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HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.22

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
HWiNFO32 is a professional hardware information and diagnostic tool supporting the latest components, industry technologies and standards. HWiNFO32 is designed to collect and present the maximum amount of information possible about computer''s hardware which makes it suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well. Retrieved information is presented in a logical and easily understandable form and can be exported into various types of reports, such as Text, CSV, XML, HTML and MHTML.

Portable package containing both HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64


HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.04 HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.04 HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.04 HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.04

hwinfo32 hwinfo windows csv text xml html

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 24 Jun 2020
Downloads 10,757
File size 2.25 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

24 Jun 2020HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.28(Latest stable version)
02 Feb 2020HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.22
04 Dec 2019HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.20
15 Nov 2019HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.14
26 Sep 2019HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.12
05 Aug 2019HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.10
23 Jun 2019HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.08
01 Mar 2019HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.02
03 Jan 2019HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v6.00
04 Sep 2018HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.88
27 May 2018HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.84
15 Apr 2018HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.82
11 Mar 2018HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.74
07 Feb 2018HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.72
13 Dec 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.70
03 Nov 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.60
30 Sep 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.58
15 Aug 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.56
09 Jul 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.54
25 May 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.52
16 Apr 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.50
09 Mar 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.46
08 Feb 2017HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.44
28 Nov 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.40
13 Nov 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.38
05 Aug 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.34
06 Jul 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.32
05 Jun 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.30
05 May 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.24
09 Feb 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.20
07 Jan 2016HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.12
25 Nov 2015HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.10
11 Sep 2015HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.04
27 Jul 2015HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v5.02
12 May 2015HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.63-2510 Beta
29 Apr 2015HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.62
18 Mar 2015HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.60
28 Jan 2015HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.50
27 Nov 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.48
18 Oct 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.46
04 Sep 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.44
04 Aug 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.42
12 Jun 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.40
05 May 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.38
18 Mar 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.36
18 Feb 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.34
22 Jan 2014HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.32
11 Dec 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.30
23 Oct 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.26
11 Sep 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.24
10 Aug 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.22
26 Jun 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.20 Build 1960
16 May 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.18 Build 1930
09 Apr 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.16 Build 1900
12 Mar 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.14 Build 1880
04 Feb 2013HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.12 Build 1850
19 Dec 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.10 Build 1820
20 Nov 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.08 Build 1800
08 Oct 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.06 Build 1760
06 Sep 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.04 Build 1730
01 Aug 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.02 build 1700
29 Jun 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v4.00 Build 1680
16 May 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.96 Build 1640
18 Apr 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.95 Build 1600
21 Mar 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.94 Build 1550
15 Feb 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.93 Build 1530
18 Jan 2012HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.92 Build 1500
13 Dec 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.91 Build 1470
08 Nov 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.90 Build 1430
11 Oct 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.88 Build 1400
06 Sep 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.86 Build 1370
10 Aug 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.84 Build 1340
22 Jun 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.83 Build 1330
25 May 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.80 Build 1260
19 Apr 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.73 Build 1220
22 Mar 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.71 Build 1190
14 Feb 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.70 Build 1153
19 Jan 2011HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.67
22 Dec 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.65
22 Nov 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.62 Build 1022
20 Oct 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.61 Build 992
13 Sep 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.60-946
25 Aug 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.58 Build 913
01 Aug 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.56 Build 870
02 Jul 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.55 Build 815
25 May 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.51 Build 748
27 Apr 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.50 Build 715
30 Mar 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.45 Build 674
04 Mar 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.43 Build 623
10 Feb 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.41 Build 570
12 Jan 2010HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.35 Build 484
17 Dec 2009HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.32 Build 460
25 Nov 2009HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.30 Build 428
29 Oct 2009HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.25 Build 410
23 Sep 2009HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.20 Build 380
21 Jul 2009HWiNFO (Portable 32/64-bit) v3.10
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