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FFDSHOW 2004-10-12 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 12 Oct 2004 15:47

Once again, a new version of the excellent all-in-one open source video decoder, FFDSHOW, has been released. The new version contains a quite large changelog, including further tweaks to its subtitle support and tons of minor bugfixes. The full changelog is here:
  • MS ADPCM support
  • two preferred vobsubs languages
  • configurable swscaler gaussian blur strength for vobsubs
  • support bmp and gif as bitmap overlay image
  • option to use WAVEFORMATEX instead of WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE on output if no custom channelmapping
  • bug fix: don't always recompute letterboxing size and don't always check for subtitles file
  • more blending modes
  • IDR interval and deblock parameters for x264
  • working on image overlay
  • vobsubs scaling
  • proper alignment in ICL+GCC libavcodec build
  • key shortcut for subtitles language cycling
  • possibilty to override vobsubs position
  • dwstring substr and c_str related fix
  • recognize cz for Czech in idx, don't show duplicate languages in vobsub config
  • don't set merit to "not used" if it previously had different value than one of defined in ffdshow
  • yet another fix in corrections
  • another subtitles correction fix
  • fix in capital letters correction
  • more keys working
  • keyboard shortcuts and remote messages for cycling presets
  • orthography correction from subrip
  • separate page for text subtitles options, more complete subtitles correction from Subrip
  • adding text subtitles correction from subrip
  • support for 8-bit samples on input
  • fixed another crash in vobsub
  • fixed crash in getNext with pictFull==true and pictHalf==true
  • enabled trellis quantization for H.263(+)
Download the latest version directly from our servers, here:

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