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Songbird v0.6 RC 4

Open source
Win2k / WinXP
Songbird is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. Like Winamp, it supports extensions and it's skinnable. It's built from Firefox's browser engine and it allows you to play Web pages as playlists and view any web page as a playlist. Songbird can play all the major filetypes including MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC and WMA. It has been localized into several different languages to meet the needs for majority of the users.

If you're looking for a Web player, Songbird might be the solution for you.


Songbird v0.6.1

songbird desktop web player web www player firefox

License type Open source1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 09 Feb 2013
Downloads 7,549
File size 14.13 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Win2k / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

09 Feb 2013Songbird v2.2.0-2453(Latest stable version)
10 Nov 2012Songbird v2.1.0
13 Jun 2012Songbird v2.0.0
23 May 2012Songbird v1.10.3-2288
27 Jan 2012Songbird v1.10.2
02 Nov 2011Songbird v1.10.1
13 Oct 2011Songbird v1.10.1 Beta 1
22 Jul 2011Songbird v1.10 Beta 3
26 Jun 2011Songbird v1.10 Beta 2
19 May 2011Songbird v1.10 Beta 1
14 Feb 2011Songbird v1.9.3
13 Sep 2010Songbird v1.8.0.1800
01 Aug 2010Songbird v1.8.0 Beta 3
30 Jun 2010Songbird v1.8.0 Beta 2
17 Jun 2010Songbird v1.8.0 Beta 1
11 Jun 2010Songbird v1.7.3
17 Apr 2010Songbird v1.7.2 Beta 1
31 Dec 2009Songbird v1.4.3
22 Dec 2009Songbird v1.4.2.1434
18 Dec 2009Songbird v1.4.1 Beta 2
15 Oct 2009Songbird v1.4 Beta 3
30 Sep 2009Songbird v1.4 Beta 2
27 Sep 2009Songbird v1.4 Beta
23 Jul 2009Songbird v1.3 Beta 1
19 Jun 2009Songbird v1.2.0
12 Jun 2009Songbird v1.2 Beta 2
09 Jun 2009Songbird v1.2 Beta 1
09 Apr 2009Songbird v1.1.2
11 Mar 2009Songbird v1.1.1
07 Mar 2009Songbird v1.1 Beta 3
28 Feb 2009Songbird v1.1 Beta 2
16 Feb 2009Songbird v1.1 Beta
03 Dec 2008Songbird v1.0.0.860
22 Nov 2008Songbird v1.0.0 RC 3
16 Nov 2008Songbird v1.0.0 RC 2
04 Nov 2008Songbird v1.0.0 RC 1
22 Aug 2008Songbird v0.7.0
19 Aug 2008Songbird v0.7.0 RC 3
12 Aug 2008Songbird v0.7.0 RC 2
05 Aug 2008Songbird v0.7.0 RC 1
25 Jun 2008Songbird v0.6.1
15 Jun 2008Songbird v0.6
11 Jun 2008Songbird v0.6 RC 4
08 Jun 2008Songbird v0.6 RC 3
01 Jun 2008Songbird v0.6 RC 2
23 May 2008Songbird v0.6 pre Build 2008.05.09
16 Apr 2008Songbird v0.6 pre
27 Mar 2008Songbird v0.5
21 Mar 2008Songbird v0.5 RC 2
29 Dec 2007Songbird v0.4 Developer Preview
21 Dec 2007Songbird v0.4 RC 2
31 Oct 2007Songbird v0.3
24 Oct 2007Songbird v0.3 RC2
13 Oct 2007Songbird v0.3 RC1
14 Sep 2007Songbird v0.3 Pre
02 Mar 2007Songbird v0.2.5
28 Feb 2007Songbird v0.2.5 RC3
23 Feb 2007Songbird v0.2.5 RC1
30 Nov 2006Songbird v0.2.1 (20061122) Beta
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Songbird v0.3

WARNING version 3 - they took out watch folders. <br/>from version 0.2.5 up the burn to cd featured is not functional. <br/> <br/>overall 0.2.5 is stable and better than any music media player I've used. <br/> <br/>watch folders is an excellent feature if you have tons of mp3 and are adding more and more just like picasa2 has watch folders every media player, organizer should have this. I don't know what the songbird developers were thinking when the removed it.