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FrostWire v5.5.2

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
FrostWire is a Java Gnutella Peer-to-Peer client, is a collaborative effort from many Open Source and freelance developers located from all around the world.

Key features include:
  • Completely Free & open-source
  • Firewall-to-firewall transfers
  • Turbo-Charged Download Speeds
  • Absolutely NO Spyware or Adware
  • Connects to more sources
  • Creative Commons license support
  • Max. speed network connections
  • Junk Result Filters
  • Community Chat Rooms
  • iTunes Integration
  • BitTorrent Support
  • Proxy Support


FrostWire v4.17.0 FrostWire v4.17.0 FrostWire v4.17.0 FrostWire v4.17.0

Other editions:

frostwire peer-to-peer p2p peer gnutella firewall gnu

License type Ad-supported1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 26 Feb 2020
Downloads 53,909
File size 18.01 MB (< 3min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

26 Feb 2020FrostWire v6.8.4(Latest stable version)
10 Oct 2019FrostWire v6.8.3
02 Sep 2019FrostWire v6.8.2
24 Aug 2019FrostWire v6.8.1
18 Feb 2018FrostWire v6.6.3
08 Nov 2017FrostWire v6.6.0
23 Sep 2017FrostWire v6.5.8
11 Aug 2017FrostWire v6.5.6
26 Jul 2017FrostWire v6.5.4
08 Jun 2017FrostWire v6.5.2
19 May 2017FrostWire v6.5.1
12 May 2017FrostWire v6.5.0
01 May 2017FrostWire v6.4.9
24 Apr 2017FrostWire v6.4.8
08 Mar 2017FrostWire v6.4.6
17 Feb 2017FrostWire v6.4.5
08 Feb 2017FrostWire v6.4.4
21 Jan 2017FrostWire v6.4.3
09 Dec 2016FrostWire v6.4.2
18 Sep 2016FrostWire v6.3.6
19 Aug 2016FrostWire v6.3.5
07 Jul 2016FrostWire v6.3.3
18 Jun 2016FrostWire v6.3.1
04 Jun 2016FrostWire v6.3.0
18 Apr 2016FrostWire v6.2.4
02 Apr 2016FrostWire v6.2.3
13 Jan 2016FrostWire v6.2.1
09 Jan 2016FrostWire v6.2.0
22 Dec 2015FrostWire v6.1.9
12 Dec 2015FrostWire v6.1.8
12 Nov 2015FrostWire v6.1.7
09 Nov 2015FrostWire v6.1.6
30 Sep 2015FrostWire v6.1.5
18 Aug 2015FrostWire v6.1.4
01 Aug 2015FrostWire v6.1.3
27 Jun 2015FrostWire v6.1.2
19 May 2015FrostWire v6.1.1
08 May 2015FrostWire v6.1.0
06 May 2015FrostWire v6.0.9
27 Apr 2015FrostWire v6.0.8
14 Apr 2015FrostWire v6.0.7
18 Feb 2015FrostWire v6.0.6
01 Feb 2015FrostWire v6.0.5
17 Jan 2015FrostWire v6.0.4
04 Dec 2014FrostWire v6.0.3
20 Nov 2014FrostWire v6.0.2
18 Nov 2014FrostWire v6.0.1
11 Nov 2014FrostWire v6.0.0
03 Oct 2014FrostWire v5.7.7
26 Aug 2014FrostWire v5.7.6
12 Aug 2014FrostWire v5.7.5
27 Jun 2014FrostWire v5.7.4
25 May 2014FrostWire v5.7.3
12 Apr 2014FrostWire v5.7.2
19 Mar 2014FrostWire v5.7.1
27 Feb 2014FrostWire v5.7.1 Build 1 Beta
25 Jan 2014FrostWire v5.7.0
17 Jan 2014FrostWire v5.7.0 RC 1
10 Dec 2013FrostWire v5.6.9
06 Dec 2013FrostWire v5.6.9 RC
12 Nov 2013FrostWire v5.6.8
04 Nov 2013FrostWire v5.6.7
12 Oct 2013FrostWire v5.6.6
25 Sep 2013FrostWire v5.6.5
08 Sep 2013FrostWire v5.6.4
05 Aug 2013FrostWire v5.6.3
04 Jul 2013FrostWire v5.6.2
21 Jun 2013FrostWire v5.6.1
20 Jun 2013FrostWire v5.6.1 build 1 Beta
09 Jun 2013FrostWire v5.6.0 Beta build 2
27 Apr 2013FrostWire v5.5.6
28 Feb 2013FrostWire v5.5.5
21 Feb 2013FrostWire v5.5.4
06 Feb 2013FrostWire v5.5.3
17 Jan 2013FrostWire v5.5.2
12 Dec 2012FrostWire v5.5.1
24 Nov 2012FrostWire v5.5.0 RC
18 Sep 2012FrostWire v5.4.0
25 Aug 2012FrostWire v5.3.9
06 Jul 2012FrostWire v5.3.8
15 Jun 2012FrostWire v5.3.7
16 May 2012FrostWire v5.3.6
19 Apr 2012FrostWire v5.3.5
28 Mar 2012FrostWire v5.3.4
24 Mar 2012FrostWire v5.3.4 RC
11 Mar 2012FrostWire v5.3.3
12 Feb 2012FrostWire v5.3.2
12 Feb 2012FrostWire v5.3.1
11 Feb 2012FrostWire v5.3.0 RC
29 Nov 2011FrostWire v5.2.11
23 Nov 2011FrostWire v5.2.10
10 Nov 2011FrostWire v5.2.9
08 Nov 2011FrostWire v5.2.8
07 Nov 2011FrostWire v5.2.7
21 Oct 2011FrostWire v5.2.3
17 Oct 2011FrostWire v5.2.2 Beta
07 Oct 2011FrostWire v5.2.1 Beta
19 Sep 2011FrostWire v5.1.5
25 Aug 2011FrostWire v5.1.4
22 Aug 2011FrostWire v5.1.3
22 Jul 2011FrostWire v5.0.8
07 Jul 2011FrostWire v5.0.7
10 Jun 2011FrostWire v4.21.8
19 May 2011FrostWire v4.21.7
06 May 2011FrostWire v4.21.6
23 Mar 2011FrostWire v4.21.5
18 Mar 2011FrostWire v4.21.4
18 Dec 2010FrostWire v4.21.3
17 Dec 2010FrostWire v4.21.2
29 Sep 2010FrostWire v4.21.1
18 Aug 2010FrostWire v4.20.9
13 Aug 2010FrostWire v4.20.8
03 Jul 2010FrostWire v4.20.7
26 Apr 2010FrostWire v4.20.6
15 Apr 2010FrostWire v4.20.5
06 Mar 2010FrostWire v4.20.3
26 Feb 2010FrostWire v4.20.2
20 Feb 2010FrostWire v4.20.1
12 Jan 2010FrostWire v4.18.6
12 Dec 2009FrostWire v4.18.5
10 Nov 2009FrostWire v4.18.4
23 Sep 2009FrostWire v4.18.3
11 May 2009FrostWire v4.18.0
24 Nov 2008FrostWire v4.17.2
09 Nov 2008FrostWire v4.17.1
12 Jul 2008FrostWire v4.17.0
29 Feb 2008FrostWire v4.13.5
31 Dec 2007FrostWire v4.13.4
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FrostWire v5.6.4

I like the UI the most of all P2P clients [and Ive tested a few recently!] - search, pick filetype and youre done. Goes BitTorrent, YouTube [lots of good content to transfer to mobile so you dont have to use the data plan], Soundcloud and some other internet website.
On a Mac & Android, no bugs, no freezes. Works great.

FrostWire v5.6.2

Slow, buggy and absolutely terrible. I dont see why anyone would bother with this bloated mess.

FrostWire v4.18.6

I have been using FrostWire for over a year now and have yet to download a virus or mall ware. Just have to be a bit savvy. A great trick I use is to hover your mouse over your selection of music. If a tag pops up, it is a good mp3. If it don't, then that is most likely a virus or mall ware. All I download is MP3's. If you download wma files, you are on your own. there is a nasty virus you can get from a wma file that will take out your music collection. No fun there. Also you get to know the file sizes of viruses and mall ware. Just avoid them 6254 mp3 downloads and not a virus yet. I think I know what I am talking about. Just pay attention and I can't see a problem. Also set your AV to scan your download folder.

FrostWire v4.17.0

The best thing is that now, the new version, FrostWire 4.17, works for Windows Vista without problems.

FrostWire v4.13.5

frostwire is very similar to limewire and both are using the awful gnutella network which is infested with all types of malware, trojans and viruses. if you are going to use either then make sure you have a good av and spyware program that is up to date. avoid most quicktime format downloads as its usually a virus and just plain avoid any software downloads. frostwire is better than limewire as it does give you some parental control but you will have to re adjust all the settings in evrey way. i would still say avoid frostwire if possible and try something like ares but if you really want frostwire then be careful...