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NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 13

Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP
NewsLeecher is a tool made for fetching and managing articles and downloads from the Usenet.

It downloads Usenet articles in a snap, and uses it's inline engine to assemble and decode all the downloads. NewsLeecher can download binary files, including movies, pictures, MP3 files and software applications. The powerful featureset and Graphical User Interface makes it a must have application if you use Usenet regularly.


NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 4 NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 4 NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 4 NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 4

newsleecher usenet download article binary files video

License type Shareware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 17 Dec 2019
Downloads 34,068
File size 6.72 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

17 Dec 2019NewsLeecher v8.0 Beta 4(Latest beta version)
06 Dec 2019NewsLeecher v8.0 Beta 3
20 Sep 2019NewsLeecher v8.0 Beta 2
15 Jul 2019NewsLeecher v8.0 Beta 1
11 Jun 2016NewsLeecher v7.0(Latest stable version)
19 May 2016NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 15
19 May 2016NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 15
12 Apr 2016NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 14
04 Apr 2016NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 13
22 Mar 2016NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 12
16 Mar 2016NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 11
11 Dec 2015NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 10
22 Nov 2015NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 9
11 Nov 2015NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 8
15 Apr 2015NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 7
20 Mar 2015NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 6
04 Feb 2015NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 5
09 Jan 2015NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 4
22 Dec 2014NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 3
30 Oct 2014NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 2
12 Oct 2014NewsLeecher v7.0 Beta 1
26 Jun 2014NewsLeecher v6.5 Beta 6
23 Jun 2014NewsLeecher v6.5 Beta 5
13 Apr 2014NewsLeecher v6.5 Beta 4
18 Feb 2014NewsLeecher v6.5 Beta 3
24 Jan 2014NewsLeecher v6.5 Beta 2
17 Jan 2014NewsLeecher v6.5 Beta 1
27 Dec 2013NewsLeecher v6.3 Beta 2
17 Oct 2013NewsLeecher v6.3 Beta 1
18 Sep 2013NewsLeecher v6.2 Beta 1
25 May 2013NewsLeecher v6.0 Beta 2
16 May 2013NewsLeecher v6.0 Beta 1
24 Mar 2013NewsLeecher v5.2 Beta 2
23 Mar 2013NewsLeecher v5.2 Beta 1
17 Mar 2013NewsLeecher v5.1 Beta 1
17 Mar 2013NewsLeecher v5.0
01 Mar 2013NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 19
24 Jan 2013NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 18
10 Jan 2013NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 17
06 Nov 2012NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 16 (RC 1)
02 Jun 2012NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 15
12 May 2012NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 14
24 Dec 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 12
19 Dec 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 11
06 Dec 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 10
01 Dec 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 9
18 Nov 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 8
24 Oct 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 7
17 May 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 6
16 Apr 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 5
13 Apr 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 4
06 Mar 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 3
03 Mar 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 2
17 Jan 2011NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 1
01 Dec 2010NewsLeecher v4.0
26 Nov 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 24
21 Nov 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 23
11 Nov 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 22
09 Nov 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 21
03 Jul 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 20
07 Jun 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 19
29 May 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 18
04 May 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 17
22 Mar 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 16
06 Mar 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 15
26 Feb 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 14
11 Feb 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 13
29 Jan 2010NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 12
17 Dec 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 11
02 Dec 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 10
13 Nov 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 9
07 Nov 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 8
15 Jul 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 7
10 Jul 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 6
02 Jul 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 5
27 Jun 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 4
20 May 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 3
18 May 2009NewsLeecher v4.00 Beta 2
11 May 2009NewsLeecher v4.0 Beta 1
05 Nov 2008NewsLeecher v3.95 Beta 3
30 Oct 2008NewsLeecher v3.95 Beta 2
23 Sep 2008NewsLeecher v3.95 Beta 1
18 Jun 2008NewsLeecher v3.91 Beta 2
06 Jun 2008NewsLeecher v3.91 Beta 1
16 May 2008NewsLeecher v3.9
12 May 2008NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 17
06 May 2008NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 16
28 Mar 2008NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 15
14 Mar 2008NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 14
30 Jan 2008NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 13
26 Nov 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 11
24 Nov 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 10
18 Oct 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 9
11 Sep 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 8
22 Aug 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 7
26 Jul 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 6
21 Jun 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 beta 5
12 Jun 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 4
19 Mar 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 2
28 Jan 2007NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 1
25 Jan 2007NewsLeecher v3.8
18 Jan 2007NewsLeecher v3.8 Beta 9
01 Jan 2007NewsLeecher v3.8 beta 8
22 Dec 2006NewsLeecher v3.8 Beta 7
30 Nov 2006NewsLeecher v3.8 Beta 6
30 Nov 2006NewsLeecher v3.7
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NewsLeecher v3.9 Beta 17

IMO this is the best news reader (for newspapers) availbale :P <br/> <br/>Info: <br/>NewsLeecher description <br/>An usenet application to download movies, pictures, MP3s, and software <br/>NewsLeecher is a program made for managing and fetching articles from the Usenet. It downloads Usenet articles in a snap, and uses it's inline engine to assemble and decode all the downloads. <br/> <br/>The powerful featureset and state-of-the-art user interface makes it an application "you simply can't live without" if you are a serious Usenet user. <br/> <br/>What's New in This Release: <br/> <br/> Enabled the Repair'n'Extract option which allows permanently deletion of used set files, when the set has been extracted. The option can be turned on from the 'Setup -> Repair'n'Extract Tab'. <br/> Further optimized the code used for fetching headers. Uses a bit less CPU and disk resources now. <br/> Fixed bug introduced in the previous beta, where Repair'n'Extract was unable to extract sets if the 'Time & Date Prefix Subfolder' option was turned on. <br/> Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would go into a loop if all the files in a Repair'n'Extract set were triggered by the user customizable ignore filter. <br/> Fixed bug where Repair'n'Extract would hang if it tried to unpack a fileset to a folder containing more than 256 characters. <br/> Fixed bug introduced in v3.9 beta 6, where article sizes and parts count would be exagerated in the articles listview, if headers were fetched from more than a single server <br/> Fixed bug where the 'z' character could not be used in 'tray restore' security passwords <br/> Fixed bug where the splash screen would get stuck under certain circumstances <br/> (re)Fixed bug where NewsLeecher would always steal window focus when importing NZB files, even if setup not to do so <br/> The 'Notify on new Release' option didn't work in the last few betas. This has been fixed. <br/> Removed the 'Verify' option from the Repair'n'Extract toolbar. Verification will now always be performed, if the Repair'n'Extract feature is enabled... <br/> <br/> <br/>Enjoy.