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Serious security flaw in WinAmp 2.79

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 29 Apr 2002 14:04

According to the, the WinAmp version 2.79 contains a potentially dangerous security flaw, which is related to ID3v2 tags and the Mini Browser function.
It is possible to modify an existing mp3 file in such a way that it can carry a virus. The virus is activated when the mp3 file is played in Winamp and can then infect other mp3 files found on harddrives or network shares. In order to protect yourself you need to upgrade to Winamp 2.80 or disable the minibrowser.

This is a fairly serious issue since WinAmp is such a popular piece of software and because MP3 files are generally considered safe. So to fix this issue one should disable the Mini Browser or upgrade to 2.80...or grab a copy of CoolPlayer from our software section ;)

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