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Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.21

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks, and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server. Inorder to work Belarc Advisor needs a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Opera or one of Mozilla variants.


Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.13

belarc advisor belarc advisor cis anti-virus hotfix list

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 28 Jan 2019
Downloads 59,900
File size 1.71 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

28 Jan 2019Belarc Advisor v9.0(Latest stable version)
22 Feb 2018Belarc Advisor v8.6a
26 Nov 2017Belarc Advisor v8.6
05 Jan 2016Belarc Advisor v8.5c
09 Aug 2015Belarc Advisor v8.5a
30 Jul 2015Belarc Advisor v8.5
19 Oct 2013Belarc Advisor v8.4.0.0
30 Mar 2013Belarc Advisor v8.3.2.0
22 Dec 2012Belarc Advisor v8.3b
10 Nov 2012Belarc Advisor v8.3
11 Oct 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.18
13 Sep 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.17
26 Aug 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.16
24 Jul 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.15
25 Jun 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.76.13
17 Jun 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.12
04 Jun 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.11
29 May 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.10
15 May 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.9
14 May 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.8
13 Apr 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.7
18 Mar 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.6
24 Feb 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.5
15 Feb 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.4
18 Jan 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.3
13 Jan 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.2
04 Jan 2012Belarc Advisor v8.2.7.0
16 Dec 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.6.4
02 Dec 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.6.3
10 Nov 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.6.2
15 Oct 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.6.1
16 Sep 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.6.0
15 Sep 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2f
05 Sep 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.4.1
12 Aug 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.4.0
24 Jul 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.1.7
22 Jul 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.1.6
03 Jul 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.1.5
27 Jun 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2.1.4
25 May 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2a
20 May 2011Belarc Advisor v8.2
12 May 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.16
26 Apr 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.15
19 Apr 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.14
14 Apr 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.13
17 Mar 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.12
25 Feb 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.10
14 Feb 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.9
12 Jan 2011Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.7
20 Dec 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.5
15 Nov 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.4
10 Nov 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.3
15 Oct 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.2
13 Oct 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.1
24 Sep 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.16.0
16 Sep 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1p
03 Aug 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.13.7
01 Aug 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.13.6
28 Jun 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.13.4
14 Jun 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.13.3
17 May 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.13.2
07 May 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.13.0
17 Apr 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.11.5
10 Mar 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.11.2
11 Feb 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1k
11 Feb 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.11.0
02 Feb 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.8.5
12 Jan 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.8.3
04 Jan 2010Belarc Advisor v8.1.8.2
29 Dec 2009Belarc Advisor v8.1.8.0
21 Dec 2009Belarc Advisor v8.1.5.3
02 Dec 2009Belarc Advisor v8.1.5.2
15 Nov 2009Belarc Advisor v8.1.5.0e
27 Jun 2009Belarc Advisor v8.1.2.0
17 Jun 2009Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.23
14 May 2009Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.22
15 Apr 2009Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.21
20 Mar 2009Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.20
17 Feb 2009Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.19
12 Feb 2009Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.18
20 Dec 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.16
11 Dec 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.15
16 Nov 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.14
02 Nov 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.13
24 Oct 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.12
15 Oct 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.10
12 Sep 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.9
19 Aug 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.8
06 Aug 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.7
01 Aug 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.6
12 Jun 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.5
14 May 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.4
30 Apr 2008Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.3
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Belarc Advisor v8.4.0.0

Excellent for us custom box builders. I had (for the first time) 3 customers with issues in one week. I havent had 3 customers in 3 years with any issues pertaining to software. But, luckily, I kept records using Belarc and was able to quickly remedy their issues.

A life safer!!!

Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.10

I just downloaded this & it's TOO COOL!!! If you want to know EXACTLY WHERE AND WHAT YOU HAVE IN SOFTWARE IN ONE PLACE THIS IS IT!!!!MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belarc Advisor v7.2.24.7

I have been using this software for over four years and find it very useful. If you build computers as I do, knowing what you installed in each computer is a sure way to have a record and what those serial numbers are in case of a customer problem. Great to protect yourself against customers that want to blame problems on you when/if the customer modifies the purchased computer.