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BD Rebuilder v0.38.09 Beta

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
BD Rebuilder is a simple GUI to shrink Blu-Ray disc with menus and extras using x264. Backup Blu-Ray to a DVDR or a BDR.
BD Rebuilder requires Haali Media Splitter FFDSHOW and AviSynth
This is not a decrypter program.

BD Rebuilder is Beta software. If you are having trouble with it, please read this thread.


BD Rebuilder v0.37.06 Beta

bd rebuilder gui blu-ray bluray x264 backup

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 23 Aug 2020
Downloads 74,471
File size 20.39 MB (< 3min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

23 Aug 2020BD Rebuilder v0.61.13(Latest stable version)
25 Dec 2019BD Rebuilder v0.61.01
06 Nov 2019BD Rebuilder v0.60.29
01 Oct 2019BD Rebuilder v0.60.26
03 Aug 2019BD Rebuilder v0.60.17
18 Oct 2018BD Rebuilder v0.60.03
29 Sep 2018BD Rebuilder v0.60.02
18 Oct 2017BD Rebuilder v0.50.25
01 Jul 2017BD Rebuilder v0.50.24
27 Jan 2017BD Rebuilder v0.50.22
21 Jan 2017BD Rebuilder v0.50.21
14 Nov 2016BD Rebuilder v0.50.19
18 Aug 2016BD Rebuilder v0.50.18
10 Jul 2016BD Rebuilder v0.50.16
24 Jan 2016BD Rebuilder v0.50.12
30 Sep 2015BD Rebuilder v0.50.10
13 Sep 2015BD Rebuilder v0.50.08
19 May 2015BD Rebuilder v0.50.07
14 Apr 2015BD Rebuilder v0.50.06
09 Mar 2015BD Rebuilder v0.50.05
17 Feb 2015BD Rebuilder v0.50.04
22 Jan 2015BD Rebuilder v0.50.03
29 Dec 2014BD Rebuilder v0.50.02
07 Dec 2014BD Rebuilder v0.50.01
20 Nov 2014BD Rebuilder v0.49.07
09 Oct 2014BD Rebuilder v0.49.05 Beta
03 Oct 2014BD Rebuilder v0.49.04 Beta
29 Sep 2014BD Rebuilder v0.49.02 Beta
23 Sep 2014BD Rebuilder v0.49.01 Beta
03 Sep 2014BD Rebuilder v0.48.05 Beta
29 Aug 2014BD Rebuilder v0.48.03 Beta
25 Aug 2014BD Rebuilder v0.48.02 Beta
23 Aug 2014BD Rebuilder v0.48.01 Beta
19 Jul 2014BD Rebuilder v0.47.07 Beta
04 May 2014BD Rebuilder v0.47.06 Beta
23 Apr 2014BD Rebuilder v0.47.05 Beta
07 Apr 2014BD Rebuilder v0.47.04 Beta
04 Mar 2014BD Rebuilder v0.46.14 Beta
17 Feb 2014BD Rebuilder v0.46.13 Beta
05 Feb 2014BD Rebuilder v0.46.11 Beta
04 Feb 2014BD Rebuilder v0.46.10 Beta
31 Jan 2014BD Rebuilder v0.46.07 Beta
25 Jan 2014BD Rebuilder v0.46.05 Beta
11 Jan 2014BD Rebuilder v0.46.03 Beta
20 Nov 2013BD Rebuilder v0.45.05 Beta
16 Nov 2013BD Rebuilder v0.45.04 Beta
10 Nov 2013BD Rebuilder v0.45.03 Beta
21 Sep 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.17 Beta
17 Aug 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.16 Beta
11 Jul 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.15 Beta
13 Jun 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.14 Beta
22 May 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.09 beta
13 May 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.06 beta
11 May 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.05 Beta
06 May 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.04 beta
05 May 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.03 beta
04 May 2013BD Rebuilder v0.44.02 beta
29 Mar 2013BD Rebuilder v0.43.06 Beta
09 Mar 2013BD Rebuilder v0.43.04 Beta
08 Mar 2013BD Rebuilder v0.43.03 Beta
27 Feb 2013BD Rebuilder v0.43.01 Beta
03 Jan 2013BD Rebuilder v0.42.08 Beta
18 Dec 2012BD Rebuilder v0.42.07 Beta
16 Dec 2012BD Rebuilder v0.42.06 Beta
08 Nov 2012BD Rebuilder v0.42.04 Beta
14 Sep 2012BD Rebuilder v0.42.03 Beta
11 Sep 2012BD Rebuilder v0.42.02 Beta
03 Aug 2012BD Rebuilder v0.41.01 Beta
22 Jul 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.11 Beta
06 Jun 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.10 Beta
12 Apr 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.09 Beta
27 Feb 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.08 Beta
17 Feb 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.07 Beta
13 Feb 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.06 Beta
12 Feb 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.05 Beta
08 Feb 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.02 Beta
01 Feb 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.02 Beta
30 Jan 2012BD Rebuilder v0.40.01 Beta
29 Dec 2011BD Rebuilder v0.39.07 Beta
16 Dec 2011BD Rebuilder v0.39.06 Beta
14 Dec 2011BD Rebuilder v0.39.05 Beta
29 Nov 2011BD Rebuilder v0.39.04 Beta
07 Nov 2011BD Rebuilder v0.39.03 Beta
24 Oct 2011BD Rebuilder v0.39.02 Beta
15 Sep 2011BD Rebuilder v0.39.01 Beta
13 Aug 2011BD Rebuilder v0.38.09 Beta
08 Aug 2011BD Rebuilder v0.38.08 Beta
21 Jun 2011BD Rebuilder v0.38.04 Beta
30 May 2011BD Rebuilder v0.38.03 Beta
16 May 2011BD Rebuilder v0.38.02 Beta
24 Apr 2011BD Rebuilder v0.37.08 Beta
30 Mar 2011BD Rebuilder v0.37.07 Beta
14 Mar 2011BD Rebuilder v0.37.06 Beta
16 Feb 2011BD Rebuilder v0.37.05 Beta
15 Feb 2011BD Rebuilder v0.37.04 Beta
16 Jan 2011BD Rebuilder v0.37.03 Beta
05 Jan 2011BD Rebuilder v0.37.01 Beta
22 Dec 2010BD Rebuilder v0.36.09 Beta
08 Dec 2010BD Rebuilder v0.36.06 Beta
21 Nov 2010BD Rebuilder v0.36.04 Beta
18 Nov 2010BD Rebuilder v0.36.03 Beta
10 Nov 2010BD Rebuilder v0.36.02 Beta
06 Nov 2010BD Rebuilder v0.36.01 Beta
11 Oct 2010BD Rebuilder v0.35.01 Beta
24 Sep 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.11 Beta
16 Sep 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.10 Beta
13 Sep 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.09 Beta
11 Aug 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.07 Beta
04 Aug 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.06 Beta
02 Aug 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.05 Beta
09 Jul 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.04 Beta
01 Jun 2010BD Rebuilder v0.34.02 Beta
26 May 2010BD Rebuilder v0.33.09 Beta
17 May 2010BD Rebuilder v0.33.07 Beta
25 Apr 2010BD Rebuilder v0.33.06 Beta
22 Apr 2010BD Rebuilder v0.33.05 Beta
12 Apr 2010BD Rebuilder v0.33.04 Beta
03 Apr 2010BD Rebuilder v0.33.02 Beta
08 Mar 2010BD Rebuilder v0.32.07 Beta
27 Feb 2010BD Rebuilder v0.32.05 Beta
24 Feb 2010BD Rebuilder v0.32.03 Beta
22 Feb 2010BD Rebuilder v0.32.02 Beta
12 Feb 2010BD Rebuilder v0.31.08 Beta
11 Feb 2010BD Rebuilder v0.31.07 Beta
06 Jan 2010BD Rebuilder v0.31.06 Beta
09 Dec 2009BD Rebuilder v0.31.05 Beta
05 Dec 2009BD Rebuilder v0.31.04 Beta
19 Nov 2009BD Rebuilder v0.31.02 Beta
02 Nov 2009BD Rebuilder v0.31.01 Beta
15 Oct 2009BD Rebuilder v0.30.04 Beta
30 Sep 2009BD Rebuilder v0.30.02 Beta
29 Sep 2009BD Rebuilder v0.30.01 Beta
25 Sep 2009BD Rebuilder v0.29.05 Beta
14 Sep 2009BD Rebuilder v0.29.04 Beta
09 Sep 2009BD Rebuilder v0.29.03 Beta
06 Sep 2009BD Rebuilder v0.29.01 Beta
24 Aug 2009BD Rebuilder v0.28.04 Beta
11 Aug 2009BD Rebuilder v0.28.03 Beta
10 Aug 2009BD Rebuilder v0.28.02 Beta
06 Aug 2009BD Rebuilder v0.27.01 Beta
04 Aug 2009BD Rebuilder v0.26.03 Beta
03 Aug 2009BD Rebuilder v0.26.02 Beta
23 Jul 2009BD Rebuilder v0.25.04 Beta
22 Jul 2009BD Rebuilder v0.24.03 Beta
19 Jul 2009BD Rebuilder v0.25.02 Beta
03 Jul 2009BD Rebuilder v0.24.02 Beta
01 Jul 2009BD Rebuilder v0.24.01 Beta
21 Jun 2009BD Rebuilder v0.23.02 Beta
09 Jun 2009BD Rebuilder v0.22.02 Beta
15 May 2009BD Rebuilder v0.20.09 Beta
11 May 2009BD Rebuilder v0.20.08 Beta
11 Mar 2009BD Rebuilder v0.20.03 Beta
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BD Rebuilder v0.32.07 Beta

Although this is still a work in progress its really quite effective for backing up BD movies. As of you yet I have not encountered a single movie that I couldnt back up with BD RB and thats quite a few successes. Ive encountered an issue here and there but I was able to resolve everyone of them with a little quick view of the structure, a little analysis, and a couple of setting changes.

A quick note: The reason that jdobbs set older versions to automatically disable is to prevent people who have errors with them from posting those errors and asking for assistance. BD RB has been verified to work with both 32 bit and 34bit versions of Vista and Win7 so if youre experiencing an error of some sort then there is another factor interfering.

I gave 4 stars because it is still a work in progress.

BD Rebuilder v0.31.08 Beta

Success once again with v0.31.07, just bought, ripped and shrunk Rambo2008 to 22.8GB. Gorgeous!! Will transfer to 1.5tb external for play through my WD HD live media player.. <br/> <br/>O.G. CpTHOOK

BD Rebuilder v0.31.06 Beta

Sorry Guys!! Forgot to mention... I'm running a Vista x64 quad Q6700 machine with 6gbRAM <br/> <br/>O.G. CpTHOOK

BD Rebuilder v0.31.06 Beta

Look here.... shrunk two BD's to BD-25 so far using .31.05(Inglorious Basterds), and .31.06(Sin City).. No problems. Followed the guide provided by AfterDawn, and both beta versions worked like clockwork. The only reason I upgraded to .31.06 is because the previous version prompted me to do so. Great Beta software!! far <br/> <br/>O.G. CpTHOOK

BD Rebuilder v0.31.06 Beta

Okay, this is a second follow up review. I have to agree with some who have used this app. You guys need to stop disabling your beta version of Bd Rebuilder. Period. I have tried multiple rips with a BD Rom and a BD RW, numerous reinstalls of ffdshow, avi synth as well as Hali Media Splitter and Nothing. Build .31.06 simply DOES NOT WORK with my Vista Rig. Luckily I have Ripbot264 to get me through. Please stop disabling your betas.