AfterDawn: Tech news busted -- domain redirected to DOJ

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 27 Feb 2003 1:15 User comments (14)

One of the biggest institution in so-called "warez scene",, has been busted by the FBI and in rather controversial move, the domain name now points to Department of Justice's servers.
According to DOJ, was charged because it sold modchips for XBox and PS2 through its site -- which is actually slightly bizarre claim, since as far as most people have pointed out, they actually just had advertisements of other companies' modchip sites running on their site.

Anyway, the site's owner, 22-year-old David Rocci, has pleaded guilty in December to charges against him under the controversial DMCA law. The discussion on the real site continues, but the access to the site can be achieved only by using the direct IP address of the site. The site was popular because it listed all the latest piracy releases available in the newsgroups -- although nothing could be downloaded from the site itself. You can visit their site here.


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14 user comments

127.2.2003 08:22

I'm bewildered by this news and it is incomprehensible to me how the factual matter, as it is presumably known, has relevancy to the controversial DMCA law. Please enlighten me. Regards to All, Rodgers

227.2.2003 08:38

selling modchips?? that has to be the worst excuse ever!! My question is, is gone aswell??

327.2.2003 09:10

Not selling chips, but people advertising on this site the availability of chips! Here in America they call it Freedom of the Press. Rodgers

427.2.2003 10:04

This is one of the most ridiculous things i've heard in a while. Things like this are why I question being american.

527.2.2003 11:18

This is unbelievable. My reading of the DMCA doesn't indicate that linking or advertising for hacks, et al. is illegal under that convoluted law. Nor was I aware that having a bbs talking about pirated software, games etc. was illegal either in any regard. What do you charge someone with - aiding and abetting? Christ. Does that mean that anyone with a website that talks about easter eggs needs to be careful since that might be interpreted as reverse-engineering someone's software? What about Windows registry hacks? This is exactly why I rip DVD's and share them and distribute software to whoever wants it - if it puts a dent in these morons pockets, great. Maybe someday they'll come to their senses.

627.2.2003 14:15

Yep, it's shite like this that just makes me wanna warez even more. Hack the planet!

"Cry havoc! Let slip the dogs of war!" -- Julius Caeser

727.2.2003 16:34

hmm.. i hope my site's aren't next... peace seamonkey420

827.2.2003 17:32

Well I don't care as long as vcdquality is ok =)

91.3.2003 04:37

Yeah I think this guy David Rocci should get nominated 4 the Darwin Awards 4 being done in by the FBI dont these FEDS know laws r meant 2 be broken.

101.3.2003 06:17

Hmmm....Think of this, if everyone was as honest and you and I, there would be no need for the FBI! lol, Rodgers

114.3.2003 18:46

I am pretty sure Krazy8 was actually selling the chips. They sold the neo series chips for the ps2 from neotechnologies on more then one occasion, usually buying masses from neo and reselling.

124.3.2003 21:32

They did occasionally sell chips on the site and where they got nailed was not for selling the chips themselves, but "apparently" they had some proprietary M$ lines of code in them. One way or the other, just an example of how big business carries the government in their back pocket.

135.3.2003 01:27

Ye but its obvious why they bothered to bust isonews!

143.6.2003 08:28

my question is this isnt that a violation of the 1995 internet privacy act signed by bill clinton??

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