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VSO Software about to release DivxToDVD

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 29 Oct 2004 7:39 User comments (10)

VSO Software about to release DivxToDVD The VSO Software hints on their websites download page that the DivxToDVD software will be soon available for download. This is a logical continuum to the VSO's line of product, which has been extending from CD recording towards DVD and multi media.
It is expected that once again VSO has made a very simplistic solution for a highly popular task - conversion of video files to a DVD compatible format. They have used a similar strategy before, in the PhotoDVD software. This is a first step for VSO in this field, as it was with PhotoDVD too, and it is expected that their software will develop further in the future.
Source: VSO Software

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10 user comments

129.10.2004 9:11

Looks good, lets hope it turns out as reliable as CopyToDVD.

229.10.2004 11:04

copy to dvd ? reliable ? haha ! that must be why it has been updated 35 times in the last 8 months. just what the world needs...another divx to dvd converter.

329.10.2004 12:49

well, ALL programs have bugs, and its better that they are found and fixed then not fixed :) Plus, I ment how reliable its burning engine is.

430.10.2004 5:11

a program should not have bugs after 2 years of development.last christmas they released ELEVEN versions in 7 days (and it weren´t no christmas present) none of them worked. of course a program should update for bugs, no-one is perfect but 35 times in 8 months ???

530.10.2004 10:36

I have Copytodvd and I have never had problems with it. What problems are you refering to?

630.10.2004 10:39

Updates often reflect changes in the industry and media as well as improvements. Regular updates are something I like to see.

730.10.2004 17:26

I agree with 640, after all, they did add things such as D/L support.

81.11.2004 3:01

91.11.2004 3:05

I downloaded DivXtoDVD's free trial and the problem, for me, is that what I wanted to re-encode was in PAL and they give me no option to change this to the American standard (NTSF?). So, when I burned it with CopytoDVD, it is unreadable. Nero, despite what anyone says, gives you a pop-up that asks if you want to change this before it begins transcoding. I asked VSO about this.

106.11.2004 14:08

vso released a new version of divxtodvd today, and now you can force PAL or NTSC and the aspect ratio. get it from yes updates are the sign the products is improved to support more hardware and more features like double layer, speed optimization, and interaction with 3rd party. for sure, DivxToDVD will be integrated in a new major version of CopyToDVD.

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