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New CD-RW.ORG article: Defeating Cactus Data Shield

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 09 Nov 2002 9:35 User comments (4)

Cactus Data Shield is one of the protections used on audio CDs. It's quite tough actually, but can be worked around. This is how.
My friend called me and was he pissed or what! He had just bought a Phil Collins’ Testify album, but the album failed to play in his car player (A factory player in an Opel van). When he inserted the disc the player started from track 3 and when he pressed NEXT the player jumped to track 1. So he called me to get rid of the copy protection. It turned out to be slightly complicated.

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4 user comments

19.11.2002 13:19

about the cactus protection... it is possible. Check out and read the article : Review - Plextor PX-W4824TU - Copy Protected Audio I tried it and it works.

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39.11.2002 14:06

Ah - their Plextools tip was news for me. Damn - I don't have the disc handy anymore. But I think that they may have had a different version of CDS200 as they say that it was extracted at full speed - this is strange since the disc I had DID have artificially made errors on it, so re-reads should occur.

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419.11.2002 8:09

Hi everybody!... I have a Good news to share with you! I was digging in the internet trying found possible ways to defeat the protection and I found this thread... So by chance my friend here that has an Mac iBook tried to play the CD in his computer and.... "cabelo"!... he ripped the CD without any problems!... after select one of two sessions that was presented by the finder into the Mac and using the iTunes he grabbed the entire CD without any problems!... that's it!.. from now on this friend of mine was the "Official Cactus Cd Ripper!" one! ... so all you need is a Mac! (or at least a friend with an iBook!) Bye!

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