server due Upgrade of our Website

Changes for v4.13.890 - v4.13.910

  • Build 910 fixes a critical Runtime Error and brings several UI optimizations

Changes for v4.13.883 - v4.13.890

  • Build 890 fixes some critical bugs in the "Optimization of the Configuration" and brings some UI improvements in the Cleaning Job Management menu

Changes for v4.12.866 - v4.13.883

Changes for v4.12.860 - v4.12.866

  • fixes minor stability problems

Changes for v4.10.808 - v4.12.860

  • Build 860 optimizes Log Output, Community tab& functions and several UI Improvements

Changes for v4.10.800 - v4.10.808

  • Addes support for Opera Next 12 RC
  • Added support for Mozilla Firefox 14 Beta
  • Added support for Google Chrome 21.0 Dev
  • Optimized UI of the Control Buttons
  • Optimized cleaning for Opera Cookies
  • Added Option "Show News at Startup of Xleaner"
  • Added cleaning for (17 New Plug-ins) DVD Shrink, DVDx, Eudora Mail, Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, Evernote Logs & Updates, GetRight, Glary Utilities (Backups), Go!Zilla, Google Deskbar, Google Desktop, Google Picasa 3, Google Talk, Google Toolbar 6.0, GSpot, iMesh, ImgBurn, IrfanView
  • Optimized Backup of Configuration files
  • Optimized RegOCX
  • Minor UI Optimizations
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.08 Build 743 - v4.09.780

  • Fixed critical bug in the option "Purge the system on program start"
  • Optimized & embedded UI of the "More to configure" and "Show Sidebar Menus" form

Changes for v4.08 Build 707 - v4.08 Build 743

  • Optimized Widget and several Plug-ins

Changes for v4.07 Build 652 - v4.08 Build 707

  • Added support for Google Chrome Beta 20.0
  • Added function that stores the window position and size of Xleaner
  • Optimized Backup and Reset function
  • Added Submenus and Shortcuts to the menus "Manage Cleaning Jobs" and "Options" for faster Navigation
  • Added menu "Module" to the "File" menu
  • Added "ESC" shortcut to the "Manage Cleaning Jobs/Options" menu
  • Added cleaning for ATI & AMD Graphics Card Driver Install Logs, ATI & AMD Graphics Driver Install Files, ATI Installation Logs, ATI Technologies Log, AVG Anti-Spyware, AVG Security ToolBar, Avira AntiVir Desktop, Avira AntiVir Personal, Avira Rootkit De
  • Added Routine that check whether other System Cleaners are installed on the User's system and makes recommendations regarding the parallel use with Xleaner
  • Added confirmation prompt when optimizing the program settings
  • Minor UI bugs fixed
  • Minor internal improvements made

Changes for v4.07 Build 650 - v4.07 Build 652

  • Build fixes Run time Error 0 which caused a crash of Xleaner, as long as the option "Purge system on program end" was enabled

Changes for v4.07 Build 647 - v4.07 Build 650

  • Build fixes critical Resize bug, which caused in certain form proportions to a crash of Xleaner

Changes for v4.06 Build 616 - v4.07 Build 647

  • Optimized UI of Application and Extension form
  • Revised Plug-in Search function completely (Integrated in the Application form. Provides full-text search function by Search and Search Next button and return key
  • Removed Plug-in Live Search form
  • Optimized changing (Download/Update) of Language files
  • Added cleaning for 7-Zip, 32Bit Web Browser, abelhadigital HostsMan, AbsoluteFTP Client, Ace HTML 5, Acoustica CD Label Maker, Acresso InstallShield Windows Installer, AddSoft, AddWeb3, Adobe Acrobat Cache, Adobe Acrobat Distiller 10, Adobe Air, Adobe B
  • Optimized cleaning for Corel Paint Shop Pro / X2 Ultimate, Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3
  • Optimized License integration
  • Updated license agreement (the change is primarily for using Xleaner exclusively for private purposes, for commercial user the Development MUST be supported via any Amount of Donation)
  • Integrated prompt when deleting Plug-ins
  • Updated Changelog Server (Added
  • Added Hungarian Language file (Special thanks to Zsolt Brechler - -)
  • Optimized English Language file (Special thanks to Zsolt Brechler)Several minor improvements made

Changes for v4.04 Build 447 - v4.05 Build 516

  • Added support for Mozilla Firefox from v11.0 Final up to v14.0 Alpha 1 (Nightly)
  • Added support for Google Chrome v19 Alpha
  • Added cleaning for Mozilla Firefox Dump Files, Mozilla Firefox Install, Mozilla Firefox Aurora Updates, Mozilla Firefox Nightly Updates, Mozilla Thunderbird Install, Mozilla Thunderbird Profile Cache, Mozilla Thunderbird Update, Mozilla Mail
  • Added Menu to Create System Restore Points (under Tools)
  • Optimized UI of the Cleaner form (here the Log Window Buttons)
  • Improved Display of the Luna Theme for Windows 7
  • Updated RegOCX .EXE (for registering components of the Xleaner Runtime Environment)
  • Optimized Browser directories Configuration
  • Optimized Statusbar
  • Several minor UI improvements made

Changes for v4.03 Build 243 - v4.04 Build 475

  • Complete UI Redesign
  • Feature Comparison to the current Design
  • lightweight
  • faster (initialization)
  • clearly arranged
  • dynamic size adjustment
  • uses less resources (about 1,5 MB)
  • it automatically adjusts to the design of windows (using Windows UxTheme.dll)
  • better look

Changes for v4.02 Build 230 - v4.03 Build 243

  • Optimized Cleanung Job Management and other UI Improvements

Changes for v4.02 - v4.02 Build 230

  • Optimized Cleanung Job Management and other UI Improvements

Changes for v4.01.0062 - v4.02

  • Added support for Chrome 18 beta
  • Added Right-click menus for adding custom folders, files, registry keys and file masks in the cleaner tab> Task Window
  • Added cleaning for Adobe Reader 10.0 Setup Files, WinWAP, WinPatrol, WinMerge, WinISO, WinImp, Windswept, Wirecast, Wordweb, Xsplit, Xplore2, XFire, Windows Repair Setup, Windows Panther, Windows Session Manager, Windows Size Location Manager, Windows T
  • Improved cleaning for Adobe Acrobat Reader, SnagIt 10, WinZip, WinRAR
  • Updated the Extensions Process Manager, FreeMEM and Uninstaller to v1.1.0.5
  • Fixed buf when opening the Application Menu "Create and add new PlugIn" (If a different PlugIn Editor and not the Windows internal Notepad was entered in the "xl_config.ini" so this entry led to a crash of Xleaner)
  • Numerous Dialog Windows revised
  • Added function to update the Xleaner Language file (Options > Resources/Update)
  • Setup is supplied without the additional Sponsor Icon
  • Optimized PlugIn Live Search
  • Optimized Evaluation function in the community tab
  • Sorted some menu structures
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes for v4.00.0041 - v4.01.0062

  • Update brings more stability and fixes numerous bugs in the UI
  • Maximized height of the UI
  • Optimized Look initialization
  • Optimized UI of the "Starter" form (right-click navigation through even possible)
  • Optimized UI of the "More To Configure" form (Options for Looks adjustments are now in the top section of the form)
  • Optimized UI of the "Statusbar"

Changes for v4.0 - v4.00.0041

  • Fixed critical UI bug in the "Cleaner" form
  • Fixed some small Translation bugs (some language Identifiers were not translated)
  • Fixes some Minor UI bugs (MouseMove effects were displayed incorrectly in some labels, Statusbar optimized for viewing lengthy language identifiers)
  • Optimized UI of the "Starter" form
  • Fixed bug in the option "After Purge close program" (in conjunction with other options, such as running a custom Cleaner/App, Xleaner had closed before this third party App could be executed)
  • Added cleaning for DeviceDoctor, Dependency Walker, Deus Ex Logs, DisplayFusion (Debug Log), DAMN NFO Viewer, DriverRobot, Eraser, Windows Diagnostics Logs

Changes for v3.8.0.0 - v4.0

  • UI of the Main form optimized (Tab Control including all Tabs were removed and moved to the "Starter" form.)
  • Added "Starter" form to the UI (Here you will find all the Tabs who were previously on the Main form including the Tab "License" and "Translator")
  • Height of the Task Window maximized
  • Height of the Log Windows maximized
  • Optimized UI of "Manage Cleaning Jobs" form (Alignment/Orientation of all Tabs is set to bottom. Options menu now has the same style as the Tab "Cleaner"
  • Height of the "Manage Cleaning Jobs" form maximized
  • Statusbar optimized ("starter" form is accessible from here)
  • Several Icon optimizations performed
  • Fixed Bug in the option "Enable Full View in Log Window" (If this option was enabled it masked the control buttons of the Log Window)
  • Initialization of the Looks/Color schemes optimized (All Looks of the 3.xx versions are still supported)
  • Revised Revision control (Major.Minor.Revisionsnummer.Buildnummer)
  • Added report of the number of processed Cleaning Jobs at the end of each cleanup
  • Optimized Windows 8 support (Developer Preview)
  • Added support for Opera 11.61
  • Behavior of forms optimized (more intelligent forms)
  • Numerous unnecessary routines removed (Internal)
  • Embedding License file optimized (No scrolling)
  • Improved cleaning for Mozilla Firefox Update Logs
  • Spelling corrections made
  • English and German language files updated
  • Several minor improvements made

Changes for v3.7.0.0 - v3.8.0.0

  • Added support for Chrome 17.0 Dev
  • Added support for Mozilla Firefox 10.0 Beta
  • Added cleaning for Chrome Canary "Network Action Predictor".
  • Added cleaning for History Provider Cache on Chromium and Google Chrome
  • Improved UI (Navigation menus, Log-, Task- and Status Window optimized)
  • Added cleaning for Resource Hacker
  • Added Advanced Windows Disk Cleanup Utility to the Extension Manager
  • Improved embedding License File
  • Fixed bug in the optimization of the settings (Settings for the newly added tabs were not restored after optimization)
  • Fixed critical Translation bug
  • Fixed small bug in the Looks detection (affects only German Portable Version)
  • Minor improvements made

Changes for v3.6.0.5 - v3.7.0.0

  • Added support for Chrome 16.0 Final
  • Tab control optimized (Removed option "Hide tab". Tabs can be added from now!)
  • Optimized cleaning for Chrome History
  • Optimized Startup routine
  • Added cleaning for Dropbox, Windows Media Center, Windows HTML Help Activity Traces
  • Improved cleaning for Samsung Kies, SpyBot Search & Destroy, Adobe Acrobat, Snagit 10
  • Backup (Complete/Partial) of Configuration files optimized (fixed also a bug when saving the "Xl_last.dat"/date of the last cleanup)
  • Some dialogs revised
  • Added Facebook Share Button
  • Minor UI improvements made

Changes for v3.4.0.7 - v3.6.0.5

  • Added support for Opera 11.60
  • Optimized Features (minor internal changes) of the "Enhanced" Version also integrated into the
  • standard builds of Xleaner
  • Looks detection optimized
  • Optimized cleaning for Mozilla Firefox Browser Cache
  • Added cleaning for Avast 6, Filezilla, Samsung Kies, Samsung Device Error Recovery Log, Adobe Flash Install Logs,
  • Windows Downloaded Installations, Windows WinSAT Logs, Windows System Profile, Malicious Software Removal Tool,
  • Diagnostics Logs
  • Improved cleaning for Adobe Acrobat, Sun Java (Cache), Windows Live Messenger, IIS-Logfiles
  • Setup revised and optimized
  • Numerous UI improvements made
  • Minor improvements made

Changes for v3.4.0.5a - v3.4.0.7

  • Added Firefox 7.0 Beta support
  • Added Firefox 8.0 and 9.0 (Nightly Alpha) support
  • Added IE 9.0.2 support
  • Added new option in order to maximize the Speed of the Purge Process. (Interval for each task can be Minimized/maximized. The smaller the interval the faster the Purge Process, but maybe not thoroughly. Plenty of room for experienced users!)
  • Fixed Bug when restarting Xleaner
  • Added cleaning for Advanced Uninstaller 9, Advanced Uninstaller 10, Always Right, Anki Backups, Arasan Chess

Changes for v3.4.0.5 - v3.4.0.5a

  • Added new Option to Get the Latest News, Product updates, Important changes, Critical Bugs etc. about Xleaner. Internet Connection is required. To disable this Option navigate to "Options > More to Configure"
  • Updated Link to the Xleaner Facebook Fanpage (Old Fanpage was accidentally deleted by one of the admins)
  • Improved cleaning for RealPlayer SP
  • Minor UI fixes and optimizations

Changes for v3.4.0.3 - v3.4.0.5

  • Added/Optimized Support for Opera 11.50
  • Fixed Bug in Auto Download Update feauture
  • Background color of dialog windows set on white
  • Added option "Open Changelog after Update"
  • Optimized Safety Control Modules
  • English Language File updated
  • Added Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese) Language File
  • Numerous Minor UI fixes and optimizations
  • Minor UI improvements made ??(Icon, ToolTip optimizations etc.)

Changes for v3.4.0.2 - v3.4.0.3

  • Optimized Feature | + New feature | - Removed Feature
  • Added support for Firefox 5.0 (Initial tests on the pre-alpha version of Mozilla Firefox 6.0a2 Aurora also proceeded smoothly)
  • Make Xleaner stronger! Therefore we added an Option to Associate a Custom Cleaner e.g. CCleaner with the Xleaner UI. Option supports command line parameters and Auto Execution after each pass of Xleaner. It supports well-known and recommended Cleaners such as CCleaner, SlimCleaner, BleachBit etc.
  • German language file updated
  • Added cleaning for Microsoft Office Saved CEIP data
  • Improved cleaning for MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware 1.50 (Logs), Windows Error Logs, Windows Defender
  • Added "Like Xleaner? (Facebook)" Button in "About" tab
  • Added "Follow (Twitter)" Button in "About" tab
  • Numerous Minor UI fixes and optimizations

Changes for v3.4.0.0 - v3.4.0.1

  • Look Initialization optimized [REQUESTED OPTION] (Switching between the Looks is more comfortable)
  • Module Uninstaller, FreeMem, Process Manager, ZFCleaner optimized. (Optimized UI, Resize feature integrated)
  • Link to the PlugIn Live Search in Aplications tab added (alternatively enter "epls" in Application > Search tab)
  • Improved cleaning of Windows log files
  • Donations Link moved to the Welcome window
  • English language file updated
  • Some PlugIns optimized
  • Minor UI improvements made
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

Changes for v3.3.0.5 - v3.4.0.0

  • Added new option window (3 new options "Auto log truncation at a certain number of characters."; "Use smaller font in the Applications tab," "Related Tasks (ins) in the Options menu to Hide")
  • Support added for Firefox 5.0 Beta 1
  • Store program-specific settings revised and optimized.At the same time some writes are optimized in the xl_config.ini. (IMPORTANT CHANGE: The file "LastClean.dat" is now "xl_last.dat" file "Files.dat" now "xl_fkeys.dat" the name, file Folders.dat "corresponds to the" xl_folders.dat "file be "Searchmasks.dat" renamed "xl_ftypes.dat" and the file "Fonts.dat" has the new title "xl_flog.dat." settings in that file is not accepted. accordance to rename or delete please. The latter led XLEAN these files to create new aut. It is also recommended that xl_config.ini delete because some entries are invalid here. file is also created new startup.)
  • Added support for A-Squared Free, Avira AntiVir Classic, Windows Tray Notifications, Windows XP Notification Past, Mozilla FireFox Update Logs
  • Cleanup the Windows log files, Ashampoo Burning Studio optimized
  • Live optimized plug-ins # Search
  • Initialize Looks / color scheme optimized
  • Updated resource server
  • Bug fixed in the translation of Custom Tasks
  • Minor stability bugs fixed
  • English language file updated
  • Minor UI improvements made

Changes for v3.3.0.4 - v3.3.0.5

  • Added support for Opera 11.10 (optimized)
  • Added graphical Statusbar
  • Added PlugIn Live Search in Application tab
  • Logging/Output of Statusbar optimized
  • Right-Click Menus "Info about this PlugIn/Extesion" optimized (e.g.
  • Maximum number of characters for descriptions increased, UI of dialogs
  • optimized)
  • Added cleaning (30 PlugIns) for PowerDVD, Ability Office, ACDSee 3.x,
  • ACDSee 5.0, ACDSee 6.0, ACDSee 7.x, ACDSee 8.x, ACDSee 9.x, Ace HTML,
  • Acronis True Image, Alcohol 120%, Ashampoo Burning Studio 5, Ashampoo
  • Burning Studio 6, Ashampoo Burning Studio 7, Ashampoo Burning Studio 8,
  • Ashampoo Burning Studio 2007, Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009, The GIMP 2.4,
  • The GIMP 2.6, FlashFXP, ICQ Lite, ISOBuster, Google Earth, jv16 PowerTools
  • 2010, LimeWire, Macromedia Dreamweaver 6, Skype, SkypPM, Windows FTP
  • Accounts
  • Numerous UI bugs fixed (primarily in the Cleaning Job Management/Options
  • menu)
  • Several PlugIns optimized
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

Changes for v3.3.0.3 - v3.3.0.4

  • Improved output of File information (better calculation of the Filesize
  • and Number of deleted Files) [Important Update]
  • Cleanup Routine optimized [Important Update]
  • English Description added to the PlugIn Function (Key "Description2",
  • Enable under Application tab > Info about this PlugIn)
  • Added menu in the Applications tab to Create PlugIns
  • Added menu in the Applications tab to Delete PlugIns
  • Memory area of the Environment variables enhanced (In the Applications
  • tab > Show Enviroment Variables you you can choose between Userglobal and
  • Computer-global)
  • Key "Warning" and "Warning2 (=English)" added to the PlugIn Function
  • Office 2007 cleaning optimized
  • Added cleaning for Microsoft Office 2010, ChromePlus, InnoSetup
  • Resource Server enhanced
  • Several PlugIns optimized
  • Language files updated
  • Installer (setup) optimized
  • UI optimized
  • Minor fixes and optimizations

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