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FFDSHOW 2004-10-03 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 03 Oct 2004 3:10

A new version of the "ultimate" video playback codec -replacement, a DirectShow filter called FFDSHOW has been released. As usual, the changelog is massive, but here it is anyway:
  • updated libavcodec, somewhat smaller libavcodec_dec.dll
  • updated x264
  • added (and disabled) encrypted dvd video support
  • use extradata provided by nero splitter for mp4v
  • very incomplete support for subtitles in AVI
  • very crude support for matroska UTF-8 subtitles
  • attempt to support ogm subtitles
  • updated DPLII coefficients
  • Y800 colorformat support
  • working on ogm subtitles
  • fixed crash with vobsub subtitles not containng all subtitle streams
  • installer autodetects dscaler folder
  • don't unregister ffdshow before installing - looses merit information
  • installer installs Avisynth, VirtualDub and DScaler plugins
  • support for <i>,<b>,<u> subtitles tags
  • don't letterbox video if no subtitle found
  • synced help dir with wiki
  • a hack to not crash nero express
  • better configuration values for accurate deblocking
  • fixed chroma clearing bug when offseting luma plane
  • working on streams options menu: - some fixes - optional (disabled by default) - support in ffdshow audio decoder
  • dust&scratches
  • shorter invParam function
  • working on "stream select" menu similar to tray icon menu
  • optimized colorize (my first mmx intrinsics), chorma only option
  • updated project, configurable lines opacity
  • working on filmeffect filter features: colorize, flicker, shake, vertical lines
  • updated libavcodec, fixed corepng buffer handling
  • removed unused code from FLT_ffdshow
  • fixed x264 constant quantizer encoding
  • updated x264: subpel refinement
  • fist attempt to do a DSclaer filter to use ffdshow image filters: - very user unfriendly - tested only with default DScaler logo - required changes in ffdshow parameters descriptions, something might be broken
  • correctly overlap subtitles even if start times are unsorted
  • a hack to accept mp4v video provided by nero file source filter (yes, I'm watching Sin City trailer :) )
  • support AAC audio supplied by nero file source
  • fixed stuping bug causing ffdshow to not have output pin connected when reopening grf files
  • simple avisynth plugin to use ffdshow image filtering
  • 'updated ffvfw' - sorry, should be 'ffvdub'
  • updated ffvfw and moved to ffdshow project
  • fixed arrows symbols when using translations
  • fixed occasional crash when seeking
  • selectable OSD position
  • get more precise info about input sample format
  • initAudio cleanup
  • version block in resources
  • option to set minimum subtitle duration (works best with time overlapping)
  • small mp3lib and libavcodec updates
  • obey subtitles search directories in available subtitles submenu
  • fixed crash when movie file name was unavailable
  • nicer short tooltips
  • faster matrix mixer
  • optimizing matrix mixer
  • IffProcAudio, TsampleFormat cleanup (may broke something)
  • makefile for ff_unrar.dll
  • updated libmad
  • ff_unrar.dll
  • use every sub file in rar archive when searching for vobsub
  • use other method to obtain movie duration, previous (IMediaPosition) might cause lockups
  • step by frames instead of seeking when paused
  • key shortcuts for video delay, overlap subtitles with same display times (optional)
  • moving optimized sample format conversion routines to separate file
  • use swscaler blur for warpsharp
  • moved flip video checkbox to output page
  • different video delay for start and end of movie
  • MMXed int32<->int16 sample formats conversions
  • vc6 build fixes
  • SSE and 3dnow optimized float<->(int32,int26) samples conversions from Avisynth
  • x264 constant quality mode
  • SIMD optimized FIR
  • x264 two pass encoding
  • updating x264
  • faster FIR filter
  • faster volume filter
  • working on ac3 output
  • fixed crash on exit when using mp3lib
  • working on better support for illiminable's ogg directshow filters
  • fixing b-frame encoding
  • use avisynth filter again
  • gcc build fixes
  • workin on channel swapping filter
  • register to more mpeg1/2 audio media types/subtypes combinations
  • use webdings font for arrows symbols (patch by Sergej Salnikov)
  • hide/show all filters (by Sergej Salnikov)
  • patches by Sergej Salnikov: - fix in searchPreviousFilter - fix in libmpeg2 usage - levels property page update. Enable "Apply" button after resetting order,
Download the latest version from here:

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