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Shareaza introduces Gnutella2

Written by Jari Ketola @ 06 Nov 2002 12:39 User comments (4)

Shareaza introduces Gnutella2 "The Most Important P2P Software Release Ever". That's what Shareaza labeled the latest release of their peer-to-peer application - Shareaza v1.7.
Shareaza is based on the Gnutella Network. Gnutella has had a tough time contending with the P2P applications such as Kazaa, which based on the commercial FastTrack Network, and eDonkey. With the release of version 1.7 Shareaza introduced Gnutella2 or G2 - a more open and flexible protocol designed from ground up to better suit future needs for peer-to-peer file sharing. To the end user the new protocol will appear as faster search times with better results. G2 also causes much less strain on hubs.

The full specification of the G2 protocol will be made available after the final release of version 1.7. An overview of the protocol can be viewed at

Read more about Shareaza v1.7 public preview and download it at

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4 user comments

17.11.2002 3:00

Let's see a show of hands. How many people here either use, or have used, or are thinking about using *any* P2P system for obtaining software they can't (or don't want to) afford? [counting.....] 567, 568, 569, 1006, 2793, 4932, 13,652 ...... WOW ! (That's just what I thought). No need to mention any names. -- mgb --

28.11.2002 11:40

Just a question about these P2P applications. Is there any way to totally block out all the porn and stuff. I mean I have nothing against guy's who share adult material (every man to his own) but some of the stuff it produces just by typing relativley innocent keywords just sickens me. I have found the GNutella network especially bad for this! Thanks

38.11.2002 12:12

Slickster; I have found that the newest version of WinMX (3.31) contains NO ads. I have not received a one. (That I can recall). The system works like a charm, sets up easily, and you won't see any pretty-girl popups waving their private parts at you. :-) .ogg; .mp3; .avi; .mpg; .zip; .exe; they've got it all. Including stuff you are unlikely to find anywhere else. As always, user-beware - use a virus-checker on .exe files. -- Mike --

41.3.2003 11:00

Please remove all references to shareaza and gnutella2. Im not sure if you are aware of the controversy surrounding shareaza and its use of the gnutella name. Mike, the developer of shareaza basically made his own proprietary network protocol and called it gnutella2. Of course this really pissed off all of the gnutella developers because he made his own protocol (which is fine by itself) then used a community owned name to promote his protocol over all the others clients. He and his users then went around spamming the net with how great gnutella2 was and that gnutella was crap. He has made quite a few claims about his protocol but given the limited size of the shareaza network you cant really tell if his protocol will be able to handle a larger size. - Developers Wanted - Try the best file sharing program around

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