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WinAmp 5 alpha 1 is out

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 Aug 2003 5:59 User comments (3)

The first compile of the upcoming WinAmp audio player software has emerged. The WinAmp 5 aims to combine the good things of WinAmp 2 and 3, so therefore the version number has been bounced to 5 (2+3=5).
The WinAmp 3 was a total failure by Nullsoft. Its new features failed to attract the users. It was considered bloated and even unstable, so many were quick to revert back to the version 2. Nullsoft was fairly quick to realize their failure, so now they are giving it another go with the version 5.

You can grab the latest WinAmp 5 from HERE

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3 user comments

128.8.2003 20:19


23.9.2003 22:00

OK has anyone actually tried this yet? How does it do with video. Does it still have a playlist or anything like it? Please tell us now it went. I use Musicmatch Jukebox for Mp3's and ripping Mp3's. Plus the Musicmatch Radio is great. Winamp may really have to convince me to change. Voodoohippie

321.10.2003 17:41

I have WA5 and theres only one thing to say WOW this thing rock's it is exactly what it say's it is .It does install fine and no real bug's at all even the load time is perfect.Lot's of plugin's come factory with this to!I give 10 stars way better than WA3.0 and even better than 2.9 GET THIS THING!!!!

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