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Version history for Miranda IM

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Changes for v0.10.69 - v0.10.70

  • – Update SQLite library
  • – Fix url opening issues

Changes for v0.10.56 - v0.10.64

  • – Fix x64 installer
  • – Fix installer typos
  • – Update installer system (NSIS)

Changes for v0.10.55 - v0.10.56

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library

Changes for v0.10.54 - v0.10.55

  • Bugfixes:
  • – NSIS system update
  • – Generate proper unicode installer

Changes for v0.10.46 - v0.10.47

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library

Changes for v0.10.45 - v0.10.46

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Minor installer updates
  • – Update installer package builder

Changes for v0.10.43 - v0.10.44

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library
  • – NSIS installer update w/ bug fixes

Changes for v0.10.42 - v0.10.43

  • Improvements:
  • – Update copyrights (2016 edition)
  • Bugfixes:
  • – Yahoo: Package issue fix

Changes for v0.10.41 - v0.10.42

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Improve SQLite efficiency

Changes for v0.10.40 - v0.10.41

  • Bugfixes:
  • – SQLite driver returned the wrong name
  • – SQLite driver is out of beta
  • – Minor bug fixes

Changes for v0.10.39 - v0.10.40

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Server configuration changes

Changes for v0.10.38 - v0.10.39

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library

Changes for v0.10.37 - v0.10.38

  • – Update SQLite library

Changes for v0.10.36 - v0.10.37

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library
  • – Minor bug fixes

Changes for v0.10.35 - v0.10.36

  • Improvements:
  • – Improved Windows 10 support in installer
  • Bugfixes:
  • – Minor installer bug fixes

Changes for v0.10.34 - v0.10.35

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library
  • – Minor bug fixes

Changes for v0.10.33 - v0.10.34

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library

Changes for v0.10.32 - v0.10.33

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Update SQLite library

Changes for v0.10.31 - v0.10.32

  • Enhancements:
  • – Update sqlite library
  • Bugfixes:
  • – Improved memory management

Changes for v0.10.30 - v0.10.31

  • Add SQLite database driver beta to contrib package (Use at your own risk!)

Changes for v0.10.29 - v0.10.30

Changes for v0.10.28 - v0.10.29

  • Enhancements:
  • Include new installer for Miranda IM x64
  • Bugfixes:
  • Update redistributable on each install to prevent misconfigurations

Changes for v0.10.27 - v0.10.28

  • – Minor bug fixes
  • – Minor translation fixes

Changes for v0.10.26 - v0.10.27

  • Enhancements:
  • Improved contact list SDK support

Changes for v0.10.24 - v0.10.25

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fix DBTool profile identification
  • MSN: Fix MSN login identification
  • Enhancements:
  • Switch to newer compiler which requires an included redistributable package

Changes for v0.10.23 - v0.10.24

  • Bugfixes:
  • Installer fixes (more internal NSIS updates)

Changes for v0.10.22 - v0.10.23

  • Bugfixes:
  • Installer fixes (internal NSIS update)

Changes for v0.10.21 - v0.10.22

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Installer fixes/changes
  • – Jabber: Fix issue with acknowledgement

Changes for v0.10.20 - v0.10.21

  • Bugfixes:
  • Update copyrights
  • Update notification was shown before first setup

Changes for v0.10.19 - v0.10.20

  • Fix possible crash with the file transfer dialog
  • Minor translation fix

Changes for v0.10.18 - v0.10.19

  • Fix for SCRAM authorization (affects servers)

Changes for v0.10.17 - v0.10.18

  • Bugfixes:
  • Change update server url (old style update server has been disabled on the server)

Changes for v0.10.16 - v0.10.17

  • Fix NSIS installer resource issue

Changes for v0.10.15 - v0.10.16

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Updated zlib to 1.2.8

Changes for v0.10.14 - v0.10.15

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed issue with uninstaller removing unwanted files
  • Enhancements:
  • Move download hosting to project website (Google Project Hosting is ending file download support)

Changes for v0.10.13 - v0.10.14

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Minor changes to installer format
  • – Jabber: Show Android users with correct status

Changes for v0.10.12 - v0.10.13

  • Bugfixes:
  • Add notification on account creation name duplication error
  • Updated installer to properly close Miranda during install process
  • Reduced installer size

Changes for v0.10.11 - v0.10.12

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Fixed memory leaks in options
  • – ICQ: Fixed password update issue
  • – ICQ: Fixed memory corruption issue during file transfers

Changes for v0.10.10 - v0.10.11

  • Bugfixes:
  • ICQ: Fixed possible crash
  • Jabber: Fixed reading status message from mobile users

Changes for v0.10.9 - v0.10.10

  • – Copyright updates
  • – Jabber: Fixed crash with mood message
  • – Jabber: Fixed XStatus issue

Changes for v0.10.8 - v0.10.9

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Fix issue with plugin build process
  • – Revert UAC installer changes

Changes for v0.10.6 - v0.10.8

  • Jabber: Update default icon pack with all status modes

Changes for v0.10.5 - v0.10.6

  • Fix Jabber Android Gtalk status mode

Changes for v0.10.4 - v0.10.5

  • Fixed mirandaboot.ini file encoding
  • Jabber: Fixed GSSAPI authentication
  • Jabber: Gtalk Android users were not shown as On the Phone status

Changes for v0.10.3 - v0.10.4

  • Bugfixes:
  • Installer fixes and improvements
  • Minor API issues
  • Minor documentation changes

Changes for v0.10.2 - v0.10.3

  • Installer will launch Miranda IM with user permissions (no longer require admin)

Changes for v0.10.1 - v0.10.2

  • Enhancements:
  • – Added Last Name – First Name sorting option to the contact list
  • – Installer improvements

Changes for v0.10.0 - v0.10.1

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Fixed icon pack packaging
  • – AIM: Fixed HTML decoding
  • – Jabber: Fixed disconnection issues on ping timeout

Changes for v0.9.52 - v0.10.0

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed rare crash
  • AIM: Fixed memory leaks
  • AIM: Fixed chat invitation messages
  • Jabber: Fixed GTalk login to invisible
  • MSN: Improved P2P connectivity
  • MSN: Fixed crashes
  • Yahoo: Fixed searching for AT&T user accounts
  • Enhancements:
  • New language pack format support and per user language packs
  • AIM: Establishing listening connection only when needed not on startup
  • Jabber: Re-designed resource selection logic to comply with RFC
  • MSN: Added Windows Phone detection
  • Yahoo: Added conference support

Changes for v0.9.51 - v0.9.52

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed minor avatar issues
  • Fixed issues with avatars in Clist Nicer

Changes for v0.9.50 - v0.9.51

  • Bugfixes:
  • – ICQ: Fixed display of avatars

Changes for v0.9.49 - v0.9.50

  • Enhancements:
  • – IPv6 support
  • – Unicode avatar paths support
  • – Per plugin language pack support
  • – Gadu-Gadu: Added login notifications
  • Bugfixes:
  • – Updated zlib library
  • – Updated scriver with new search engines
  • – Improved image handling services
  • – Gadu-Gadu: Improved error notifications
  • – Gadu-Gadu: Improved cancelling connection attempt
  • – Yahoo: Fixed contact authorization issues
  • – Yahoo: Fixed client detection

Changes for v0.9.48 - v0.9.49

  • Bugfixes:
  • Translation improvements
  • ICQ: Fixed issues transferring files with diretory structures
  • MSN: Fixed issues receiving offline messages

Changes for v0.9.47 - v0.9.48

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed window state of URLs opened in IE
  • Minor updates to TabSRMM plugin
  • Fix minor issue with SDK language pack tool

Changes for v0.9.46 - v0.9.47

  • Enhancements:
  • Added option to disable menu icons
  • Bugfixes:
  • Improved messaging window handling of avatars
  • Improved handling of missing image services
  • ICQ: Fixed possible crash
  • ICS: Minor translation fix
  • IRC: Improved connection speed
  • IRC: Fixed closing already closed port
  • Jabber: Changed ping stanza format to comply with XEP-0199

Changes for v0.9.45 - v0.9.46

  • Updated zlib library
  • Fixed issue creating directories
  • Fixed messaging window hang
  • Gadu-Gadu: Updates to the image dialog window
  • MSN: Fixed buffer overrun when receiving malformed messages
  • MSN: Fixed file transfer issues

Changes for v0.9.44 - v0.9.45

  • Bugfixes:
  • ICQ: More delivery confirmation fixes
  • MSN: Fixed connectivity issue
  • MSN: Fixed possible crashes

Changes for v0.9.43 - v0.9.44

  • Bugfixes:
  • Updated messaging and contact list plugins
  • ICQ: Fix delivery notifications
  • ICQ: Renamed server acknowledgement for clarity
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed overwriting image files

Changes for v0.9.42 - v0.9.43

  • Improved image services
  • Improved stability
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed reception of images without file extension
  • ICQ: Fixed issues sending messages
  • ICQ: Fixed possible crash
  • MSN: Fixed issues during file transfer cancellation

Changes for v0.9.41 - v0.9.42

  • Fixed Shift-Enter new line behavior in messaging window
  • Improved UPnP port mapping behavior
  • MSN: Fixed login issues
  • MSN: Improved nick name display in chat rooms
  • MSN: Improved connection handling
  • MSN: Removed media sharing popup

Changes for v0.9.40 - v0.9.41

  • Fix boot ini processing logic
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed ignoring rich text messages
  • Gadu-Gadu: Improved blocking/ignoring system
  • Jabber: Minor fix for the Jabber account item
  • MSN: Fixed connecting state issue

Changes for v0.9.38 - v0.9.39

  • Bugfixes:
  • UPnP failed on some routers

Changes for v0.9.37 - v0.9.38

  • Bugfixes:
  • Profile manager doesn?t react to changes in subfolders
  • Jabber: Fix rare crash
  • MSN: Do not transition to idle if you are away

Changes for v0.9.36 - v0.9.37

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed tray balloon notifications
  • Jabber: Fixed GTalk status message

Changes for v0.9.35 - v0.9.36

  • Fixed disabling hotkey issue
  • Fixed icon blinking
  • Jabber: Fixed inability login into Away with GTalk
  • MSN: Fixed contact jumping out of group
  • MSN: Fixed issues with multiple instances
  • MSN: Improved error notifications

Changes for v0.9.34 - v0.9.35

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed message sending retry issues
  • AIM: Fixed memory leak
  • AIM: Improved error notifications
  • ICQ: Fixed user info update
  • MSN: Fixed avatar/file transfer with WLM 2011
  • MSN: Fixed url reset when transitioning from old version

Changes for v0.9.33 - v0.9.34

  • Bugfixes:
  • AIM: Improved avatar support
  • MSN: Improved group chat entry UI
  • MSN: Fixed issue with one-to-one chats
  • Jabber: GTalk improvements with status modes

Changes for v0.9.32 - v0.9.33

  • Bugfixes:
  • Jabber: Fixed disconnection issue with compressed connections
  • Yahoo: File transfer fixes

Changes for v0.9.31 - v0.9.32

  • Fixed issue with file versions
  • AIM: Fixed problems with adding and moving contacts
  • AIM: Fixes for Blast groups
  • AIM: Better acknowledgments on message reception

Changes for v0.9.30 - v0.9.31

  • Bugfixes:
  • Minor display issue
  • MSN: Fixes for file transfers
  • MSN: Fixed receiving messages from Yahoo contacts

Changes for v0.9.29 - v0.9.30

  • Fixed search by name
  • Fixed UTF-8 language packs
  • Fixed issue with options ok/cancel buttons
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed setting and fetching avatar
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed setting and fetching user details
  • ICQ: Fixed client detection
  • Jabber: Fixed font settings
  • Jabber: Fixed XMPP server list retrieval
  • Jabber: Fixed roster group setup for Facebook accounts
  • Jabber: Privacy list UI was shown when not supported
  • MSN: Fixed user not online issue

Changes for v0.9.28 - v0.9.29

  • Improved IE autoproxy connectivity
  • Fixed crash in image services
  • ICQ: Fix issues with XStatus
  • MSN: Fixed crash on custom smiley transfer
  • MSN: Fixed Disable Popups checkbox
  • MSN: Fixed crash when contact specifies avatar with improperly encoded hash
  • MSN: Fixed crash on direct transfer with older clients
  • MSN: Fixed nickname update
  • Yahoo: Fixed version display

Changes for v0.9.27 - v0.9.28

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed XML parser causing issues with protocols
  • Fixed memory leaks

Changes for v0.9.26 - v0.9.27

  • Fixed time display when Disable Automatic daylight correction checkbox in Windows is cleared
  • Fixed show time different from current time
  • Fixed pressing button with space
  • Fixed utf8 langpacks and ansi translations
  • Fixed error notifications when protocols are offline
  • MSN: Fixed connectivity issues

Changes for v0.9.25 - v0.9.26

  • Enhancements:
  • – Added support for SOCKS5 proxy from autoconfig script
  • – Added the optional codepage parameter for langpacks to decode utf8-encoded files
  • – Gadu-Gadu: Added ability to view and disconnect active concurrent login sessions
  • – Gadu-Gadu: Added synchronization of sent messages between multiple concurrent logins
  • Bugfixes:
  • – Fixed url encoding api
  • – Fixed inability to connect when IE proxy settings are used and proxy autoconfig script returned ‘no proxy needed’
  • – Fixed proxy selection when proxy autoconfig script returns more then one proxy
  • – Fixed reporting for improperly terminated threads
  • – MSN: Fixed nudge sending

Changes for v0.9.24 - v0.9.25

  • Enhancements:
  • Jabber: Added the special field for the alternative nick in Jabber groupchats
  • Bugfixes:
  • Minor crash issue under Wine
  • ICQ: Minor spelling mistake
  • Jabber: Translation issues

Changes for v0.9.23 - v0.9.24

  • Enhancements:
  • Added installer option to install contrib (extra) plugins
  • Bugfixes:
  • Time zone improvements
  • Minor alignment issue in message window
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed bug that allowed invite your own contact to a conference
  • ICQ: Password dialog fixes
  • ICQ: X Status improvments
  • Jabber: Fixed moving to group

Changes for v0.9.22 - v0.9.23

  • Bugfixes:
  • Minor display issues
  • Jabber: Added support for old style plain authentication for Google Apps accounts and pre 2.1 versions of ejabberd

Changes for v0.9.21 - v0.9.22

  • Bugfixes:
  • – Version displayed incorrectly
  • – Jabber: Fixed XMPP roster editor export XML UTF-8 encoding

Changes for v0.9.20 - v0.9.21

  • Bugfixes:
  • Check DNS SRV records in priority order (Fixes login server issues)
  • Fix incorrect status mesage display in chat window
  • Fix broken display in font options
  • Jabber: Keep alive option works with XMPP ping
  • Jabber: Fix memory leaks
  • Jabber: Fix possible crash

Changes for v0.9.19 - v0.9.20

  • Fixed status message window title
  • Improved idle detection
  • Fixed rare crash in file transfers
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed disconnect and message duplication issue
  • Jabber: Fixed possible crash
  • Yahoo: Fixed avatar retrieval

Changes for v0.9.18 - v0.9.19

  • Fixed connection with some broken proxies
  • Fixed link to bug tracker
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed SSL connection issue in x64 version
  • IRC: Fixed ansi build issues
  • Jabber: Fixed handling caps for clients with no cap node in presence

Changes for v0.9.17 - v0.9.18

  • – Fixed shutdown after resume hibernate
  • – Fixed tab autocompletion in multi-user chats
  • – Gadu-Gadu: Fixed showing correct status of your own contact
  • – Jabber: Fixed status message notification in chat window
  • – Jabber: Fix for proper extended status handling
  • – Jabber: Fixed conference topic display
  • – MSN: Fixed idle handling
  • – MSN: Nickname wasn’t displayed for added contact
  • – Yahoo: Fixed adding contact to the list

Changes for v0.9.16 - v0.9.17 Beta 1

  • Enhancements:
  • Gadu-Gadu: Use core SSL support
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed unneeded crypt32 loading
  • Fixed account disabling confirmation
  • Fixed crash on exit when the account manager window is opened
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed memory leaks
  • ICQ: Fixed sending unicode messages
  • Jabber: Fixed adding contacts
  • Jabber: Fixed chat room issues
  • MSN: Status change fixes
  • MSN: Fixed idle handling

Changes for v0.9.15 - v0.9.16

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed minor UI issue in read status message dialog
  • Removed unused text from auth request dialog
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed file transfers with GG 8.x/10.x
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed cancelling outgoing file transfer while waiting for acceptance
  • ICQ: Fixed adding contacts to server list
  • Jabber: Fixed the caps calculation problems for the XMPP file sending
  • Yahoo: Fixed inability to create avatar cache folderh

Changes for v0.9.14 - v0.9.15

  • Bugfixes:
  • ICQ: HTML decoding issues
  • MSN: Fixed possible crash

Changes for v0.9.13 - v0.9.14

  • Enhancements:
  • Configurable timeout for http requests
  • ICQ: Improved client detection
  • IRC: Added support for extra variables
  • Jabber: Added option to disable version
  • Bugfixes:
  • AIM: Disabled SSL for mail connection
  • ICQ: Fixed password limitation issues
  • ICQ: Fixed message timeouts
  • IRC: Fixed memory leak
  • Jabber: Fixed Jabber GSSAPI authentication
  • Jabber: Fixed transport not supporting Skype transport with icons
  • Jabber: Fixed when contact added on the root level nick is lost
  • Jabber: Fixed the client’s icon in Jabber user info
  • Jabber: Fixed age calculation in Jabber user info
  • MSN: Fixed invisibility issues
  • MSN: Fixed double status change

Changes for v0.9.12 - v0.9.13

  • Closing Find/Add Contacts caused crash
  • Enter on options search closed options
  • ICQ: Added hints on password limiation to options

Changes for v0.9.11 - v0.9.12

  • Fixed UPnP for some routers
  • Fixed UPnP port forwarding
  • Fixed possible crash in file transfers window
  • AIM: Fixed crash when server not available
  • Gadu-Gadu: Improvements to the image dialog window
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed fetching avatars
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed search results encoding
  • ICQ: Improved client detection
  • ICQ: Fixed bug in client detection of Qnext v4
  • IRC: Improved Ident implementation
  • Jabber: Fixed changing status in jabber group chat
  • MSN: Fixes for bogus address book URL stuck in database

Changes for v0.9.11 - v0.9.12 Beta 1

  • Fixed UPnP for some routers
  • Fixed UPnP port forwarding
  • Fixed possible crash in file transfers window
  • AIM: Fixed crash when server not available
  • Gadu-Gadu: Improvements to the image dialog window
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed fetching avatars
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed search results encoding
  • ICQ: Improved client detection
  • ICQ: Fixed bug in client detection of Qnext v4
  • IRC: Improved Ident implementation
  • Jabber: Fixed changing status in jabber group chat
  • MSN: Fixes for bogus address book URL stuck in database

Changes for v0.9.11 Beta 1 - v0.9.11

  • Fixed 401 HTTP authentication
  • Show Status Changes option is not maintained (srmm only)
  • ICQ: Added automatic server upgrade for server migration
  • ICQ: Fix rare crash
  • ICQ: Fixed authorization requests
  • IRC: DCC fixes
  • Jabber: Updated GTalk default server settings

Changes for v0.9.9 - v0.9.10

  • Fixed memory leaks
  • ICQ: Fixed connection issues
  • Jabber: Fixed account manager dialog to not allow manually setting SSL/TLS flag for the GTalk accounts

Changes for v0.9.8 - v0.9.9

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed scrolling issues with smilies (srmm only)
  • Fixed url processing (srmm only)
  • Fixed search logic with old protocols
  • Fixed crash with autocomplete in chat window
  • Fixed taskbar blinking when hiding contact list
  • Improved HTTP authentication support
  • AIM: Fixed error message on closing system buddy window
  • ICQ: SSL fixes
  • ICQ: Fixed status message unrequested change
  • Jabber: Improved support for Jabber services
  • MSN: Fixed QuotaLimitExceeded issue
  • MSN: Fixes for contact addition
  • MSN: Fixed avatar transfer
  • Yahoo: Fixed setting avatar

Changes for v0.9.6 - v0.9.8

  • Enhancements:
  • Improved method selection for proxy authentication
  • Jabber: Added SMS service support
  • Bugfixes:
  • HTTP authentication fixes
  • Fixed SPN resolution for Kerberos authentication
  • Fixed auto scroll if log is focused (srmm only)
  • Fixed message window blinking even if focused (srmm only)
  • ICQ: Fixed retrieving user details deleting status message
  • ICQ: Fixed read status dialog
  • ICQ: Fixed default settings for SSL connection
  • Jabber: Hide custom search option if no interface is available
  • MSN: Fixed offline messaging

Changes for v0.9.5 - v0.9.6

  • Enhancements:
  • Added ability to paste files into the message window
  • Improved UPnP performance
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed crashes with OS older than Windows 2000
  • Fixed log scrolling down on message reception
  • ICQ: Fixed large icon retrieval
  • ICQ: Fixed not setting all the contacts offline on connection failure
  • IRC: Removed warning when manually going offline
  • IRC: Fixed connect on start failure
  • IRC: Fixed status handling on disconnect
  • Jabber: Fixed icon in group chat invitation
  • Jabber: Full XEP-0118 “User tune” conformance
  • Yahoo: Fixed random crash

Changes for v0.9.4 Beta 2 - v0.9.4

  • Enhancements:
  • Added skinnable sound for message sending error
  • Added display of current contact time in message status bar
  • AIM: Added support for strike-thru formatting
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed message window auto close
  • Fixed message window input area focus issue
  • Fixed typing notifications
  • Improved time zone estimation from GMT offset
  • HTTP gateway improvements
  • Fixed proxy authentication issues
  • AIM: Improved processing of XHTML
  • ICQ: Fixed ICQ statuses
  • ICQ: Fixed file transfer with UPnP router
  • ICQ: Fix for hang on exit
  • ICQ: Fixed crash in SSL mode
  • ICQ: Fixed HTTP gateway disconnect issues
  • ICQ: Fixed inability to connect when SSL and HTTP proxy selected
  • IRC: Fix for wrong IRC status
  • Jabber: Fixed memory leak
  • Jabber: Fixed profile manager UI issues
  • Jabber: Fix for groupchat’s nick extraction
  • Jabber: Fixed password encryption
  • Jabber: Account registration does not abort on inability to establish TLS connection
  • Yahoo: Improved sound registration

Changes for v0.9.4 Beta 1 - v0.9.4 Beta 2

  • This beta includes bug fixes found in the 0.9.x series.

Changes for v0.9.2 - v0.9.3

  • Bugfixes:
  • Last message received text missing
  • Fixed message window popup
  • Fixed group chat message highlighting
  • Fixed opening directory in file transfer
  • Fixed Basic authentication
  • Fixed contact list off the screen adjustment
  • Fixed upgrading profile path
  • Fixed full screen window detection with Win-D key
  • Fixed display issues with ‘You were added’ dialog
  • HTTP proxy processing improvements
  • AIM: Fixed possible crash in file transfer
  • ICQ: Translation fixes
  • ICQ: Fixed crash during avatar retrieval
  • ICQ: Improved client detection
  • ICQ: Fixed issues with setting away message
  • ICQ: Fixed deadlocks
  • IRC: Fixed disconnect issues
  • IRC: Show private messages in ANSI build
  • Jabber: Fixed rare crash
  • MSN: Fixed possible crash on disconnect

Changes for v0.9.1 - v0.9.2

  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed database upgrade logic
  • IRC: Fixed possible crash
  • Jabber: Can’t send messages on non-English language

Changes for v0.9.0 - v0.9.1

  • Enhancements:
  • Improved profile upgrade path logic
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed plugin file names
  • AIM: Fixed possible crash
  • IRC: Fixed crash on nick change

Changes for v0.9.0 Beta 2 - v0.9.0

  • Enhancements:
  • New improved protocols engine with full Unicode support
  • New high quality icon theme
  • Dynamic protocol’s menu creation
  • New Unicode-aware profile manager
  • Added the first official 64-bit core version
  • Added 32×32 pixels icons support
  • Added Windows 7 taskbar icon support
  • Added full Unicode file transfers
  • Added the Unicode search capability
  • Added the Unicode status messages processing
  • Added menu option to move all protocol menus to the status bar
  • Added SSL certificate validation
  • Added ability to transfer files longer than 4 GB
  • Added support for HTTP 1.1 persistent connections including persistent HTTP proxy connections
  • Added support for HTTP SPINEGO (Negotiate) authentication
  • Added support for Internet Explorer proxy settings usage including proxy auto configuration scripts
  • Added transparent HTTP proxy/server authentication if possible (no user settings needed)
  • Jabber: Added GSSAPI authentication
  • Jabber: Added API for the second-level Jabber subplugins
  • Jabber: Added ability to transfer files longer than 4 GB
  • Gadu-Gadu: Brought back and improved SSL support (still requires OpenSSL)
  • Gadu-Gadu: The complete avatars support
  • Gadu-Gadu: Custom profile folders plugin support for avatars and images
  • Gadu-Gadu: Added support for changing status by the user simultaneously logged on using different Miranda account or IM client
  • Gadu-Gadu: Improved showing links from unknown contacts
  • Gadu-Gadu: Split the protocol menu into two popup menus when it’s moved to the status bar
  • MSN: Added ability to transfer files longer than 4 GB
  • MSN: Added automatic connection method selection
  • YAHOO: Improved the login procedure
  • Bugfixes:
  • IRC: Fixed crash in file transfers
  • Jabber: Fixed group chat affiliation issue
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed setting status without status message
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed changing status while connecting
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed status mode/message change issue for yourself added to the contact list
  • Gadu-Gadu: Auto reconnect did not work in some cases
  • Gadu-Gadu: Improved thread safety
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed network logging
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed memory leaks

Changes for v0.9.0 Test 8 - v0.9.0 Test 11

  • ision 12078: Fixed tool window option application
  • Revision 12077: Fixed memory leak
  • Revision 12076: clist_modern: * fixed skin loading from DB
  • Revision 12075: Fixed memory leak
  • Revision 12074: Fixes for status bar

Changes for v0.9.0 Test 6 - v0.9.0 Test 7

  • improved icon library with the large icons support for Windows Vista & Windows 7;
  • GSS API authentication for Jabber;
  • Unicode authorization requests;
  • the complete avatars support for Gadu-Gadu;
  • numerous minor bugfixes & improvements

Changes for v0.8.11 - v0.9.0 Test 4

  • strongly modified tabSrmm;
  • some fixes for Jabber, MSN & YAHOO protos;
  • some fixes for Scriver.

Changes for v0.9.0 Test 1 - v0.9.0 Test 2

  • In build #2 there’re numerous bugfixes, and also the brand new tabSRMM, significantly rewritten and improved.

Changes for v0.8.3 - v0.9.0 Test 1

  • 1. From this build the 64-bit version of Miranda will be included. It requires the 64-bit Windows XP or Vista for x86-64 processors. Also it requires the MS Visual Studio 2008 runtime to be installed.
  • 2. The archive’s format switched to 7-zip due to the huge file’s size. To unpack them you should download the extractor from or use any modern file manager (Total Commander, FAR Manager etc.)
  • 3. Build includes the brand new pure Unicode file transfers. Now all protocols supported by the core are able to transfer files with any names.

Changes for v0.8.26 - v0.8.27

  • ICQ: Fixed status when AIM support enabled
  • MSN: Updated WLM 10 detection
  • MSN: Fix infinite loop
  • Yahoo: Fix empty “Nick” issues
  • Yahoo: Fixed client version detection
  • Yahoo: Fix issues with Yahoo! Japan

Changes for v0.8.25 - v0.8.26

Changes for v0.8.24 - v0.8.25

  • Fixed focus issues with file transfer minimize option
  • Fixed auth issues caused by deny reason dialog
  • Fixed dll dependancy issue with image processing library
  • Fixed account manager icon sizing issue
  • Fixed possible crash with IE 4 installed
  • AIM: Fixed ceritificate validation
  • ICQ: Fixed issue with ICQ not setting the status properly when AIM support is enabled
  • Jabber: Added SSL certificate validation for Google Apps accounts
  • MSN: Fixed possible crashes
  • MSN: Added workaround for file transfers with Pidgin
  • Yahoo: Minor translation fixes

Changes for v0.8.23 - v0.8.24

  • Fixed processing of special characters in multi-user chat windows
  • AIM: Fixed reception of messages in ISO 8859-1 codepage
  • Jabber: XStatus icons were shown incorrectly
  • Jabber: Fixed possible crash sending non-existent file

Changes for v0.8.22 - v0.8.23

  • Enhancements:
  • Updated icons by Angeli-Ka
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed drawing issues in Options and Find/Add
  • Fixed message duplication in the message log
  • Fixed message navigation in the message window
  • Jabber: Don’t show error message on reconnect request
  • Yahoo: UTF-8 fixes

Changes for v0.8.21 - v0.8.22

  • Enhancements:
  • Gadu-Gadu: Added typing notifications support
  • Yahoo: Enabled UTF-8 by default
  • Bugfixes:
  • Update zlib library to 1.2.5
  • ICQ: Added missing mobile icon to installer icon pack
  • Yahoo: Fixed issues with Yahoo Japan setting getting reset

Changes for v0.8.20 - v0.8.21

  • Jabber: Fixed PLAIN authentication with Unicode usernames/passwords
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed memory leaks

Changes for v0.8.18 - v0.8.19

  • More docking issues fixed
  • Updated zlib to version 1.2.4
  • MSN: Converted chat invitation menu to Unicode

Changes for v0.8.17 - v0.8.18

  • Enhancements:
  • MSN: Added ability to send authorization request message
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed docking with multiple monitors
  • Move to Group wasn’t sorted correctly
  • Improved error handling in file exists dialog
  • AIM: Fixed storing custom nickname on server when adding contact
  • AIM: Fixed random “Service not available” popups
  • AIM: Mapped “Miranda Merged” server group into Miranda root group
  • AIM: Fixed adding contacts
  • Jabber: Fix authentication issues
  • Jabber: Disabled TLS option when SASL authentication disabled
  • MSN: Fix issues with setting long status message

Changes for v0.8.16 - v0.8.17

  • Enhancements:
  • Installer now includes a portable mode option
  • Added auto rename button to file transfer file exists prompt
  • Bugfixes:
  • Minor fix for off screen positioning
  • Fixed docking issues with contact list
  • Gadu-Gadu: Improved message handling
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed memory leaks
  • Gadu-Gadu: Support contacts with large UINs
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed idle issues with empty status messages
  • MSN: Added handling of authentication failure due to incomplete profile
  • Jabber: Translation improvements

Changes for v0.8.15 - v0.8.16

  • Fix for deleting groups with contacts
  • Fix for moving contacts through groups
  • Fix main menu icon reference
  • Fix for main window off screen positioning
  • Fixed authorization dialog behaviors
  • AIM: Display nickname instead of screenname in chat
  • AIM: Fixed encrypted and formatted messages with Metacontacts
  • ICQ: Fix for long error messages
  • Yahoo: Added Yahoo 10.0 client detection

Changes for v0.8.14 - v0.8.15

  • Bugfixes
  • Jabber: Disable TLS in the Facebook Chat account type
  • Yahoo: Improved offline messaging support for Meta plugin

Changes for v0.8.13 - v0.8.14

  • Enhancements:
  • Jabber: Added a “Facebook Chat” type to setup Facebook accounts easily
  • Bugfixes:
  • ICQ: Fixed ICQ7 client detection
  • Jabber: Fixed possible crash on reconnection attempt
  • Jabber: Fixed status menu

Changes for v0.8.12 - v0.8.13

  • Enhancements:
  • ICQ: Improved AIM capabilities detection
  • ICQ: Added ICQ 7 client detection
  • Bugfixes:
  • Incompatible contact list plugins could load on startup
  • ICQ: Fixed possible memory leak
  • Jabber: Minor translation fixes
  • MSN: Fixed issue with SOAP requests
  • MSN: Fixed issue denying users
  • Yahoo: Fixed nudges
  • Yahoo: Support cancelling file transfer in progress

Changes for v0.8.11 - v0.8.12

  • Fixed crash during NTLM authentication
  • Fixed possible crash in internal history viewer
  • Fixed “Move to Group” issue
  • AIM: Fixed crash issue
  • AIM: Contact lost custom name when moving to different group
  • Jabber: Fixed rare crashes
  • Jabber: Privacy lists were missing from the list editor
  • Jabber: Fixed options UI issues
  • Yahoo: Fix memory leaks

Changes for v0.8.10 - v0.8.11

  • Enhancements:
  • Windows 7 Taskbar support for file transfer progress
  • Bugfixes:
  • ICQ: Possible crash loading avatar from cache
  • Yahoo: Improvements in comparing Yahoo ids
  • Yahoo: Display fix for email notifications
  • Yahoo: Fixed login issue

Changes for v0.8.9 - v0.8.10

  • SSL improvements on Windows 9x
  • Jabber: Improve support for Jabber transports
  • Jabber: Fixed memory leak & crash in privacy lists
  • MSN: Fix for forward list
  • MSN: Added stripping new style of MSN color codes

Changes for v0.8.9 - v0.8.10 Beta 1

  • SSL improvements on Windows 9x
  • Jabber: Improve support for Jabber transports
  • Jabber: Fixed memory leak & crash in privacy lists
  • MSN: Fix for forward list
  • MSN: Added stripping new style of MSN color codes

Changes for v0.8.8 - v0.8.9

  • Fix for entering cyrillic chars into the profile manager
  • Translation fixes
  • Fixed SSL connection failure handling
  • Fixed potential buffer overflow issue
  • ICQ: Fixed keep-alive option default value
  • Jabber: Fixed certificate validation for TLS connection
  • MSN: Fixed issue in MSN chats with unicode characters
  • Yahoo: Fix for Yahoo search

Changes for v0.8.7 - v0.8.8

  • Enhancements
  • Added new update notification options
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed possible crash in contact list menus
  • AIM: Fixed setting user preferences
  • Jabber: Fix for ANSI version of Jabber
  • Yahoo: Minor options text changes

Changes for v0.8.7 Preview Release 1 - v0.8.7

  • Enhancements
  • New update notification detection
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed possible crash on startup
  • Jabber: Fixed SASL authentication
  • MSN: Fixed MSN contact search
  • MSN: Disabled server list options when MSN not logged-in
  • MSN: Added removal of new style for MSN color codes in nicks and status messages
  • MSN: Fixed infinite loop on authorization failure

Changes for v0.8.6 - v0.8.7 Preview Release 1

  • Enhancements:
  • New update notification detection
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed possible crash on startup
  • Jabber: Fixed SASL authentication
  • MSN: Fixed MSN contact search
  • MSN: Disabled server list options when MSN not logged-in
  • MSN: Added removal of new style for MSN color codes in nicks and status messages
  • MSN: Fixed infinite loop on authorization failure

Changes for v0.8.6 Preview Release 1 - v0.8.6

  • Enhancements
  • Performance improvements with network logging disabled
  • AIM: Added send directory ability
  • MSN: Added ability to transfer all files in a directory
  • MSN: Use protocol username for chat names in contact list
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed possible crash in the file transfer window while scrolling
  • Fixed file transfer resume
  • AIM: AIM 7 is now detected
  • AIM: Improved file transfer support
  • Jabber: Ignored the “Manual host” setting during the account registration
  • MSN: Fixed chats with IM Control users
  • MSN: Auth request reason is now displayed
  • MSN: Fixed deletion of contact from Hotmail address book
  • MSN: Fixed avatar sending on chat session

Changes for v0.8.5 - v0.8.6 Preview Release 1

  • Enhancements:
  • Performance improvements with network logging disabled
  • AIM: Added send directory ability
  • MSN: Added ability to transfer all files in a directory
  • MSN: Use protocol username for chat names in contact list
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed possible crash in the file transfer window while scrolling
  • Fixed file transfer resume
  • AIM: AIM 7 is now detected
  • AIM: Improved file transfer support
  • Jabber: Ignored the “Manual host” setting during the account registration
  • MSN: Fixed chats with IM Control users
  • MSN: Auth request reason is now displayed
  • MSN: Fixed deletion of contact from Hotmail address book
  • MSN: Fixed avatar sending on chat session

Changes for v0.9.0 Test 1 - v0.8.5

Changes for v0.8.3 - v0.8.4

  • Enhancements
  • Gadu-Gadu: Added option: ‘Show links from unknown contacts’
  • Yahoo: Improved login error detection
  • Bugfixes
  • Installer uses safer method of previous installation choices detection
  • AIM: Fixed mail notifications
  • AIM: Filenames were not correct on file receive
  • AIM: Fixed setting status message to not supported status
  • Gadu-Gadu: Icons were not installed correctly
  • Gadu-Gadu: Fixed crash opening new conference
  • Gadu-Gadu: Removed ‘Show contacts not on my list having me on their list’ option due to the server changes
  • ICQ: Advanced search was not working in some cases
  • Jabber: Ignored Google Talk custom domains in account manager
  • Jabber: Receiving messages stops if tag in response is incomplete
  • Jabber: Group chat invites didn’t process non-legacy invites
  • Jabber: Fix for rare crash
  • Jabber: Handle realms correctly in Digest-MD5 SASL
  • MSN: Fixed setting status message to not supported status

Changes for v0.8.3 - v0.8.4 Preview Release 2

  • Gadu-Gadu: Fix possible hang during login
  • Jabber: Handle realms correctly in Digest-MD5 SASL

Changes for v0.8.2 - v0.8.3

  • Fixed contact list minimum row height determination
  • AIM: Chat message processing improvements
  • AIM: Fixed error messages during nickname upload
  • AIM: File transfer improvements
  • Jabber: Fix for saving the checkbox value in password dialog
  • MSN: Away message api compatibility improvement

Changes for v0.8.1 - v0.8.2

  • Enhancements
  • Improved account deletion support
  • MSN: Non IM contacts removed from the contact list and database
  • Yahoo: Removed “Show Profile” for non Yahoo contacts
  • Bugfixes
  • Fix for ssl errors when client tries to send on closed connection
  • AIM: File transfer fixes
  • IRC: Own actions were not always shown
  • Jabber: Random disconnect issue caused by timeouts
  • Jabber: Fixed encrypted messages being empty (XEP-0027)

Changes for v0.8.1 Preview Release 5 - v0.8.1

  • Enhancements
  • Improve account renaming inside of the account manager
  • Notification if missing messaging plugin
  • Bugfixes
  • Improved upgrade procedure when using older contact list and messaging plugins
  • Network list in options wasn’t sorted
  • Fixed missing icon/menu issues
  • Fixed crash in options on XP pre SP2
  • Fixed errors loading dlls on wrong OS
  • Fixed drawing background in options search
  • Fixed account removal handling
  • Fixed hotkey issue with some MS keyboards
  • Fixed possible crash with event data
  • AIM: Fixed issue with multiple connection requests
  • AIM: Fixed issue setting AIM profile
  • ICQ: Fixed AIM away message handling (caused online status to be seen as away in some clients)
  • IRC: Possible crash on specific alias
  • MSN: Fixed renaming nickname from options
  • MSN: Fixed Offline messaging reception from Beejive client
  • Yahoo: Show download progress properly
  • Yahoo: Cancel out in the middle of file receive.
  • Yahoo: Main menu fixes

Changes for v0.8.1 Preview Release 4 - v0.8.1 Preview Release 5

  • Update TabSRMM
  • Yahoo: Main menu fixes
  • More tray icon processing changes
  • Scriver: Re-introduce avatar resizing
  • Fixed connection failure when AIM receive multiple connection request in a row
  • IRC: Possible crash on particular alias

Changes for v0.8.1 Preview Release 3 - v0.8.1 Preview Release 4

  • Fixed possible memory corruptions in ANSI builds
  • Added warning if messaging plugin is missing
  • IRC: Fixed saving user info string in some cases
  • More account menu fixes
  • Fixed protocol sequence recovery logic
  • Fixed AIM profile setting
  • Fixed AIM memory leaks
  • Fixed crash of TabSRMM and %a

Changes for v0.8.1 Preview Release 2 - v0.8.1 Preview Release 3

  • Fix crashes with corrupted db events
  • Fixed hotkey issue with some MS keyboards
  • Fixed account removal handling
  • Fixed menu/icon issues with protocol accounts
  • Fixed visibility calculation
  • Fixed legacy style popup menu creation
  • ICQ: Fixed AIM away message handling (caused online status to be seen as away in some clients)

Changes for v0.7.19 - v0.8.0

  • Support for multiple accounts (without dll renaming) for all protocols
  • SSL support has been added to the core
  • Support for compressed HTTP transactions
  • AIM: Unicode messaging, status messages, profiles
  • AIM: Offline messaging
  • AIM: Set/retrieve status message for any status
  • AIM: Ability to set your own avatar
  • AIM: Privacy settings & lists support
  • AIM: Server groups support
  • AIM: Group Chat support
  • AIM: SSL server connection support
  • ICQ: Fixed receiving of multi-part messages (only first part was received)
  • ICQ: Fixed processing of UTF-8 encoded status messages from QIP
  • ICQ: New offline messages protocol (supports unicode)
  • ICQ: New user details protocol support (fully unicode aware)
  • ICQ: Added support for status notes & moods
  • ICQ: URL events are now received as normal messages
  • ICQ: Ability to send/receive contacts to/from ICQ6 and AIM
  • ICQ: Server-list support now groups requests
  • IRC: IRC servers now stored in the database
  • IRC: Filter for IRC channel list
  • IRC: Enhanced identd processing
  • IRC: Added menu item for nickserv commands
  • IRC: Auto request client info on adding to contacts or private message
  • IRC: Enhanced WhoIs request
  • IRC: CTCP events are shown in the server window
  • IRC: Close windows with ESC button
  • IRC: Quick Connect now allows manual input of server parameters
  • Jabber: Bunch of new XMPP extensions implemented (XEPs: 70, 83, 108, 147, 184, 224, 232 and other)
  • Jabber: Massive improvements in filetransfers
  • Jabber: Improved GnuPG messages handling (using SecureIM/GPG plugins)
  • Jabber: Localized server messages support (xml:lang, RFC 3920 section 4.4)
  • Jabber: Server side notes (Miranda own extension)
  • Jabber: Ability to invite chat users to another rooms
  • Jabber: Directed presences, ability to change connection priority
  • Jabber: Display active resource of user in message window
  • Jabber: Jabber VCard moved integrated with user details
  • Jabber: Redesigned almost all dialogs (roster editor, bookmarks, privacy lists, groupchat join, user info and other)
  • Jabber: Redesigned menus (main menu in status bar, privacy lists menu, custom status, priority menu, groupchat menus and other)
  • Jabber: Added new and updated old icons, improvements in UI
  • Jabber: Added hotkeys and toolbar buttons
  • Jabber: Options to auto-accept authorization requests and auto-reject invites to conferences
  • Jabber: CTRL key shows disabled items in most menus
  • Jabber: Various improvements in groupchats (show online status, improved topic and nick change dialogs and other)
  • Jabber: Improved remote controlling (resources in forwarded messages, keep last options, leave groupchats)
  • Jabber: Added display of quit messages, ability to send quit and “slap” messages
  • Jabber: “Use hostname as resource” option
  • Jabber: Improvements in XML Console (filters, formatting)
  • Jabber: Ability to show jabber presence subscription states and errors
  • MSN: Rewritten to support WLM 8.5 protocol (and all it features)
  • MSN: Offline messaging
  • MSN: Added Hotmail Notifier functionality
  • Yahoo: Added Yahoo 9.x protocol support
  • Yahoo: File transfer overhauled with support for batches of files
  • Yahoo: Added user info dialog for Yahoo that shows more detailed information
  • Yahoo: Improved support for HTTP proxies
  • Yahoo: Yahoo Japan support
  • Yahoo: Yahoo now provides a Unicode version
  • Bugfixes
  • ICQ: Fixed receiving of multi-part messages (only first part was received)
  • ICQ: Fixed processing of UTF-8 encoded status messages from QIP
  • Jabber: Fixed various serious bugs (accidental account unregister, message sender spoofing, roster access by remote users)
  • Jabber: Fixed wrong timestamps in offline and forwarded messages, fixed xmpp time answers
  • Jabber: Various connection stability fixes (XMPP ping, ZLib keepalive and other)
  • Jabber: Fixed chat issues with autojoin and unstable connection
  • Jabber: Fixed displaying of active resource (including software info) in contact list
  • Yahoo: Tons of bug fixes

Changes for v0.8.0 Preview Release 10 - v0.8.0 Preview Release 11

  • This release includes some file transfer interface improvements along with a minor MSN fix.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 34 - v0.8.0 Preview Release 10

  • Improved connection times
  • Improved file transfer screen refresh
  • Hyperlink control background fix
  • ICQ: Fixed user details handling of phones, interests, and timezone
  • ICQ: Fix for options dialog to fit in options window
  • Tabsrmm added new user variable %a
  • Fixed network locks in core
  • Fix exit on menu click
  • Fixed multiple status windows issue
  • Account manager crash fix and other UI fixes
  • Jabber: Fixed loading of server urls

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 33 - v0.8.0 Test 34

  • includes nothing but a bunch of very serious fixes: memory leak fixes, crash fixes, stability improvements. Just a weekly refreshment build.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 32 - v0.8.0 Test 33

  • some memory leaks and crashes were fixed;
  • almost all IRC bugs were fixed;
  • some fixes for Jabber & AIM;
  • some minor fixes for the core.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 31 - v0.8.0 Test 32

  • New portion of fixes, for the core, AIM, Jabber & MSN.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 30 - v0.8.0 Test 31

  • Another portion of very important fixes, for clist menus and statuses.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 29 - v0.8.0 Test 30

  • includes nothing but numerous bugfixes, in almost all plugins & the core.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 28 - v0.8.0 Test 29

  • redesigned YAHOO protocol with multi-account support (thanks to Gennady Feldman for that);
  • the preview of new Miranda’s options, awaited for a long time (by nullbie). If you don’t need them, simply disable/remove the modernopt plugin.
  • the whole bunch of various fixes, changes & patches were applied, tens bugs were closed in the bug tracker.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 27 - v0.8.0 Test 28

  • bugfixes in almost all modules, including the core.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 25 - v0.8.0 Test 27

  • a whole bunch of small fixes in the core, Jabber, Aim, MSN;
  • new build of tabSRMM.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 23 - v0.8.0 Test 24

  • significantly rewritten AIM & YAHOO protocols;
  • some fixes for MSN protocol;
  • some minor fixes for core.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 22 - v0.8.0 Test 23

  • a couple of nasty bugs was fixed in MSN, one of them might cause crashes;
  • minor fixes for ICQ, Jabber & YAHOO protocols;
  • minor changes & fixes for Scriver & tabSRMM.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 21 - v0.8.0 Test 22

  • Changes in options pages
  • Fixes for lockup in MSN+tabSRMM
  • Fixes for Scriver & Gadu-Gadu protos

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 20 - v0.8.0 Test 21

  • some serious fixes for MSN;
  • minor bugfixes for the core.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 19 - v0.8.0 Test 20

  • crash in clist modern soon after start;
  • the invisible crash in Jabber, which causes a protocol not to respond on any command until the restart.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 16 - v0.8.0 Test 17

  • Attempt was made to exclude the possibility of crashes caused by threads which were owned by the dynamically unloaded protocol object. Also the architecture of loading & unloading protocols was slightly redesigned
  • Some minor fixes were made to the core, GG & MSN protocols
  • Ono added mingw makefiles and adapted the source code to be compiled by this free compiler (although nightly builds were, are and will be compiled by Visual C++)

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 15 - v0.8.0 Test 16

  • some serious changes were made to the clist_modern plugin;
  • a few bugfixes for MSN, Jabber & AIM protocols;
  • a few changes for the core.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 14 - v0.8.0 Test 15

  • some changes & additions for Jabber interface;
  • massive update for tabSRMM due to a merge of so called “tab mod plus” patch;
  • some fixes & updates for Scriver & Clist Modern ;
  • bug fixes & updates for MSN & AIM protocols;
  • some fixes for import.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 13 - v0.8.0 Test 14

  • Massive update for TabSRMM
  • Important fixes for IRC, AIM, and Yahoo
  • Memory leak fix in SRMM
  • Updates to new file transfers UI

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 12 - v0.8.0 Test 13

  • multiaccount-aware AimOscar protocol;
  • new file transfer dialog design;
  • multiple stabilization fixes for ICQ, Jabber;
  • some fixes for MSN, tabSRMM, clist_nicer.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 11 - v0.8.0 Test 12

  • Build 12 offers one main new feature: multiaccount ICQ protocol. As usual, it may be a bit unstable because of the enormous amount of changes made in it, but it works more or less ok on my machine.
  • Also, clist_modern contains a large portion of new & redesigned code.
  • Nothing else was added, just some bugfixes to MSN & Jabber

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 10 - v0.8.0 Test 11

  • a lot of additions & fixes for Account Manager dialog (options preview window, account upgrader for old dll copies, etc.);
  • the Protocols Order dialog fixed, plus some fixes were made to clist_nicer, considering status bar drawing;
  • many fixes for IRC & Jabber, also about multiaccounting;
  • some fixes for MSN (mostly regarding avatars load).

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 9 - v0.8.0 Test 10

  • some fixes in MSN protocol;
  • changes in tabSRMM plugin.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 8 - v0.8.0 Test 9

  • The account management. Now the core supports the special kind of protocols which allow to create many accounts using the single DLL. Right now only Jabber protocol is written that way, hopefully all another kernel protos will follow it.
  • If you have the old accounts, created by copies of jabber.dll, you can upgrade them to a new model. Remove these copies of jabber.dll and create an account, which should have exactly the same module name your old dll had, in uppercase. I.e., if you had a jbr2.dll, you should create an account named JBR2. In future this procedure will be simplified.
  • Since build 9 all plugins without a UUID will be ignored by Miranda’s core. So, before upgrading to build 9, please revise your plugins: all of them without a Unique ID in Options -> Protocols will be lost. If these plugins are important, please wait until the addons site will be revived.
  • The general warning is: USE THIS BUILD WITH THE EXTREME CARE. Don’t delete the previous test build, #7 or #8. Make a database backup before running this build. Too many changes were introduced into the core, and it might be unstable (although we wanted to make it rock solid :)
  • Also:
  • some fixes were made to the MSN protocol;
  • Scriver was changed a bit.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 7 - v0.8.0 Test 8

  • dbtool plus by Bio was merged with the standard one. So the standard dbtool should have now the advanced error detection , database processing, diagnostics echancements and improved operations speed. Test it please.
  • some fixes were made in ICQ & MSN protocols.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 6 - v0.8.0 Test 7

  • Build 7 accumulates a horde of recent fixes made to almost all plugins & protocols: IcqOscarJ, MSN, Jabber, tabSRMM, Scriver etc.
  • Also, I have to say that build 7 is last more-or-less-stable nightly build of 0.8 for a relatively long while. In the next build, which can be delayed for maybe two weeks, the core with new protocols will be introduced, and it will cause compatibility problems. We’ll try to do our best, but… I recommend to backup this build and use it when you’ll have troubles.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 5 - v0.8.0 Test 6

  • Traffic Counter (Unicode and ANSI versions);
  • Console (Unicode and ANSI versions).
  • Also, as usual, there were many changes:
  • a portion of fixes for tabSRMM & Scriver plugins;
  • numerous fixes and additions for MSN & Jabber protocols;
  • some fixes for clist_modern plugin.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 4 - v0.8.0 Test 5

  • grouping & popup-menu were added to hotkeys;
  • very important bug was fixed in ICQ, which could prevent contacts from being uploaded to the server;
  • some fixes for AIM, Jabber & MSN protos;
  • a few fixes inside the core.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 3 - v0.8.0 Test 4

  • In build an attempt was made to combine new hotkey changes made by the_leech with a hotkey patch provided by nullbie. As the result all hotkey editors were removed from clist plugins, and the hotkey editor now lives in the core.
  • massive changes were made in Scriver;
  • some bugs were fixed in the netlib support, including fixes for crashes on exit;
  • some fixes were made in AimOscar, MSN, Jabber;
  • Alex added some fixes to clist_nicer & tabSRMM.

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 2 - v0.8.0 Test 3

  • Some improvements in utf8 processing in the core
  • Many improvements to the MSN protocol
  • A lot of fixes for the Scriver and clist_modern plugins
  • Some fixes for Jabber and AIM protocols

Changes for v0.8.0 Test 1 - v0.8.0 Test 2

  • many important fixes & changes in MSN protocol;
  • also a lot of fixes & improvements in Jabber;
  • some fixes for IcqOscarJ protocol;
  • new fast hooks for Miranda netlib services (0.8.2+);
  • some fixes for Scriver & clist_modern plugins.

Changes for v0.7.1 - v0.8.0 Test 1

  • All changes made for the stable version (0.7.1)
  • Some fixes for Jabber

Changes for v0.7.18 - v0.7.19

  • ICQ: Fixed server connection thread issue

Changes for v0.7.17 - v0.7.18

  • Windows compatibility improvements
  • ICQ: Improved server list processing
  • ICQ: New contacts sometimes showed as offline
  • ICQ: Fixed server warning on login
  • ICQ: Possible crash processing time

Changes for v0.7.15 - v0.7.17

  • Windows compatibility improvements

Changes for v0.7.14 - v0.7.15

  • Windows compatibility improvements
  • Registry key no longer written on launch of Miranda IM
  • Improved keyboard support in import dialog
  • Improved hotkey support in delete contact dialog
  • Fixed issue with failed searches

Changes for v0.7.13 - v0.7.14

  • AIM: Fixed timeout issue
  • ICQ: Minor packet issue
  • ICQ: Login enhancements
  • Fix typo in sound options

Changes for v0.7.12 - v0.7.13

  • Enhancements:
  • Installer remembers install options for upgrades
  • Bugfixes:
  • Update Help/Support link
  • Jabber: Don't remove self contact from contact list if still in roster
  • Jabber: Fixed timezone conversion issue

Changes for v0.7.11 - v0.7.12

  • MSN: File transfer was broken

Changes for v0.7.8 - v0.7.10

  • Gadu-Gadu: Fix issue adding contacts with empty list
  • MSN: Error 800 issue in last release

Changes for v0.7.7 - v0.7.8

  • Enhancements:
  • SSL library included to provide ssl support
  • ICQ: Improved client detection
  • Jabber: Enable StartTLS by default
  • Bugfixes:
  • Safer port opening for incoming connections
  • Language pack translations did not always translate correctly
  • ICQ: Skinned protocol icon was sometimes incorrect
  • MSN: Improved BBCode processing

Changes for v0.7.6 - v0.7.7

  • Some tooltips didn't properly support UNICODE
  • AIM: Improved client detection
  • ICQ: ICQ server sometimes repeated offline messages
  • MSN: Added stripping BBCode from nicknames

Changes for v0.7.4 - v0.7.5

  • Enhancements:
  • Added a "Check for Updates" menu item
  • AIM: Added skinnable icons
  • Bugfixes:
  • Group chat options didn't use tabbed interface under "Group chats"
  • AIM: Fixed possible crashes
  • AIM: Fixed possible memory leaks
  • AIM: Profile editor shown incorrectly
  • ICQ: Fix problem with transfers through LAN
  • Jabber: Problem receiving '&' character
  • Yahoo: Global status change ignored status lock
  • Yahoo: Avatars were not enabled by default

Changes for v0.7.3 - v0.7.4

  • Enhancements:
  • Ability to show unicode tooltips
  • Improved uPnP handling for various routers
  • Status menu width fix
  • ICQ: Use new offline messaging protocol (supports unicode)
  • ICQ: Ability to send/receive contacts to/from ICQ6 and AIM
  • ICQ: Ability to view/set ICQ6 compatible custom statuses (icons only)
  • ICQ: Reinvented known spam bot blocking
  • Jabber: Group chat jid list filters implemented
  • MSN: Added WLM 9 detection
  • MSN: Added ability to receive GIF avatars
  • MSN: Added custom smiley reception
  • MSN: Added avatar display for the contact that is yourself
  • MSN: Added error messages on failure to find / store avatar
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed HTTP processing
  • Fixed crashes in multiple conditions
  • ICQ: Fixed receiving of multi-part messages (only first part was received)
  • ICQ: Fixed connection problems with many contacts in the server-list
  • ICQ: Do not lose server-list contacts due to too long nicknames/comments
  • ICQ: Fixed possible crash during file transfer
  • Jabber: Crash on group chat join from service discovery
  • Jabber: Memory leak fixes in dialogs
  • Jabber: Client version was wrongly updated when sending message to an offline contact
  • MSN: Offline messaging for people with long nicknames
  • MSN: Disconnect when receive Hotmail notification
  • MSN: Inability to login with error 923
  • MSN: Fixed disconnect / inability to login due to sending corrupted messages
  • MSN: Fixed for nudge sending / receiving
  • MSN: Fixed moving contact to root

Changes for v0.7.2 - v0.7.3

  • MSN: URL encoding of utf8 was broken
  • Jabber: Contact list vulnerability fixed

Changes for v0.7.1 - v0.7.2

  • Jabber: Added "Toggle Member" item
  • Jabber: Added items count in jid lists
  • Jabber: Added display of quit messages
  • IRC: Handle on the phone and out to lunch events
  • Jabber: Wrong timestamp for message forwarded from another client
  • MSN: Potential buffer overflow issue
  • MSN: Block MSN system alerts
  • Yahoo: Potential buffer overflow issue

Changes for v0.7.0 - v0.7.1

  • Enhancements:
  • Improved icon skinning engine performance
  • ICQ: Enable ICQ 6 photo handling
  • Jabber: Improved avatar processing
  • MSN: Added per message nickname display
  • MSN: Improved status message processing
  • Bugfixes:
  • Image services plugin wasn't loaded correctly sometimes
  • Standard message dialog didn't draw user id button correctly
  • Network log issue creating log file name correctly
  • ICQ: Handle non-standard offline messages
  • ICQ: Buffer overflow vulnerability
  • IRC: Warning message was cut off
  • IRC: Buffer overflow vulnerability in IRC options
  • IRC: Russian nicks parsed incorrectly
  • IRC: Fixed clickable timestamps in group chats
  • Jabber: urn:xmpp:time returns month number off by 1
  • Jabber: Jabber displayed self in contact list
  • Jabber: Wrong timestamp for offline messages
  • Jabber: Crash in Jabber multi-user conference
  • Jabber: Buffer overflow vulnerability in Jabber forms
  • Jabber: Can't change icons to gadu gadu transport contacts
  • MSN: Changed gateway polling frequency
  • MSN: Fixed MSN alert url creation
  • MSN: Remove Yahoo alert
  • Yahoo: Buffer overflow vulnerability

Changes for v0.7.0 Preview Release 11 - v0.7.0

  • Enhancements:
  • Added Gadu-Gadu protocol support
  • Improved Unicode support
  • Messages and other events are now stored as UTF-8
  • New icon manager allows more icon skinning possibilities
  • Centralized font manager added to the options to manage fonts for all services
  • New avatar and image handling core plugins to better manage avatars
  • Improved memory and threading support
  • Menus are now customizable
  • Improved contact list plugin support
  • Implemented a new memory mapped database driver
  • Improved uPnP support
  • New plugin identification API
  • ICQ: Oscar File Transfers - like ICQ 5
  • ICQ: Client detection improvements
  • ICQ: Level 1 Rate management (global)
  • ICQ: Ability to send long offline messages (up to 4096 characters)
  • ICQ: Support for AIM contacts enhanced
  • ICQ: Better support for Miranda Ignore module
  • ICQ: URL events are now received as normal messages
  • Import: Supports UTF-8 and improved import speed
  • IRC: True Unicode support for servers with UTF-8 channels
  • IRC: Ability to set a codepage for a server and to convert a text from ASCII to Unicode properly
  • Jabber: Ability to choose contacts's resource to send message
  • Jabber: Bookmarks storage support (XEP-0048)
  • Jabber: Last activity support (XEP-0012)
  • Jabber: Jabber search (XEP-0055)
  • Jabber: Proper data forms support (XEP-0004)
  • Jabber: Transport gateway recognition
  • Jabber: Vcard in jabber chatrooms
  • Jabber: Ability to revoke authorization from a contact
  • Jabber: Entity time support (XEP-0202)
  • Jabber: Ad-hoc commands implementation (XEP-0050)
  • Jabber: Traffic compression (XEP-0138)
  • Jabber: Full support for socks5-bytestreams filetransfers (XEP-0065)
  • Jabber: In band bytestreams filetransfers support (XEP-0047)
  • Jabber: Entity capabilities support (XEP-0115 v1.3)
  • Jabber: User moods (XEP-0107)
  • Jabber: User tunes (XEP-0118, via ListeningTo plugin)
  • Jabber: Personal eventing protocol support (XEP-0163)
  • Jabber: Proper priority support (inc. negative priority) and displaing, priority change without reconnect
  • Jabber: Combobox with most popular resources in options
  • Jabber: Redesigned options dialogs
  • Jabber: Chat state notifications support (XEP-0085)
  • Jabber: Self contact support in a contact list
  • Jabber: Show participants real jid, affiliation/role and status messages in group chat
  • Jabber: Privacy lists (XEP-0016)
  • Jabber: Brand new service discovery, transports discovery
  • Jabber: Remote controlling clients (XEP-0146)
  • Jabber: Roster editor + backup/restore feature
  • Jabber: Protocol status show in group chat
  • Jabber: Pre-filled text controls in change nickname + set topic dialogs in group chat
  • Jabber: Delayed delivery support (XEP-0203)
  • Jabber: XML Console
  • Jabber: Option to disable sharing OS version information
  • Jabber: Partial extended stanza addressing support (XEP-0033)
  • Jabber: Message receipts preliminary support (XEP-0184, experimental)
  • Jabber: XMPP ping support (XEP-0199)
  • Jabber: XMPP Basic Client 2008 (XEP-0211)
  • Jabber: XMPP Intermediate IM Client 2008 (XEP-0213)
  • Jabber: Redesigned group chat invitation dialog with ability to invite multiple users
  • Jabber: Show ban reason in group chat
  • Jabber: Folders plugin support
  • MSN: Offline messaging (send/receive)
  • MSN: SMS messaging (send/receive)
  • MSN: Passport 3.0 authentication
  • MSN: JPEG avatar reception
  • MSN: Any size avatar support
  • MSN: Robustness improvements to P2P connections
  • MSN: MSN Alerts
  • MSN: Unicode Hotmail Notifications
  • Yahoo: Yahoo Client 7.x protocol support (client identification, protocol version, supported services upgraded to support this)
  • Yahoo: Avatar code cleanup/rewrite.
  • Yahoo: Avatar improvements (new AVS Support, different file caching strategy)
  • Yahoo: Adding pingbacks to signal errors during login.
  • Yahoo: Using "First Name and Last Name" as the Nick when somebody adds us.
  • Yahoo: Adding E-mail count service support
  • Yahoo: New Icons from Angi
  • Yahoo: Use japan mail server for those who set options that they are using Japan servers
  • Bugfixes:
  • IRC: Special symbols and cyrillic/chinese/japanese characters were handled incorrectly
  • ICQ: Fixed disconnections on long messages
  • ICQ: Fixed peer-to-peer session cookie checking
  • ICQ: Fixed SMS message handling
  • ICQ: Applied fix for re-requesting authorization
  • ICQ: Fixed handling of message acks & status message replies from ICQ 6
  • ICQ: Fixed handling of malformed messages acks
  • ICQ: Minor fixes for Popup plugin support
  • ICQ: Minor protocol related tweaks
  • ICQ: Fixed possible lags caused by typing notifications (on slow connections)
  • ICQ: Fixed message handling (fixes bug used for stealth invisibility detection)
  • ICQ: Several fixes to Rate Level 2 handling - more propper handling of message responses
  • ICQ: Fixed possible crashes caused by malformed langpacks
  • Jabber: Proper message delivery verification support, no more timeouts
  • Jabber: Proper handling of conference nicknames, including storing nicks to a roster
  • Jabber: Fixed group chat deadlocks
  • Jabber: Fixed private messages in groupchats
  • Jabber: Fixed NTLM authentication
  • Jabber: Fixed owner and admin list handling in groupchats
  • Jabber: Fixed jabber status message reading
  • Jabber: Proper status and away message displaying in contact list if more then one JID's resource available
  • Jabber: Fixed freezing miranda in jabber search dialog
  • Jabber: Removed search validation via vcards
  • MSN: P2P file/avatar transfer issues
  • MSN: Message timeout issues
  • MSN: Fixed lost message issues
  • Yahoo: Buffer overflow in incoming IM
  • Yahoo: Lots of bug fixes

Changes for v0.7.0 Preview Release 9 - v0.7.0 Preview Release 10

  • Fix aim crash and memory leak
  • Don’t fire statusbar click events in srmm when not needed
  • Fix profile editor exit crash
  • Fix page size calculation bug when changing expert options multiple times
  • Possible buffer overflow on incoming IM in Yahoo.
  • Fix for unicode typing notify tooltips
  • Scriver: Improve manual code page selection in Unicode version and error dialog box in ANSI version (undelivered messages are displayed using rich edit instead of simple text field)
  • Fix duplicate notices in Tabsrmm.
  • Fix for msn login problems

Changes for v0.7.0 Preview Release 7 - v0.7.0 Preview Release 8

  • Clist mw: memory corruption fix and crash on exit
  • DB string handling changes to core and all core plugins
  • Incoming message notifications does not work correctly for hidden containers in scriver

Changes for v0.7.0 Preview Release 6 - v0.7.0 Preview Release 7

  • Fix for message plugins to get the correct default code page in ansi build.
  • Yahoo Avatar caps cleanup
  • Fix Yahoo status away/msg bug
  • Yahoo Services and Status/Away message cleanup
  • Fix crash sending file transfer in Yahoo
  • Fix for ICQ manage server list initialization
  • Fix overwrite issue in the installer
  • UTF8 patch for db drivers version 2
  • Translation fixes for Scriver
  • AVS: Options dialog fixes
  • Codepage dropdown option in irc was too small

Changes for v0.7.0 Preview Release 4 - v0.7.0 Preview Release 5

  • Added Gadu-Gadu protocol to the release
  • Massive changes to import.dll to improve stability
  • More irc ignore fixes
  • Fix AIM crash on exit

Changes for v0.7.0 Preview Release 1 - v0.7.0 Preview Release 3

  • Reading utf8 settings was broken in PR 2
  • Installer will not create a new mirandaboot.ini if none exists (upgrades only)

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 35 - v0.7.0 Test Build 36

  • utf8 autodetect was fixed in IRCG;
  • some fixes for MSN, ICQ, Jabber etc.
  • important fixes for Scriver & tabSRMM plugins, including new queue for sending messages.
  • a bunch of another minor fixes.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 34 - v0.7.0 Test Build 35

  • some additions were made to Jabber plugin (fixed remote controlling, tune api etc);
  • some bugfixes for ICQ & MSN protocols;
  • a new feature was added to groupchats, to display the real contact’s status.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 32 - v0.7.0 Test Build 34

  • Core plugins modified to match the core version (0.7.x)
  • Popular functions added to the core to avoid code inlining and reduce the image size
  • Unicode build includes a completely rewritten IRC protocol, which supports native Unicode groupchats and various encodings for different servers
  • Full Offline Messaging support for MSN
  • Other fixes and changes introduced into IcqOscarJ, Jabber & MSN
  • Enhancements to the translation builder

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 30 - v0.7.0 Test Build 31

  • Build 31 finalizes the series of changes devoted to UTF8 message storage. A lot of problems were fixed, and now Miranda works quite stable. Some minor problems are still alive though. So:
  • - Jabber & MSN protocols use new schema now;
  • - SRMM, Scriver & tabSRMM are adapted;
  • - the only plugin with known problems is Tipper, the fixed version already exists in SVN, but Sje hadn’t published it yet (hopefully it will be uploaded to the File Listing soon);
  • - now the message receiving is also optimized, not only sending;
  • - the new dbtool is available to compress the existing databases.
  • ATTENTION 1: check that your dbtool has version 0.7.x BEFORE RUNNING IT. The old dbtool will corrupt all recently added outgoing messages.
  • ATTENTION 2: if you have some contacts with ANSI-only ICQ clients like Trillian or &RQ, don’t run dbtool right now: the messages of those contacts, written in non-English languages, will be also corrupted. Hopefully this problem will be fixed in the next build.
  • Despite the UTF storage, build 31 contains:
  • some fixes for MSN plugin;
  • true unicode button tooltips;
  • completed privacy lists support for Jabber.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 28 - v0.7.0 Test Build 29

  • many important bugfixes for Jabber (hanging of an advanced search form, sending messages timeout etc, fixes for file transfers and caps management);
  • some fixes for avs & advaimg plugins;
  • fixes for IcqOscarJ.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 27 - v0.7.0 Test Build 28

  • some fixes for advaimg, including fixes for transparency in low-colored PNGs;
  • implementation of XEP-0107 (User Mood) for Jabber servers with the pubsub support;
  • some another minor fixes.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 26 - v0.7.0 Test Build 27

  • Build 27 comes with the new, Windows-independent, image manager, advaimg.dll. It’s a port of well known FreeImage library for Miranda, completely independent from GDI+, OLE Picture and another Microsoft stuff. It provides the most correct way of the transparent images processing (PNG & GIF) even under Win95 (although Win95 is physically unable to display them).
  • Also the new version of loadavatars plugin was included into this build, specially oriented to use the advaimg.dll. The presence of both plugins is mandatory.
  • Therefore, build 27 OBSOLETES two plugins, previously included into nightly builds: png2dib & loadavatars. Miranda was changed not to load them anyhow, so don’t panic if you won’t find them in Options -> Plugins, just delete these files.
  • Jabber XEP-0165 support (Entity Capabilities) was introduced, which helps to decrease the traffic volume;
  • critical memory corruption bug was fixed by Jozef;
  • some fixes for MSN, YAHOO & ICQ plugins were made.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 25 - v0.7.0 Test Build 26

  • Some major improvements of the Jabber plugin: XEP-0047 support (IBB file transfers, only incoming transfers work for bombus client right now), first variant of XEP-0115 support (Entity Capabilities) etc
  • Fixes for IcqOscarJ, MSN & YAHOO protocols

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 24 - v0.7.0 Test Build 25

  • major improvements for Jabber protocol: bytestreams support (XEP-0065), traffic compression support (XEP-0138);
  • some improvements for IcqOscarJ protocol to support ICQ6;
  • some fixes for MSN protocol, including WLM 8.1 support, complete switch to loadavatars and Folders plugin support;
  • some fixes for YAHOO protocol;
  • fixes for clist_modern.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 23 - v0.7.0 Test Build 24

  • the critical bugfix for dbx_mmap driver (resident variables were flushed to the database);
  • some Jabber improvements (XEP-0202 & XEP-0012 support, ad-hoc commands, etc);
  • some MSN bugfixes (WLM 8,1 file transfers etc);
  • major update for the Gadu-Gadu sources;
  • many minor bugfixes & code cleaning.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 22 - v0.7.0 Test Build 23

  • major improvements for IcqOscarJ;
  • further clist_modern redesign;
  • major bugfix for the Protocol Order options page (by Joe);
  • some fixes for Jabber & MSN protocols;
  • some fixes for tabSRMM.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 21 - v0.7.0 Test Build 22

  • updated Gadu-Gadu plugin by the author’s request;
  • cause Alex gonna finish his FreeImage library port for Miranda, to replace png2dib by the more powerful engine, MSN & Jabber protos were switched to the loadavatars plugin instead of using “home grown” bitmap code. It should solve almost all issues with the transparent avatars we’ve got;
  • some improvements to MSN protocol by borkra;
  • a lot of minor bugfixes, including two important memory leak fixes.

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 20 - v0.7.0 Test Build 21

  • the new simplified fontservice options dialog design;
  • vcards support for Jabbers conferences members;
  • more changes for clist_modern drawing engine;
  • fixes for YAHOO protocol (avatars support) and IcqOscarJ;
  • some minor fixes for tabSRMM.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 19 - v0.7.0 Test Build 20

  • a few fixes for file transfers (both Oscar & standard) for IcqOscarJ;
  • continued drawing engine redesign in clist_modern;
  • some fixes & optimizations for db3x_mmap.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 18 - v0.7 Test Build 19

  • some icon leaks (hopefully, last ones);
  • almost finished bookmark management in Jabber;
  • large amount of changes to clist_modern (new drawing engine);
  • some important fixes for db3x & db3x_mmap;
  • some fixes to IcqOscarJ, YAHOO and tabSRMM.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 17 - v0.7 Test Build 18

  • Tooltips in auth dialog were switched
  • Jabber bookmarks interface changes
  • Auth requests and online notifications columns are out of order in Events => Ignore
  • Useronline clist events are removed from the queue when the user goes offline
  • XEP-0055: full support of x-forms
  • Scriver fix for focus stealing

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 16 - v0.7 Test Build 17

  • numerous fixes for menus & tray icons, at least the tray icons shouldn’t mix & disappear now;
  • some icons leaks fixed;
  • a few changes for MSN, ICQ & Jabber protocols;
  • a few fixes for tabSRMM, nicer+ and clist_modern plugins.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 15 - v0.7 Test Build 16

  • zlib.dll was extracted from png2dib to be shared between many plugins. Zlib should be placed to the miranda’s root directory, besides miranda32.exe.
  • new menu icons integration mode established, to allow plugins to specify icon names instead of HICONs. Any plugins author is welcome to support it, cause this method saves alot of GDI handles (right now - about 200).
  • first version of Jabber bookmarks support (XEP-0048) was introduced (thx for Michael Stepura for the initial patch).

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 14 - v0.7 Test Build 15

  • Two major improvements in Jabber: full custom search (XEP-0055) and the ability to send a message to the specific resource (in any SRMM clone)
  • Important fix for clist_nicer+ for advanced icons
  • Finally the menu items convertor was finished, so the genmenu settings don’t depend on a langpack, despite the few exclusions, when the translation is being made in callers

Changes for v0.7.0 Test Build 13 - v0.7 Test Build 14

  • Contacts validation during search (optional, enabled by default, it should be turned off for some servers)
  • Multiple group chat invitations
  • A lot of fixes & changes for AIM, IcqOscarJ, Jabber & MSN protocols
  • Some changes for tabSRMM & Scriver

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 12 - vv0.7.0 Test Build 13

  • old nasty problem with menu settings was fixed: the settings names were translated, so the langpack presence could damage all settings. The future versions will have the special convertor for this case, right now you may rename the appropriate sections (MainMenu_Items, ContactMenu_Items, GroupMenu_Items etc) in the dbeditor.
  • a lot of icon leaks were fixed in the core, also now all core icons got moved to IconLib and are, therefore, customizable;
  • some fixes for MSN protocol.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 11 - v0.7 Test Build 12

  • fixes for protocol menus which have some missing statuses;
  • many minor fixes for icon leaks & icolib usage;
  • many changes to ICQ protocol;
  • some fixes for MSN protocol.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 10 - v0.7 Test Build 11

  • Build 11 is about to finalize the ‘genmenu’ revolution. Almost all menu bugs (especially the large ones) were fixed (thanks FYR for the invaluable help), and the number of minor problems was reduced to the very low limit. Enjoy.
  • Also in this build:
  • brand new built-in small nightly builds/release notifier;
  • a lot of fixes for tabSRMM & clist_nicer+;
  • some fixes for the MSN and AIM protocols.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 9 - v0.7 Test Build 10

  • main & protocol’s icons are now gotten from the Icon Library. Their settings were migrated from Options - Contact List - Icons to Options - Customize - Icons - Main icons/Status icons. So all Miranda’s icons are customizable now.
  • dbtool got an ability to be translated. A translation file is present in SVN. Also the true Unicode version of dbtool is available now: it can affect the localization and the ability to work with the file names in Unicode. Thanks starkwong for the original translation implementation.
  • some bugs in clists & core were fixed.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 8 - v0.7 Test Build 9

  • This build finalizes the ‘genmenu’ revolution and is considered almost stable. No more changes included, but the fixes for menus.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 7 - v0.7 Test Build 8

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 5 - v0.7 Test Build 6

  • some important fixes for MSN protocol, including group management and direct file transfers with MSN Messenger 7.5 and higher;
  • fixes for MSN & Jabber protocol icons which were working wrong due to an incompatibility between IcoLib & core;
  • fix for an old nasty bug which caused contacts to move randomly between groups (thanks Joe).

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 4 - v0.7 Test Build 5

  • fix for pseudo-transparent avatars in png2dib;
  • icolib support for MSN protocol;
  • very important fix for nicer+ not to randomly move contacts between groups;
  • some problems with IcqOscarJ.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 3 - v0.7 Test Build 4

  • the Jabber & YAHOO protocols adapted for IcoLib;
  • new authorization schema in YAHOO protocol;
  • fix for some Unicode issues in CHAT.dll because of the broken resource file;
  • fix for one major memory leak under Win2k and some standalone XP machines.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 2 - v0.7 Test Build 3

  • some important fixes for MSN (correct version number detection, patches for HTTP gateway etc);
  • nickname resolution for Jabber transport was added.

Changes for v0.7 Test Build 1 - v0.7 Test Build 2

  • Fontservice plugin was embedded into the core.
  • numerous fixes for ICQ & MSN protocols;
  • some fixes for Jabber;
  • some changes in the clist_nicer and clist_modern plugins.

Changes for v0.6 Test build 17 - v0.7 Test Build 1

  • Some fixes for ICQ protocol
  • Two new authentication mechanisms for Jabber protocol: MD5 & NTLM
  • Some minor fixes for tabSRMM, SRMM, clist_modern plugins

Changes for v0.6.7 - v0.6.8

  • AIM: Fixed issue with outgoing messages with double quotes
  • AIM: Fixed issue with converting links in incoming messages
  • IRC: Fixed crash with "perform" command in IRC options tab
  • Jabber: Fixed auth error via SSL ("SSL negotiation failed")
  • Jabber: Fixed OS version detection under Windows Vista
  • MSN: Fixed idle mode support
  • MSN: Fixed typing notifications
  • MSN: Improved group handling
  • MSN: Improved file transfers

Changes for v0.6.5 - v0.6.6

  • Fixed dragging/dropping file with non-locale characters into message window
  • Logging large chunks of data to disk could cause crash
  • Fetching events from the database sometimes failed
  • Sounds in message windows didn't play properly

Changes for v0.6.1 - v0.6.2

  • Tooltips on button controls displayed incorrectly in ANSI version
  • Enabling/disabling first group of sounds in options didn't enable apply button
  • Path in sound options was cut off for long paths
  • Some dialog backgrounds were not using system colors
  • Global hotkeys didn't work correctly
  • AIM: Messages were not received properly
  • AIM: Fixed formatting of outgoing unicode messages (AIM 5.9 was affected)
  • ICQ: Fixed compatibility issues with ICQ 6
  • ICQ: Fixed Meebo client detection
  • Improved unicode support in path utilities
  • UPnP routers that use chunked encoding are now supported
  • Added ability to enable/disable sounds globally

Changes for v0.6 - v0.6.1

  • Added option to enable/disable UPnP support
  • Improved control/shift/enter behavior in chat windows
  • History button in chats didn't open history
  • Fixed network bind plugin compatibility issues with older plugins

Changes for v0.6 Test build 17 - v0.6 RC1

Changes for v0.6.7 - v0.6.8

  • AIM: Fixed issue with outgoing messages with double quotes
  • AIM: Fixed issue with converting links in incoming messages
  • IRC: Fixed crash with "perform" command in IRC options tab
  • Jabber: Fixed auth error via SSL ("SSL negotiation failed")
  • Jabber: Fixed OS version detection under Windows Vista
  • MSN: Fixed idle mode support
  • MSN: Fixed typing notifications
  • MSN: Improved group handling
  • MSN: Improved file transfers

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