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Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.30857

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
PotPlayer is a freeware Multimedia player. It feels like the KMPlayer, but is in active development. Supports almost every available video formats out there. PotPlayer contains internal codecs and there is no need to install codecs manually. Other key features include WebCam/Analog/Digital TV devices support, gapless video Playback, DXVA, live broadcasting. It''s been described on the Internet as The KMPlayer redux, and it pretty much is. Distinctive features of the player is a high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio formats and a built DXVA video codecs. A comprehensive video and audio player, that also supports TV channels, subtitles and skins.

Key features of Daum PotPlayer:
  • Support for most audio/video formats and DVD.
  • Internal DXVA video codecs (H.264/AVC, VC-1, MPEG2) and EVR (Windows 7 only).
  • Hi Quality playback and low resources usage.
  • Support all types of subtitling.
  • Skins, logos, color themes.
  • Digital TV devices support. Live broadcasting.
  • and much, much more...

  • Screenshots:

    Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.55390 Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.27313 Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.27313

    daum potplayer audio video player webcam analog

    License type Ad-supported1
    Author's homepage Visit the author's site
    Date added 30 Jul 2020
    Downloads 172,651
    File size 12.13 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
    Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

    1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

    30 Jul 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200730(Latest stable version)
    23 Jul 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200723 Beta
    09 Jul 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200707 Beta
    16 Jun 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200616
    12 Jun 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200612 Beta
    10 Jun 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200609 Beta
    27 May 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200527 Beta
    19 May 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200519 Beta
    12 May 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200512
    07 May 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200507 Beta
    28 Apr 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200427 Beta
    17 Mar 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200317
    16 Mar 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200316 Beta
    13 Mar 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200313 Beta
    10 Mar 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200310 Beta
    06 Mar 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200306 Beta
    20 Feb 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200220 Beta
    05 Feb 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200205
    04 Feb 2020Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v200204
    11 Dec 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v191211 (1.7.21091)
    31 Oct 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.20977
    20 Sep 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.20538
    31 Jul 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.19955
    10 Jun 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.18958
    04 May 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.18346
    17 Apr 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.18344
    12 Feb 2019Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.17508
    13 Dec 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.16291
    18 Oct 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.14804
    29 Aug 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.13963
    26 Jul 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.13622
    26 Jul 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.13621
    04 Jul 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.12845
    25 Jun 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.12844
    25 May 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.12248
    05 Apr 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.10667
    08 Feb 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.8557
    02 Feb 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.8556
    09 Jan 2018Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.7150
    19 Dec 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.7145
    17 Nov 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.5545
    26 Oct 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.4353
    06 Sep 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.3795
    01 Aug 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.3344
    29 Jun 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.2710
    25 May 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.2233
    18 Apr 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.1916
    13 Apr 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.1915
    17 Mar 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.1150
    05 Mar 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.661
    22 Feb 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.456
    18 Feb 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.351
    06 Jan 2017Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.63891
    27 Nov 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.63856
    05 Nov 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.63840
    05 Oct 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.63638
    11 Aug 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.62949
    23 Jul 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.62377
    11 May 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.60136
    23 Mar 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.59347
    11 Feb 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.58613
    30 Jan 2016Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.58402
    03 Dec 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.57398
    28 Oct 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.56815
    13 Sep 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.56209
    02 Aug 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.55390
    20 Jun 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.54549
    22 May 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.54266
    13 May 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.54133
    18 Mar 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.53104
    02 Feb 2015Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.52515
    16 Dec 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.51480
    25 Sep 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.49952
    13 Aug 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.49479
    12 Aug 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.494463
    07 Aug 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.49343
    16 Jul 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.48985
    19 Jun 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.48576
    29 May 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.47995
    08 May 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.47450
    06 Mar 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.45955
    17 Jan 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.44465
    16 Jan 2014Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.44407
    18 Oct 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.40688
    08 Oct 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.40373
    28 Aug 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.39659
    04 Aug 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.39036
    31 Jul 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.39007
    25 Jun 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.38562
    16 May 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.37776
    21 Mar 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.36205
    09 Feb 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.35491
    08 Feb 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.35491 Beta
    24 Jan 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.35431
    15 Jan 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.35238
    11 Jan 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) vv1.5.35188
    11 Jan 2013Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.35174
    20 Nov 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.34665
    13 Oct 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.34321
    12 Sep 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.34115
    16 Aug 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.34023
    29 Jul 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.33948
    17 Jul 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.33869
    15 Jul 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.33820
    25 May 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.33573
    23 Feb 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.32007
    09 Feb 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.31934
    12 Jan 2012Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.30857
    08 Nov 2011Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.29996
    20 Oct 2011Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.29917
    03 Oct 2011Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.29795
    13 Sep 2011Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.29601
    12 Aug 2011Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.29332
    20 May 2011Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.28025
    25 Apr 2011Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.5.27313
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    Unverified new user
    Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.7.1150


    22 Mar 2017
    Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.51480

    I have been VLC user for ages. However lately all the x265 compatible versions have been a major headache for me. For no reason at all some small audio part goes into infinite loop and the picture freezes. I can;t even kill the process. The I came across this player. It is far better than VLC. I only wish they would start using fonts and colours that are clearly visible. Dark blue against black background !!! Otherwise it would rate 5 stars.

    Unverified new user
    Daum PotPlayer (64-bit) v1.6.48985

    Hi friends, i played movies and some training videos in mirillis,aiseesoft and vlc but compare to all the players daum potplayer is wonderful player having excellent features and awesome sound quality and mirillis and aiseesoft didnt play many of the videos. i belive that this is wise choice for wise people.

    28 Jul 2014