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PS2 forum opened

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 04 Oct 2002 1:57 User comments (18)

We got slightly tired of seeing hundreds of PS2 questions blocking our DVD-R and CD-R forums lately and decided to launch our first, truly non-related forum room in our discussion forums for PS2.
This forum is meant for discussions about PS2 backups, etc and you should really read the forum rules before posting anything. Forum can be found from this URL:

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18 user comments

14.10.2002 14:54

There's a lot more to da ps2 than meets the eye!! I am messing around making disks containing mp3 & mpg movies. The only real problem is booting em!! Its fairly hard. Unfortunatly supplying anything about ps2 is hard considering, if i were to give you an iso that contains the files to play an mpg it would be about 40mb which isnt great for people running on 56k.

213.1.2003 07:41

when backing up a ps2 dvd do you want to do an image or a copy

313.4.2003 14:57

I heard that you didn't need a mod-chip if you have a gs2 or a swap magic disc. You can use both of them together i heard and then u can play all back up games. gs2 needs an original game or cd that is bigger than the one you are going to boot, the swap magic dvd boot cd is probably bigger than most of the games out there. since you have both of them, you'd probably be able to play any game u d/l and burn. I order a gs2 and a swap magic disc. i just hope it comes soon. I just want to know if any one knows what is the easiest way to boot a copied ps2 game because i have seen so many on the net. If any one can give me directions or tell me the easiest way it is done, PLEASE DO!!! Thanks.

413.4.2003 18:07

There are boot methods for cd-rom games but dvd-r backups will need a modchip!! The best thing to do is get a modchip, they are not that expensive anymore!! also if you like to read check out..

517.4.2003 18:58

I have a magic modchip 3.1 for my ps2. I am now able to play back-ups of ps2 dvd-r's and ps1 cd-r's. But i am not able to play ps2 cd-r back-ups. I even back-up a cd-rom ps2 game onto a dvd-r and that would not work either. Can someone please tell me what to do to make this work right. Thanks Ken P.S. I have seen so posting of disk drives not working after installing the 3.1 chip this happened to me. I had two wires mixed up and that caused the problem. I also had a problem were the drive would open but not close this was cause buy the way I routed the wires. The case was crimping the wires. I rerouted the wires and it works great.

726.6.2003 11:28

I am encountering some problems as far as trying to backup my PS2 DVD Games, not sure if I am doing anything wrong or not. I followed the recordnow max tutorial on using the RecordNow Max 4.5 Program and still have not successfully made a back up copy of a PS2 DVD Game, the most recent game I am backing up is Hulk. I have no problems with making (Nero 5.5.10) the PS2 CD Games they all seem to work fine with my swap disk chip I bought. (I know Messiah 2 is the best!!! But since I do not know anyone who solders well I went with the PnP chip, it was easier for me to install). Any how I am using Memorex DVD+RW and Memorex DVD-RW Disks, I usually use these for recording movies only. I recently went and bought some Maxell DVD-R & DVD+R, would the problem be me using Rewritable Disks? Or am I missing something in the whole reading or burning process? I also have Record now DX which came with my DVD writer, should I be using this program instead? Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

ECS K7S5A MoBo w/AMD Athlon 1.24 Thoroughbred Ghz Chip, Radeon 7200 64 mb 256 & 512 DDR Ram sticks,
Sony DRU 510A DVD -R/RW +R/RW
PS2 v.7 SCPH 39001,no-solder Mod Chip +SWAP MAGIC CD/DVD v2.0, AR2 & GameShark 2 CDLoader for V7 PS2 Beta 3 & 4

826.6.2003 14:52

rotzworld: You are most likely not going to get any response by posting these questions to our NEWS COMMENTARY forums -- instead, chances are high to get banned for doing so in the future. Post your questions to appropriate forum room instead.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

928.6.2003 11:51

sorry 'bout that

ECS K7S5A MoBo w/AMD Athlon 1.24 Thoroughbred Ghz Chip, Radeon 7200 64 mb 256 & 512 DDR Ram sticks,
Sony DRU 510A DVD -R/RW +R/RW
PS2 v.7 SCPH 39001,no-solder Mod Chip +SWAP MAGIC CD/DVD v2.0, AR2 & GameShark 2 CDLoader for V7 PS2 Beta 3 & 4

1021.7.2003 12:01

HI Can anyone give me info on the possibilities of playing movies VCD etc on ps2 including sites that I can visit for downloading. Cheers Little scottish guy

1121.7.2003 21:58

Help cooling fan not working fan is new and works on a differen PS2 does any one now where I can solder it to ??? Please

1222.7.2003 00:53 people realise what forum they are in?? This is for news comments, not problems. The whole point fo this forum was to tell you about the PS2 Forum. Why not use it gdavidson and Miguelcis :-)

1322.7.2003 11:38

people are always looking for help on news comments, it doesnt maytter and of course i cant move a post, i can only move a thread, and i cant move this thread from here to the ps2 forum ;-)

1422.7.2003 14:48

Hi sorry if I caused som agro but I thought asking a question on the capabilities of the PS2 was not a problem but a query. Gary

1522.7.2003 20:28

Nah its not really a problem at all just if u got any quetions mate the ps2 forum itself is the best place :-)

1614.8.2003 11:16

Hi i have a no solder mod chip for my v4 PS2 I was able to boot some of my older back up PS2 CD GAMES with thhe swap magic disk using alcohol 120 but when i tried to play a backup of my PS2 DVD game on a DVD+R disk it did not work. My v4 ps2 has kno problems reading dvd+r movie backups. What could be the porblem?

177.9.2003 05:26

hi guys, i own a ps1 (v.900x) chipped to play imports and backups. i have a lot of them. i will get a ps2 by christmas and i want a inf: can i boot up imports and backups on ps2 using the ps-x-change boot disc? Thanks

187.9.2003 05:50
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