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Version history for ImBatch

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Changes for v6.8.0 - v6.9.0

  • Added support for HEIF/HEIC format.
  • Added support for loading separate frames of the animated WebP.
  • 'Save As' task: added the ability to save to WebP with the alpha channel.
  • 'Optimize for Web' task: added settings to optimize saving to WebP format.
  • Added the ability to load the list of tasks when dragging ONE bsv file into the program.
  • Fixed display alpha channel in preview panel.
  • Fixed memory leak in some tasks.
  • Changed the method of saving the list of images of the current session (for faster loading).
  • 'Rotate' task: fixed rotation for JPEG formats (with lossless transformations, rotation was in the opposite direction).
  • 'Save To Animated GIF' task: fixed saving.
  • 'Optimize For Web' task: fixed calculation of space savings.
  • 'Optimize For Web' task: fixed translation of the information panel.

Changes for v6.5.0 - v6.6.0

  • Added Erosion task.
  • • Added Dilation task.
  • • Added Median task.
  • • 'Set EXIF/IPTC tag' task: Fixed reading of changes when inserting attributes in the input field.
  • • 'Upload to FTP' task: Fixed reading of changes when inserting attributes in the input field.
  • • ImageMonitor: Changed the method of storing scan results to increase the speed of saving/loading and reduce the space on the hard disk.
  • • ImageMonitor: Added tracking changes in writing time attributes of files.
  • • Fixed deletion of files from the filtered images list.

Changes for v6.4.0 - v6.5.0

  • Added 'Gradient Fill' task.
  • • Added 'Select by Channel' task.
  • • Added support of WebP format.
  • • 'Save As' task: Added options for WebP.
  • • 'Resize Canvas' task: Added the ability to fill the new space with a mirrored image or tiled image.
  • • 'Resize Canvas' task: Interface changed.
  • • 'Resize Canvas' task: Fixed blurred image displaying in the preview panel.
  • • 'Frame' task: Fixed using images with transparency as a frame - now they are not filled with the specified color.
  • • Removed the "Publish to Facebook" task because of the closure of this feature by Facebook.
  • • Fixed handling of PDF and DDS formats in Image Monitor.
  • • Updated Chinese translation.

Changes for v6.3.0 - v6.4.0

  • Fixed problems with multithreaded processing.
  • 'Optimize for Web' task: Added support for the mozjpeg library.
  • 'AutoCrop' task: added cropping by contour method.
  • Added option to force the use of Adobe Acrobat (if installed) to open the PDF format.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Improved text rendering.
  • 'Set Background Image' task: Fixed changing the information about the size of the image in the preview window.
  • 'Add Selection' task: Fixed display of controls in the preview window.
  • 'Watermark' task: Fixed resizing of the control elements of the task when changing the size of the window.
  • Fixed display of sizes in the preview window for a PDF file.
  • Fixed soft shadows on translucent pixels.
  • Fixed errors when closing the program and some task is open.
  • Fixed error on filtering an empty images list.

Changes for v6.2.0 - v6.3.0

  • Added "AutoStitch Scans" batch task.
  • 'Resize' task: Added 'Swap Dimensions' button to quickly change the orientation of the image from portrait to landscape.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: Added the ability to set the units for paper sizes.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: Added the ability to set paper orientation.
  • Added the Finnish translation.
  • Fixed 'Set File Date/Attributes' task.
  • Some small fixes.

Changes for v6.1.0 - v6.2.0

  • 'Resize' task: Added the Size parameter to specify the scaling method with preserving proportions.
  • 'Resize' task: Added the ability to save presets for sizes.
  • 'Resize' task: Added the ability to enter expressions for the Width, Height and DPI parameters.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: Added expressions support for the Width, Height, Left Position, Right Position, Upper Position, Lower Position parameters.
  • 'Resize canvas' task: Added saving to the list of entered values for the Width and Height fields.
  • All date/time tags: added submenus for templates for individual date elements.
  • Added template for the tag ([!TEMPLATE!:startN], [!TEMPLATE!:endN], where N is the number of folders in the path from the beginning and end of the path, respectively (negative values are also allowed)), with which you can copy part of the path.
  • 'Copy', 'Rename/Move', 'Save As', 'Save In CMYK As', 'Optimize For Web' tasks: Now you can also use the same tags for the path as for the file name.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: fixed text color, fixed setting background color (if the text exceeds the image boundaries).
  • ContextMenuEditor: Fixed loading translation file.
  • ImageMonitor: Fixed loading translation file.

Changes for v6.0.1 - v6.1.0

  • Added "Threshold" task.
  • Significantly accelerated the processing of "Stroke", "Gaussian Blur", "Soft Shadow", and "Inner Shadow" tasks.
  • 'Stroke' task: added "Position" and "Opacity" parameters.
  • Added the ability to scroll a list of tasks and a list of images when you hover over them.

Changes for v6.0.0 - v6.0.1

  • several bugs were fixed according to your bug reports

Changes for v5.9.2 - v6.0.0

  • The project moved to a new platform.
  • Many changes in the design. No more fancy skins.
  • Reworked and improved displaying the progress of the batch processing.
  • Added Remove Red Eyes task.
  • Added Panorama task.
  • Added category 'Recent' to the list of tasks (last 10 tasks).
  • Added option to remove images from the list after processing.
  • Image selection tool: added image selection setting (all, only marked, only unchecked).
  • Image selection tool: added saving form settings.

Changes for v5.9.1 - v5.9.2

  • ImageMonitor: added support for pdf and dds formats.
  • ImageMonitor: removed the requirements for admin rights.
  • Fixed the "Preserve image date/time" option.
  • Fixed display order of columns in the Table mode.

Changes for v5.9.0 - v5.9.1

  • 'Optimize For Web' task: added "Preserve Structure" option.
  • 'Time Shift' task: fixed task work.
  • Fixed preserving of the original date/time of files, if the corresponding option is selected in the settings, but 'Save as' task was not added.
  • Fixed preserving of the original date/time of files, if the corresponding option is selected in the settings, when saving in the EXIF/IPTC Editor.

Changes for v5.8.1 - v5.9.0

  • 'Save to PDF' task: added "File path" parameter.
  • 'Set Background Image' task: added "Crop" parameter.
  • Added the ability to disable hints for tasks.
  • Image Monitor: Added the ability to exclude subfolders from monitoring.
  • Added the ability to insert supported functions into expressions with menu.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: fixed the text stamp size measurement.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag' task: changed setting of numeric tags. Now you can use expressions.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed setting the value for DPI.
  • Fixed displaying in the Preview window the results of the 'Set DPI' task.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed the size calculation in the preview.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: fixed the size calculation in the preview.
  • Fixed localization of text input fields with tags.
  • Fixed setting ranges for the function Random in the expressions, added function Random01, which returns a random number in the range 0
  • EXIF/IPTC editor: fixed work with GPS EXIF tags.
  • Added new EXIF tags:
  • Body Serial Number;
  • Camera Owner Name;
  • Gamma;
  • Interoperability Index;
  • Interoperability Version;
  • Lens Maker;
  • Lens Model;
  • Lens Serial Number;
  • Primary Chromaticities;
  • Reference Black/White Point;
  • Related Sound File;
  • Scene Type;
  • Sensing Method;
  • Subject Area;
  • Subject Location X;
  • Subject Location Y;
  • White Point;
  • YCbCr Coefficients;
  • YCbCr Positioning;

Changes for v5.8.0 - v5.8.1

  • 'Save to PDF' task: added transparency support for transparent images.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: fixed saving to PDF when saving to separate files.
  • 'Publish on Facebook' task: fixed the work of the task when publishing to the page's album.
  • 'AutoCrop' task: fixed work of the task.
  • 'Stroke' task: fixed work of the task.
  • 'Resize' task: the work of the task has been fixed, if the "Resize type" parameter is set to "Reduce Only" or "Enlarge Only".
  • Updated French translation.

Changes for v5.7.1 - v5.8.0

  • Added "Set Background Image" task.
  • 'Set DPI' task: Added the ability to automatically calculate DPI based on document sizes for printing.
  • Image list: Added DPI info in thumbnails mode.
  • Image list: Added the ability to automatically sort new images when they added to the list.
  • Image list: Added the ability to insert new images to the top of the list.
  • Image list: Added the ability to store the sorting mode of the list between sessions.
  • Fixed the hang of the Selection Tool when working in table mode.
  • Fixed displaying of EXIF tag "Exposure time".

Changes for v5.7.0 - v5.7.1

  • • Added the ability to collapse the current task.
  • • Fixed scripts compilation.
  • • Image Monitor: fixed the processing of new images.
  • • Fixed sending of images through the command line.

Changes for v5.6.0 - v5.7.0

  • Added Set File Date/Attributes task.
  • Image list: added new view mode - Table.
  • Image list: the loading speed is significantly increased.
  • Image list: fixed sorting.
  • 'Shift Time' task: added the ability to write expressions to numeric fields (mathematical functions are supported: Abs, Ceil, Floor, Round, Frac, Int, Max, Min, Power, Sqrt, Random, as well as image properties Index, FileSize, ImageWidth, ImageHeight, ImageDPI, ImageDPIX, ImageDPIY, ImageBPP, ImageBPS, ImageSPP)
  • Script: unicode support for the CSVReader class has been added.
  • Updated French translation.
  • EXIF/IPTC Editor: fixed saving EXIF tags when saving in JPEG.
  • 'Rotate' task: fixed auto rotation by EXIF Orientation tag.

Changes for v5.5.0 - v5.6.0

  • Added Deinterlace task.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: greatly improved interface.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to set text justification inside the text rect (if width and/or height are not automatic).
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to allow expand the image to fit the entire text.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to set the color and transparency for the background of expanded image.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added the ability to set text rect base point for justification.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: added bevel effect for text.
  • ImageMonitor: Added automatic options saving during program work.
  • Script: updated class to read CSV-file.

Changes for v5.4.1 - v5.5.0

  • Added Set DPI task.
  • 'White Balance' task: added the ability to select a color for white color.
  • 'White Balance' task: added the ability to select white color in Preview.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: added the ability to set the cropping frame on the 'Before' tab of the Preview window.
  • 'Save To Animated GIF' task: added the ability to optimize the file.
  • 'Save To PDF' task: added the ability to save the pages in order (only for multithreaded processing).
  • 'Save As' task: fixed saving to DDS with multithreaded processing.
  • Added the ability to turn off replacement of spaces with underscores in file names.
  • Preview window: Now when you update, it does not automatically switch to the "After" tab.
  • 'Optimize for Web' task: updated interface.
  • 'Resize canvas' task: fixed setting of height in the "Borders" mode, if you select "%" for units.
  • 'Watermark' task: Corrected the watermark movement in the Preview window, if selected non-pixels for the units.
  • Task processing: now disabled tasks do not perform the initial processing.
  • Image list: Corrected sorting by name for names with numbers.
  • Image list: fixed image movement.

Changes for v5.4.0 - v5.4.1

  • Added Korean translation.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: fixed the setting of the height in percents with the "Dimensions" crop method.
  • Fixed working of Rename/Move task.
  • Some fixes in Create Contact Sheet task.
  • Some fixes in Color Balance task.
  • Fixed problem with multithreaded writing in the Save to PDF task.
  • Fixed loading of thumbnails after renaming images.
  • Fixed index numbering in tags.
  • Fixed reading Unicode EXIF tags.

Changes for v5.3.2 - v5.4.0

  • Added Reduce Noise task.
  • Added Shift Channel task.
  • Fixed Before/After tabs work in Preview panel.

Changes for v5.3.1 - v5.3.2

  • added Dutch, Arabic, and Brazillian Portuguese translations
  • added logging of FTP errors
  • fixed issue with Move/Rename file to the same file name
  • fixed big preview popup appearance in the image list
  • several minor fixes

Changes for v5.3.0 - v5.3.1

  • 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: Added the ability to remove XMP tags or full meta-information from JPEG images without recompression (lossless).
  • ImageMonitor: Added the ability to show error messages in a tray in stealth mode.
  • Added Japanese GUI translation.
  • Added the ability to keep the original file date/time of the processed images
  • Replaced some non-Unicode controls to Unicode version.
  • Fixed saving tags into JPEG files with unicode names. The tags are saved with URF8 encoding now
  • Increased the default quality level for JPEG.

Changes for v5.2.0 - v5.3.0

  • Added Reflection task.
  • Added German translation.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: added the ability to specify the size via the width and height.
  • 'Fill Color' task: added the ability to set the transparency for the filling.
  • Added command line options (/? and -?) to display help about ImBatch command line parameters.
  • 'Gradient Paint' task: fixed gradient reset.
  • 'Watermark' task: added localization of some controls.
  • 'Watermark' task: fixed the size of watermark border in the preview window.
  • 'Save As' task: fixed saving to ICO format.
  • 'Stroke' task: added the ability to create a border for images without transparency channel.
  • 'Fill Color' task: fixed fill of images with semi-transparency.
  • Replaced some non-Unicode function calls to Unicode versions of the functions.
  • Fixed displaying of the "Add pages" form.
  • ImageMonitor: fixed subdirectory scanning, if the mask is not *
  • Fixed writing to the log.

Changes for v5.1.1 - v5.2.0

  • Added "Gradient Paint" batch task.
  • "Curves" task: added the ability to save/load from Adobe Photoshop's curves files (*.acv).
  • Added the ability to turn on/off auto-rotating of images based on orientation tag information.
  • Added the ability to close Selection window by pressing ESC key.
  • "Save to PDF" task: fixed saving multiple images to the single PDF file.
  • Several minor fixes.

Changes for v5.1.0 - v5.1.1

  • Tag editor: Added the ability to copy XMP tag names and values to the clipboard
  • Removed that annoying message box sometime appeared on program start, sorry for that
  • Minor fixes in "Watermark Text" task
  • "Resize Canvas by Aspect Ratio" task: Added the ability to fill the background with the blurred source image, added background transparency setting.
  • "Resize Canvas" task: Fixed wrong blurred background with some specific options set.
  • "Save as Animated GIF" task: fixed delay time between the frames.

Changes for v5.0.0 - v5.1.0

  • Added "Save In CMYK As" task.
  • Added "Save To Animated GIF" task.
  • "Save As" task: added extended configuration options for TIFF and DICOM formats.
  • "Set Tag" task: added support of image and file attributes for the text tags.
  • "Watermark Text" task: added the ability to wrap text.
  • Added the ability to set templates for date/time tags.
  • Selecting color from the screen: fixed work with multiple monitors.
  • Selecting color from the screen: added the ability to cancel the color picking.
  • Fixed a rare error that happening while simultaneously updating the preview and loading image for hint.
  • "AutoCrop" task: fixed processing the preview.
  • "Save As" task: spaces in the name are replaced by underscores.
  • "Save As" task: fixed error when saving in multi-threaded processing.
  • Image Monitor: fixed error on loading of the non existent folders on start.

Changes for v4.9.1 - v5.0.0

  • Added multithreaded task list processing! In other words, ImBatch can work much faster now.
  • • Added Image Selection Tool.
  • • Added ability to sort images by all attributes.
  • • Added ability to save lossless transformations for JPEG (flips and rotations).
  • • Improved tooltip for images (more info plus large thumbnail).
  • • 'Watermark Text' task: improved text rendering with Anti-Grain Geometry library.
  • • 'Watermark Text' task: simplified access to font parameters.
  • • 'Watermark' task: fixed disabled state of task's interface.
  • • 'Rotate' task: fixed image sizes update for preview.
  • • Fixed script compiling.

Changes for v4.9.0 - v4.9.1

  • higher contrast for the task's parameters panel for better visibility and task separation
  • fixed several minor issues

Changes for v4.8.0 - v4.9.0

  • Added Stroke task.
  • Added option to turn on/off beep sound in the end of processing.
  • ImageMonitor: added totally silent mode.
  • Added replacing transparency with white color while saving into the format, that doesn't support transparency.
  • 'Resize Canvas' task: added the option to fill new space with blurred image.
  • 'Convert Colors' task: added ability to replace alpha channel with the specified color.
  • 'Save As' task: fixed changing 'Common Folder' option after loading task list.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed working 'Resize Type' option in Preview panel.
  • Improved algorithm of the Deskew Text task.
  • Fixed saving into DDS format with transparency.
  • Fixed detection of the portable version by the path to the program.
  • Fixed opening 'Save As' task.
  • Fixed image size updating in Preview panel.

Changes for v4.7.1 - v4.8.0

  • Added support of DDS format (DirectDraw Surface).
  • Added "Normal Map" task.
  • Improved handling of command line parameters.
  • Improved error handling in parameters of bsv-files.

Changes for v4.7.0 - v4.7.1

  • 'Filter' task: added script support.
  • Added ability to set options for dcraw plugin in Options window.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed DPI changing.

Changes for v4.6.0 - v4.7.0

  • Added Temperature task.
  • Added Exposure task.
  • Added AutoEqualize Histogram task.
  • 'Convert to Gray' task: added controls to adjust red, green, blue channels and brightness.
  • 'Resize' task: added the ability to enlarge only or reduce only images.
  • Changing UI language is much faster now. Faster program start as well.

Changes for v4.5.0 - v4.6.0

  • Added Change channels task.
  • Added input box to enter path in add folder form.
  • 'Filter' task: addded new functions Func_S_FileExists_N, Func_SS_ConcatStr_S, Get_FileNameWithExt_S, Get_FullPath_S.
  • 'Filter' task: added button to show filtered images.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: corrected work with measurement units.
  • Fixed 'Save As' task: now whitespaces are no longer converts to underscores (_).
  • Unchecked images now are rendering with different color.
  • Fixed a bug, that happened sometimes, while adding a lot of images.
  • Windows Shell Context menu integration now works for folders too.

Changes for v4.4.0 - v4.5.0

  • 'Save to PDF' task: Added tags support in File Name field.
  • Fixed and tags.
  • Image List: changed icons for indicators (EXIF, IPTC, thumbnail), added indicator for XMP.
  • Image List: added ability to open image in Explorer by clicking on image name caption.
  • 'Save As' task: now image thumbnail in EXIF tags updates correctly.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: added parameters to adjust JPEG compression and ability to convert to grayscale.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: to correctly compress 24 bpp images with RLE, G4FAX or G4FAX2D compressions, its automatically converts to black-and-white images.
  • 'Save to PDF' task: added AutoFit option in Paper Format parameter (the size of each page adjusts to image size).
  • 'Convert Colors' task: improved algorithm for converting to black-and-white image.

Changes for v4.3.1 - v4.4.0

  • Added support of multipage image files.
  • Added support of PDF.
  • Added new command line option (-ap) for multipage files.
  • 'Save To PDF' task: Fixed task working with 'Separate PDF file for every image' option on.
  • 'Create Contact Sheet' task: Now the type of stored contact sheet files depends on the extension of 'File Name' option.
  • Improved Options dialog box.
  • Added translation for some controls in Add folders recursively confirmation dialog box.
  • Some improvements in 'Save to PDF' task interface.

Changes for v4.3.0 - v4.3.1

  • 'Watermark' task: Added ability to drag watermark with a mouse in Preview panel.
  • 'Upload to FTP': If file exists, it will be rewritten.
  • Fixed a bug with passing images to the program as command line parameter.
  • Fixed incorrect values in the preview panel, if the task list has 'Resize Canvas' task.

Changes for v4.2.0 - v4.3.0

  • 'Upload To FTP' task: Added the ability to change file type for uploading.
  • Rewritten image loading function. Now images are loading in a separate thread.
  • Fixed presets loading from the script for the 'Curves' task.
  • Fixed memory leak while loading images.
  • Fixed some small bugs.

Changes for v4.1.0 - v4.2.0

  • Added new tool: Script Editor.
  • Added the ability to show processing progress on Windows TaskBar (on Windows 7 and above).
  • Fixed some small bugs.

Changes for v4.0.1 - v4.1.0

  • Added Create Contact Sheet task.
  • Added ability to set selection dimensions ('Add selection' task) with mouse in Preview panel.
  • Added Polish translation.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Small fixes in Russian translation.
  • Fixed freezes when you drag the Preview window.
  • Fixed image sorting.
  • Fixed periodical crashes while selecting images in the list.
  • Some minor fixes according to user reports.

Changes for v3.9.0 - v4.0.1

  • Minor update with the following changes:
  • 'Deskew Text' task: added ability to set antialiasing.
  • 'Deskew Text' task: added ability to set background color.
  • Fixed some bugs in filtering images list and a bug "cannot find drive" in some cases on program start.
  • French translation update.
  • ImBatch v4.0.0
  • Added Add Selection task.
  • Added Make Selection Feather task.
  • Added Make Selection Gradient task.
  • Added Invert Selection task.
  • Added Deselect task.
  • Added Fill Color task.
  • Added list of 10 previously opened tasks files for Open Tasks button.
  • Added list of 10 previously saved tasks files for Save Tasks button.
  • Added quick search tool to search images.
  • 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: added ability to remove XMP tags only.
  • 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags' task: fixed XMP tags removing while removing all tags (for JPEG images).
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Some UI and performance improvements.

Changes for v3.8.1 - v3.9.0

  • Added Anaglyph task.
  • Added Fish Eye task.
  • Added Premium support for users who purchased a license.
  • Fixed ImageMonitor autostart function on Windows startup.
  • Improved determination of image types.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Some minor fixes according to user reports

Changes for v3.8.0 - v3.8.1

  • Added commands for image selection in the list.
  • Added key shortcuts for image list commands.
  • Fixed working of mouse wheel in the image list.
  • Fixed working of Add tag button in Optimize for Web task.
  • Fixed other minor issues according to user reports

Changes for v3.7.2 - v3.8.0

  • Added "Resize Canvas by Aspect Ratio" task.
  • Added "Optimize for Web" task.
  • Enhanced color setting controls.
  • Updated French and Italian translations.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Changes for v3.7.0 - v3.7.2

  • •fixed a lot of minor issues
  • •added the ability to turn off the statistics dialog after the end of processing

Changes for v3.6.0 - v3.7.0

  • 'Watermark Text' and 'Watermark' tasks: Added ability to set direction for the offset.
  • Added wildcard file name masks support in the command line.
  • Added ability to sort images list.
  • Added ability to send message to the developers from program interface.
  • Added ability to use any XMP tags in tasks.
  • Added statistic showing at the end of image processing.
  • 'Watermark Text' and 'Watermark' tasks: improved interface for justification parameters.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Fixed displaying text with breakings in editor control.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC tags' task: fixed processing of textual tags.
  • Fixed errors, that may happen sometimes in 'Watermark Text' и 'Photo Collage' tasks.v
  • Fixed saving images using UNC network paths.
  • Improved calculating of remaining time in processing dialog.
  • Added save and restore of the last used path in the "add folder with images" dialog.

Changes for v3.5.0 - v3.6.0

  • • EXIF/IPTC Editor: Added 35 new EXIF GPS tags and IPTC tag Sublocation
  • • EXIF/IPTC Editor: Added the ability to toggle visibility for the tags.
  • • Added support for new tags in 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag', 'Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags', 'Save As', 'Copy', 'Rename/Move' and 'Watermark Text' tasks.
  • • Added support for XMP tags in tags editor (read only).
  • • Thanks to our users:
  • • Added Swedish interface and help translation.
  • • Added Italian help and updated interface translation.
  • • Updated French interface and help translation.
  • • 'Round Corners' task: added checkbox for transparent corners.
  • • Fixed interface for big system fonts.
  • • Fixed issue in Preview window.
  • • Fixed some UI issues.

Changes for v3.4.0 - v3.5.0

  • Added Deskew Text task.
  • Many improvements in Context menu integration functionality:
  • Fixed crashing on non-image files.
  • Enhanced support of unicode filenames.
  • Some performance improvements.
  • Added support of unlimited files count.
  • 'Watermark' task: Fixed working of 'Height' parameter.

Changes for v3.3.0 - v3.4.0

  • Added French interface and help translation.
  • • Added the ability to disable and enable Windows context menu in Context Menu Editor
  • • Enhanced saving function: added ability to preserve folder structure in Save As, Copy and Rename/Move tasks.
  • • Fixed converting to JPEG format unmodified image.
  • • Minor bug fixes.

Changes for v3.2.2 - v3.3.0

  • Added Reset filter task, so you can use different filters in one go
  • Added the ability to preserve folder structure in Upload to FTP task
  • fixed some bugs according to your bug reports

Changes for v3.2.1 - v3.2.2

  • fixed some weird painting issues after the window resize
  • added displaying the image resolution in the preview pane

Changes for v3.2.0 - v3.2.1

  • fixed handling Date tags in EXIF metadata
  • Chinese translation updated
  • RAW formats support library updated

Changes for v3.1.0 - v3.2.0

  • Added Copy and Delete tasks for managing image file. Great to combine with Filter task.
  • "Rename" task now named "Rename/Move" task.
  • Added new task category: File.
  • Added 5 new skins: AutumnSky, Emerald, FM, MetroUI, Ubuntu.
  • "Rename/Move" task: addded reset buttons for the New File Name and New File Path parameters.
  • Image Monitor: fixed working of Duplicate button.
  • Image Monitor: some fixes and improvements in UI.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

Changes for v3.0.0 - v3.1.0

  • + Added task Upload To FTP.
  • + 'Watermark Text' task: Added Add Shadow parameter.
  • * Fixed some minor bugs.

Changes for v2.7.0 - v3.0.0

  • Added task Curves.
  • Added task Filter.
  • Image Monitor tool was rewritten from the scratch.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

Changes for v2.6.0 - v2.7.0

  • Added task Mosaic.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Added Width and Height parameters to bound text.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Changed the text field: you can now specify a multiline text.
  • 'Resize' task: Fixed task work in the preview window.
  • Improved program error handling.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

Changes for v2.5.0 - v2.6.0

  • Added task Extract Channel.
  • Added task Photo Collage.
  • 'Watermark Text' task: Fixed text rotation.
  • 'Round Corners' task: Fixed error when setting huge values.
  • Message shown when program can't save images.
  • Now thumbnails are loading only on demand.
  • Reduced memory usage for thumbnails.
  • Added meta information indicators in images list.
  • Now images list is showing status information.
  • ImBatch Context Menu: fixed crash that occurred on some files.
  • Many other small fixes.

Changes for v2.4.0 - v2.5.0

  • Added task "Replace Colors".
  • Added the ability to reset all task's controls to their default values.
  • Restored work of the transparency in the preview window.
  • Hints for tasks doesn't disappear.
  • 'Resize' task: fixed task work in Preview window.
  • 'Save To PDF' task: added the ability to create individual PDF file for the each image.
  • 'Save As' task: fixed incorrect work of the default settings switcher.
  • Changed work of 'Current Index' tag. Now you can set the initial value of the index (for example: ).
  • Fixed errors in 'Save to PDF' task.
  • Some other minor fixes.

Changes for v2.1.0 - v2.2.0

  • Added new tool - EXIF/IPTC Editor.
  • Added support of 40 new EXIF tags.
  • Added the ability to see the original image in preview window.
  • Enhanced functionality of the preview window.
  • Enhanced informativity of the processing window.
  • Many small changes in GUI.
  • Many small fixes according to user bug reports.

Changes for v2.0.0 - v2.1.0

  • Added tasks context help in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Added task AutoEnhance 3.
  • Some improvements in ContextMenuEditor GUI.
  • Improved GUI of ImageMonitor and fixed some errors.
  • Fixed error on adding AutoCrop task.
  • Added ability to set relative path in Save As task.
  • Fixed error on empty File Name parameter in Frame task.
  • Fixed some other small bugs

Changes for v1.9.0 - v2.0.0

  • Added ImageMonitor
  • Added ContextMenuEditor
  • Added saving/loading of last session
  • + Added ability to load saved tasks (BSV file) with drag'n'drop operation
  • Added task AutoEnhance 1
  • Added task AutoEnhance 2
  • Now tasks are separated by categories
  • Changed dialog to add new task

Changes for v1.8.0 - v1.9.0

  • Added batch task Sharpen
  • Added batch task Sepia
  • 'Rotate' task: Added 'Use EXIF Info' parameter: Now you can automatically rotate images by using their internal info.
  • 'AutoCrop' task: Added 'Crop Type' and 'Alpha' parameters for automatic image cropping by transparency.
  • Some bug fixing.
  • Some localization fixing.

Changes for v1.7.0 - v1.8.0

  • Added task Color Balance
  • Added task Brightness/Contrast
  • Added task White Balance
  • Added task Rename
  • 'Publish on Facebook' task: Added 'Page' parameter: Now you can upload images to your Facebook pages.
  • Added Italian language
  • Now if there are no 'Save As' or 'Add To PDF' or 'Publish On Facebook' tasks, ImBatch will automatically save images and override files.

Changes for v1.6.0 - v1.7.0

  • Added task Watermark Text.
  • Added task Frame.
  • Added task AutoCrop.
  • Added an option to automatically expand tasks after insertion new task.
  • 'Set EXIF/IPTC Tag' task: EXIF/IPTC string tags are localized now.
  • 'Watermark' task: fixed some interface problems.
  • 'Crop' task is now renamed to 'Resize Canvas' task.
  • Fixed undo/redo tool.

Changes for v1.5.0 - v1.6.0

  • Added task Reset To Origin.
  • '3D Image' task: Added 'Background Color' parameter.
  • 'Round Corners' task: Added 'Background Color' parameter.
  • 'Soft Shadow' task: Added 'Background Color' parameter.
  • Added translation for colors.
  • Improved tasks drawing while dragging.
  • Fixed: task's editing after dragging

Changes for v1.3.0 - v1.5.0

  • Added "3D Image" batch task
  • Added "Motion Blur" batch task
  • Added button to add entire folders with images for processing
  • Added a blinking for run batch image processing button when all is
  • ready for processing
  • Unchecked images are now drawn in gray to better distinguish them
  • Fixed: 'Add to PDF' task: if 'File name' parameter contains a file name
  • without the 'PDF' extension it will be added automatically
  • Fixed minor bugs, removed obsolete code.
  • Some localization fixes.
  • ImBatch v1.4.0
  • Added new task - "Post to Facebook"
  • Fixed bugs according to your reports. Kepp them coming!

Changes for v1.2.0 - v1.3.0

  • Now all task's values are loaded from the last session.
  • All plugins are loaded by default.
  • All data files are stored in Windows common application data folder.
  • Now you can collapse/expand task by double-clicking.

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