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StreamBox VCR and TMPGEnc 12a will be removed

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2002 3:13

We've received emails from representatives of Streambox and Pegasys (Pegasys develops and sells TMPGEnc) requesting us to remove their abandoned software items from our site.
We will obviously comply with this request. So, these tools:

Streambox VCR v1.0 beta 3.1
TMPGEnc 12a
Streambox Ripper v2.011
TMPGEnc 12a English patch

will be removed within next 7 days.

For TMPGEnc, the reason is simple -- MPEG-2 licensing terms require them to charge users for MPEG-2 functionality. And TMPGEnc 12a was the last free version with unlimited MPEG-2 support. New version, TMPGEnc v2.53 has a full support for MPEG-2 as well, but it is limited to 30 days.

Streambox on the other hand had their own problems with RealNetworks and after a lawsuit, they agreed to pull their product from the market in order to avoid further legal action from Real.

We're really sorry about this, but we don't really want to get in legal trouble over some software tools. We're still waiting for a confirmation email from Streambox, so if they don't get back to us within next seven days, both Streambox tools will stay online until they reply to us confirming their request.

If you have comments about this situation, please post them here.

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