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DivxToDVD to download as a sneak FREE preview

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 30 Oct 2004 1:12 User comments (7)

DivxToDVD to download as a sneak FREE preview VSO Software announced a little Halloween special, regarding the DivxToDVD - they are offering a preview version for free. Go get it and give us your feedback!
We are happy to offer a "Halloween" gift to our users : DivxToDVD is the first step of upcoming products. As PhotoDVD, these products will be developed to include more features and the best performance. At this time DivxToDVD allows to convert a .AVI or .DIVX etc to a compliant DVD format set of files. This way you can watch a Divx or a AVI on a regular home DVD Player. This version is FREE, but a shareware pro version will be available later.

Download now!

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7 user comments

130.10.2004 4:06

It really looks promising, the only thing I noticed is that you can't manually change your settings. I converted a 23.976 fps movie at 2.21:1, and it changed it into a 30 fps NTSC 4:3 format, it really looked a bit streched. And for the NTSC part, this is fine for peeps in America, but here in Europe you really need PAL. I hope you can manually change the options in th pro-version. The quality of the dvd wasn't optimal, but if you can change the options, you may get more out of it. I don't think you will ever get the quality that you will get with TMPGenc for example, but it's a good alternative. The only thing I can really say about this product know is that it has a real potential if you don't like the whole conversion process. It may become a really good one-click divx/avi to dvd utility.

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230.10.2004 16:26

This program does do a very nice job of converting it one click, and it's fast (did an episode of Naruto converted to DVD files in 15 minutes). The timing doesn't seem to be an issue at all, though i'd have to try it with a different source to be sure.

331.10.2004 13:06

Aspect ratios are off just a tad if you encoded your DivX to something other than standard resolutions. Otherwise, extremely fast, easy and even seems to get audio (ac3 192kbs) in sync which is the most pleasent surprise :). Would like to see some options though.

41.11.2004 12:51

I just copied a divx movie to dvd and it worked great. I clicked once and away it went. I'm happy because I didn't have to figure out all kinds of settings and the quality is as good as the original divx. I'm very pleased with it.

53.11.2004 2:01

this program is naff!! cant make a PAL not good for me.

63.11.2004 6:55

I used this proggy to make a dvd of a two hour movie and the sound track got progessively more our of sync as I was watching the movie until it became unwatchable! I've never been able to make a dvd from a movie I downloaded successfully - If they make some improvements (like giving you a choice between PAL & NTSC), I think this will be a great little program.

75.11.2004 21:40

After trying various methods to convert DivX to mpeg to burn a VCD or DVD I used this program to make DVDs from DivX directly. Then I used DVDShrink to combine all the clips on one DVD. Works great for that.

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